Asus ROG is also launching EVA-01-themed PC components

Asus ROG is also launching EVA-01-themed PC components

Following MSI’s announcement that it would launch Evangelion-themed components, Asus ROG is also introducing a collection based around the EVA-01 design. Besides core PC components, Asus has unveiled a network router, peripherals and even clothing that takes design cues from Evangelion aesthetics.

Asus’s new Evangelion-themed product range will include multiple PC components using EVA-01’s colour scheme, including a Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard, a Strix Helios chassis, and Strix RTX 3080(12G)/3090 GPUs. Maintaining the Evangelion looks but using a black and red design, there’s also Ryujin II 360 ARGB AIO Cooler, a Thor 1000W Platinum PSU, and a Strix Arion SSD enclosure.

2 ROG x EVANGELION Setup 150x150 1
3 ROG x EVA gaming monitor chassis 150x150 1
4 ROG x EVA Router 150x150 1
5 ROG x EVA gaming peripherals 150x150 1
6 ROG x EVA gaming MB VGA 150x150 1

In addition to these PC components, Asus ROG is also launching a Rapture GT-AX6000 network router and a Strix XG27AQM monitor featuring EVA-01’s green and purple colour palette, as well as a Delta S headset, a Strix Scope RX keyboard, and a Keris Wireless mouse. Additionally, those looking for the complete set of gear can get a Scabbard II mousepad using the same black and red aesthetics as the Thor PSU and the Ryujin II cooler.

And if that isn’t enough for you, Asus is releasing a black sweater and two T-shirts (black and white), each with its own Evangelion-based design. The pricing and availability of the products have yet to be announced.

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