Month: May 2018

RIPS Integration into Jenkins CI with Pipeline Support

Pipelines The Pipeline approach is a more developer friendly method to define the build and test process of a project. It is as easy as placing a file named Jenkinsfile into your project which contains all the configuration. This is well known from other build tools like Docker or make and improves the CI process immensely:
Since the configuration is stored in version control, old builds can be recreated without additional work.

A Salesmans Code Execution: PrestaShop

The Impact With more than 270,000 running instances, PrestaShop it is one of the top 10 most used content management systems in the Web. Additionally to the classical software download, PrestaShop Ready offers to rent an online shop and to get administrative access to pre-hosted PrestaShop instances. From the perspective of attackers these e-commerce systems are very attractive targets because thousands of customers enter sensitive payment information.
The security bug is located in the orders section of the PrestaShops backend which requires access privileges for a Salesman, Logistician, or Admin account.