Marijuana: 6 things to watch for in California in 2020

From key court cases to clearing criminal records, it’ll be another big year for cannabis policy. As California enters its third year of legal recreational cannabis sales, many expect upcoming new laws, high-profile court cases and major criminal justice reforms to shake up the industry. Marijuana advocates are wary after a challenging second year, but most also […]

California agency recommends major overhaul to state’s marijuana taxes

Legislative Analyst’s Office calls for taxing marijuana based on potency and dropping cultivation taxes. California’s struggling cannabis industry didn’t get the recommendation many hoped for — a call to sharply lower the industry’s tax rate — but a long-awaited state report did suggest a marijuana tax overhaul. The report from California’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst Office, […]

How Long Beach plans to help residents expunge marijuana misdemeanors and other low-level convictions

With tens of thousands of marijuana-related convictions in California potentially eligible to be overturned following the legalization of recreational pot, Long Beach is launching a program offering residents free legal help clearing low-level criminal convictions. Dubbed the Restoration Initiative for Safety and Employment — or RISE — the program isn’t just for cannabis-related offenses, but […]

California cannabis conference highlights justice, compliance issues

While a packed room at the California Cannabis Business Conference in Anaheim cheered on inspiring speeches from marijuana rights activists Melissa Etheridge and Steve DeAngelo, audience member Chaney Turner couldn’t join in. The co-founder of The People’s Dispensary in Oakland stood from her chair and raised her voice to remind the crowd that cannabis prohibition […]