Checklist: Learning with Technology

When schools take a look at campus educational technology efforts and how the technology is being leveraged for learning, they need to keep a few points in mind. This checklist focuses on three key areas you can use to do that. Let’s take a quick look at each area. Key Area #1: Impacting Growth When […]

Digital Citizenship for Elementary Students

In a world defined by information, and the technologies that store and move that data, understanding how to interact in a digital space is nothing less than a requirement for today’s students. These skills needed to safely use the internet and to think critically about sources of information are known as digital citizenship. All students […]

CryptPad: An Encrypted Office Space

Most of us dwell in closed ecosystems for our work. You may depend on Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace to provide a safe working environment. And, for the most part, it is. At least, until you fall prey to an act of phishing, typosquatting, or plain, old social engineering. What if your work could be […]

Three Easy Strategies for Computer Security

November is a big month for computer security. The 30th happens to be National Computer Security Day, a nice reminder for students to reflect on their “digital hygiene” and assess what might be going well and where improvements could be made. If not reminded, students may forget that they should back up their electronic devices, […]

Tips, Tricks, and Tech Tidbits – Part 7

I’m back with even more cool websites, neat ideas, and other ed tech innovations in this blog. If you missed the previous six, be sure to search our blog site for them. They are packed with tools to use immediately. Thanksgiving Resources Julie Smith offers a writing activity called Turkey Texts that can be completed […]

Addressing Data Privacy in a Time of Online Learning

With October designated as cybersecurity awareness month, there’s a great deal to focus on. Indeed, the argument can be made that the conditions we’re living through in 2020 have brought cybersecurity to the forefront of people’s attention more than ever before. With more people working, teaching, and learning remotely, we are simply relying more on technology […]

It’s Digital Citizenship Week

Civics classes can help students learn their rights, privileges, and duties as a part of a larger society. For that reason, we include civics in most education programs. But today, being a positive part of society includes not only our words, actions, and behaviors in “the real world” — but those online as well. Helping […]

October Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

We live much of our lives online, and security in the virtual world can be just as important as physical security. This is especially true in education, and that’s why, in October, educators, administrators, and students are observing Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  Defining Cybersecurity The history of keeping digital devices, records, networks, and more safe has […]