Elizabeth Holmes trial: Walgreens paid $100 million to Theranos, invested $40 million more: ‘I didn’t want to believe that the things I believed weren’t true’

Drugstore giant Walgreens paid Palo Alto blood-testing startup Theranos $100 million, and invested $40 million more in the failed company, a former Walgreens executive testified at Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’ criminal fraud trial Wednesday. Former Walgreens chief financial officer Wade Miquelonleft Walgreens before the deal with Theranos fell apart, but he continued to believe in […]

Elizabeth Holmes trial: Lab chief felt ‘moral obligation’ to blow whistle on Theranos

Former Theranos laboratory director Adam Rosendorff felt “obligated from a moral and ethical perspective to alert the public” about the Palo Alto blood-testing startup’s inaccurate test results, he testified Tuesday at the criminal fraud trial of company founder Elizabeth Holmes. However, under aggressive cross-examination Tuesday afternoon, a Holmes lawyer sought to paint Rosendorff’s trial testimony […]

Elizabeth Holmes trial: Blood analyzers’ failure rates threatened patients, court hears

More than a quarter of Theranos’ blood analyzers were failing quality control after it started offering blood tests, threatening patients’ health, and company founder Elizabeth Holmes was told about problems with the technology, the court heard in Holmes’ criminal fraud trial Wednesday. Holmes’ lawyers have sought to distance her from the operations of the company […]

Elizabeth Holmes trial: Theranos’ use of workers’ blood led to whistleblower’s concerns

Theranos whistleblower Erika Cheung’s first inkling that the company’s technology fell short of founder Elizabeth Holmes’ claims arose because the startup used its workers’ blood to check how well tests performed, the former laboratory assistant testified Tuesday. “Employees would essentially donate their blood to Theranos for cash,” Cheung told jurors on the second day of Holmes […]