March 8, 2021

Category: Linux

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Enable or Disable remote desktop on linux gnome

I found this somewhere online and found it very useful. If you ever need to enable or disable remote desktop via a remote connection like ssh here’s how to do it below. This is useful if you do not have physical access to a machine which is very common. To enable remote desktop use this […]

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How to keep cPanel httpd.conf settings from being reset or removed

Have you made a change to the /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf file and it’s not sticking? This is because you are not supposed to edit that file directly on a cPanel server! Many linux guru’s have made this mistake just because they are not used to cPanel! When you need to edit the httpd.conf file or settings for […]

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How to change cPanel theme for specific user

All cPanel account information for each specific account is stored in the /var/cpanel/users/USERNAME If you need to change the specific theme for a certain user this is the file you need to edit, and the value you need to edit is described below: vi /var/cpanel/users/myuser BWLIMIT=unlimited DEMO=0 FEATURELIST=default HASCGI=1 IP=IPHERE LANG=english LOCALE=en MAXADDON=0 MAXFTP=0 […]

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How to check inode usage on linux for a specific cpanel user account or directory

If you’re a linux system administrator you’re probably already familiar with the term “inode”.  For those of you who are not, an inode is basically a way to measure the amount of files a user has.  This includes every email, cache file, image, and so on.  If it has a filename it is considered an […]

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Linux Bash Script to Patch WHMCS 5.1 Google Checkout Security Vulnerability

Yesterday WHMCS released an announcement that there was a security vulnerability with the Google Checkout module in the 5.0 – 5.1.2 versions of WHMCS. This vulnerability can permit a malicious user to inject SQL via the Google Checkout module. As we like to take a proactive approach and protect our clients as much as possible, […]

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