Month: September 2018

Top 5 eCommerce Posts for September

2018 Holiday Ecommerce Marketing Checklist – Practical Ecommerce What follows is a checklist of 12 reminders for your ecommerce company to be successful this holiday season 11 Types of Social Proof to Use on Your Website – Business 2 Community Social proof is “a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others under […]

Symfony Configuration Cheat Sheet

The Symfony framework provides web developers with a great foundation for their PHP applications. Several components can be used for many recurring tasks that are required in every application, such as handling input forms or accessing a database. In addition to functional tasks, security-relevant tools such as user management or protection mechanisms against popular web attacks are available. Our cheat sheet provides an overview of the 10 most important settings you should verify in your Symfony configuration.

Sync and Manage your Security Issues within Jira

Jira Software Jira Software is a proprietary product developed by Atlassian that is the most widely known issue and project management tool. One of the core values is to help teams and organizations to track and manage software development tasks within issue tickets. The issue types, priorities, and workflows can be fully customized to the requirements of each individual team in the organization. Jira is tightly integrated with other products from the Atlassian shelve, such as BitBucket and Bamboo.