Month: May 2012

ChefConf 2012 – San Francisco

This week Opscode hosted its inaugural user conference here in San Francisco, and it was an awesome event enjoyed by all chef fans. Even if this was the first one (they are already planing for the future ones), this was by no means a small event, with more than 400 people attending and the workshops that ran on Tuesday sold out.

Even if I have not attended any workshop (they had 2 flavors, one targeted towards a sysadmin workflow and one for developers) the general feeling from people I talked with and attended them was that it was a very good experience, with a lot of hands-on practical examples. Tuesday afternoon, myself I attended the “ChefConf Pre-event Hackday: TEST ALL THE THINGS!!!“ organized by Bryan Berry and it was great, and showed how many people are interested in testing their infrastructure as code; it was focused on cookbook testing (unit testing and integration testing), continuous integration with jenkins, and other things like that 😉

The first full day of ChefConf was Wednesday. The conference was structured with main presentations during the mornings and breakout sessions in the afternoon (with 2 main tracks and also a vendor one). From the beginning you could tell that this will be a very well run conference, and even if this was the first one, people like Jesse Robbins have a lot of experience running such events. Not surprisingly ChefConf kicked off with Adam Jacob’s “State of the Union Part 1: Chef, Past and Present” (video) ; Jesse Robbins talked about the community around chef and how this is a key part of Opscode strategy and their efforts to take this to the next level. He showed this very nice visualization of the commits to the chef github repo.

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ChefConf 2012 – San Francisco