Adobe stock falls on light guidance

Adobe stock falls on light guidance

Adobe stock falls on light guidance 1
Creativity software company Adobe Inc. beat expectations on earnings and revenue today as it reported its third quarter financial results. But the strong performance was tempered by soft guidance for the next three month period. Adobe, which sells the popular Photoshop image editing tool and a range of cloud marketing technology services, reported earnings before […]

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Jonathan Scott Drops New Single “Let Me Tell You”

Jonathan Scott Drops New Single “Let Me Tell You”

Jonathan Scott Drops New Single “Let Me Tell You”
New R&B Star On The Rise

Jonathan Scott came into this world singing, his initial cries at birth in tune. So it was a surprise to no one when he started to work towards his dream of being an R&B singer. Now he’s strapped with his latest single “Let Me Tell You.”

“Let Me Tell You” falls into line with the likes of Bobby Brown and Keith Sweat in that it’s not afraid to get a little naughty with the lyrics. Trading the heartfelt for the more sensual romance, the lyrics are more for grown folks who’ve been there and done that in terms of love. Featuring Kamrion Cruz and Chris Chambers, Jonathan Scott put in the work on this track and it shows.

Performing since he was a child, he got his initial break when he and a friend were chosen to sing the National Anthem on a local radio station in elementary school. That’s when the performance bug bit him. From there he played the trumpet throughout high school and as he got older and started to take in the likes of Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, and KN & Jo-Jo, he knew what his future had to entail. Music and his fans.

A fan of music himself, Jonathan Scott believes his supporters deserve nothing but the best. He notes, “Fans should feel appreciated when they reach out and show their support for you. They are the reason why I love to do what I do and that is making good quality music for the soul.”

Those interested in adding new R&B to their playlists, featuring “Let Me Tell You” on their site, reviewing the music, or interviewing Jonathan Scott can reach out via the information provided below.

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Jonathan Scott is an up and coming R&B talent from down south who is ready to spread his soulful spirit far and wide with his debut single, “Let Me Tell You.”



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Assay Announces Release Of New Progressive Rock EP ‘Interim’

Assay Announces Release Of New Progressive Rock EP ‘Interim’

Assay Announces Release Of New Progressive Rock EP ‘Interim’
Album and Music Video for “Distance” Out September 27

Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Assay is gearing up for the release of his 4-song EP, Interim, as well as his up close and personal music video for “Distance.” The lead single from his upcoming release, “Distance” as both a song and video shine a bright light on what Assay can do as both an artist and a creative force.

Interim, out September 27, features four tracks. “Distance,” along with two other tracks all stand alone as perfect pieces in a puzzle that come together for the final track in which they play seamlessly together. As if telling a story with absolutely no chance for pause, that last track showcases Assay’s storytelling ability through song. That, and his pristine talents on every instrument he takes on. Something showcased heavily in the “Distance” video.

When one strips away all the bells and whistles, a good musician is just them and their tools or rather, instruments. “Distance” captures that as Assay not only impresses as he plays the drums and keyboard simultaneously but also takes on the guitar and vocals throughout the video and song. It’s a break from the usual video where over the top production clouds the song’s beauty. Which “Distance” has a lot of. From Assay’s control over the multitude of instruments to the way he handles his vocals, it all results in a top-notch performance.

Assay is stepping away from the traditional and releasing “Distance” via his Facebook on September 26 at 12pm CST. Fans eager to see the video beforehand can get a sneak peek by signing up for his email list or pre-saving Interim on Spotify. Fans are also encouraged to preorder Interim for only $2.97 on his website so that they can immediately get a free download of his 3-track instrumental release, “Opus Quest: Instrumental.”

Those interested in adding new progressive rock to their playlists, featuring “Distance” on their site, reviewing Interim, or interviewing Assay can reach out via the information provided below.

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Assay is a one-man band and multi-instrumentalist based in Kansas City, MO. He first started making music at the tender age of 12 and 16 years later he’s still at it. Now he’s delivering raw energy and impeccable showmanship as he takes on every facet of the production from start to finish on his progressive rock EP, Interim, out September 27, 2019.



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Accelerate fire starting to rocket speed with RocketFire™

Accelerate fire starting to rocket speed with RocketFire™

Ready. Aim. FIRE. The fastest way to light your ceramic grill, fire pit, or bonfire also just happens to be the most fun.

RocketFire is a fantastic introduction by Vesta Works as the company looks to change the way fire starters are used. Described as “the fastest, most powerful fire starter on the market,” RocketFire is designed for today’s advanced ceramic grills, accelerating fire starting to rocket speed. Vesta Works has launched a fundraising campaign for the product on Kickstarter in a bid to make it available to customers around the United States.

Accelerate fire starting to rocket speed with RocketFire™ 2

While several brands are offering fire starters, they are often slow, cumbersome, and hard-to-use, leading to a rather frustrating experience for grillers and other such users. This is in addition to many of such solutions being exorbitantly priced and failing to deliver as claimed. However, Vesta Works is looking to change the narrative with the introduction of RocketFire.

“One of the most innovative products I’ve seen for the bbq community. The RocketFire™ is pure genius and amazing.” – Scott Bailey, The Real Show BBQ

Unlike many other fire starters that take a quarter-hour to start a fire, RocketFire enables users to start a fire in minutes. The product contains the thrust to light charcoal and wood fires within just 3 minutes, mitigating the risk of ruining foods or waiting endlessly for the fire pit to get rolling associated with using lighter fluids.

Accelerate fire starting to rocket speed with RocketFire™ 3

Beautifully sculpted of aluminum, polycarbonate, and stainless steel, RocketFire is designed to ensure durability. Designed to work with modern ceramic grills, the product is ideal for Big Green Egg®, Kamado Joe®, Caliber® and the like, as well as conventional charcoal and wood grills such as Weber® and Charbroil®.

The revolutionary fire starter makes it fun and exciting to light ceramic grill, fire pit, or bonfire, instantly propelling fire through Vesta Works Tri-Flame Cone Tip™ in a microsecond – at the touch of a button.

“The RocketFire™ is the most ingenious product since the smoking tube.” – Jack Scalfani, Cooking with Jack Show

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise a minimum of US$ 100,000 to fund the mass manufacturing of RocketFire

Vesta Works is planning to deliver the first RocketFire torches in time for Father’s Day 2020.

More information about RocketFire can be found on

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Solitude will charge up to $20 per vehicle for parking this season

SOLITUDE, Utah — Solitude Mountain Resort will encourage carpooling in the upcoming ski season by charging up to $20 per vehicle for parking in most of its lots.

The resort will charge $5/day for vehicles carrying 4+ occupants, $10/day for vehicles with 3 occupants and $20/day for vehicles with 1-2 occupants, according to a web page detailing the new winter parking rates.

“Carpooling is important to Solitude Mountain Resort and is essential to reducing congestion in Big Cottonwood Canyon while improving air quality,” the web page says.

Solitude will also sell season passes for parking: $150 for Ikon Pass and Solitude season pass holders, $225 for non-pass holders.

The parking rates will be in effect daily from 12:01 to 2:00 p.m. at the Moonbeam Base Area and Solitude Village lots. Solitude Nordic Center parking will continue to be free. Parking will also remain free for lodging guests.

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‘Francis Fire’ narrowly avoids animal shelter

FRUIT HEIGHTS, Utah — The “Francis Fire” burning above Fruit Heights is 10 percent contained Tuesday.

Fire crews are still fighting to put it out, but it is away from homes and the Davis County Animal Shelter.

On Tuesday afternoon, there was a sweet reunion for Keilan Smith and his dog Milo.

The family pet got loose Sunday night and was taken to Davis County Animal Shelter.

“With the fire, we just couldn’t get over here to him,” Smith said.

Milo was one of nearly 350 animals at the shelter when the Francis Fire broke out Monday.

“This is the first time they’ve seen an evacuation here,” Shelter Director Rhett Nicks said.

Nicks hasn’t left the center in more than 30 hours.

“There is a sense of urgency for sure. You could see the fire right there by the edge coming up,” Nicks said.

The staff had just minutes to prepare to evacuate.

“It was moving pretty quick,” Nicks said.

All of the animal control trucks were backed up to the shelter, ready to go. Every dog was given a leash outside their kennels. Two pigs were prepped, roosters were gathered up, and cats put in their crates.

“We saw it coming,” Nicks said. “Prepared for the worst immediately.”

Two fire engines rushed to the shelter. In the sky, planes dropped fire retardant around the building.

The firefighters’ efforts worked, which allowed the shelter to wait on standby until the evacuation order was lifted at 10 p.m. Monday.

“It is heartwarming knowing the number of people who stepped up to help us. We were close. We were probably a few minutes away. We could see fire from our parking lot,” Nicks said.

Keilan Smith is also thankful for those who kept Milo safe during an out of control wildfire.

“We are grateful for them and for what they’ve done,” Smith said before loading the black lab mix into his truck.

Had the shelter evacuated, the animals would have been taken to the Legacy Event Center in Farmington.

How could ACH (Alchemy), the Cryptocurrency payment Giant, cover 41% of the global payment market, serving more than 3.1 billion people in the world?

Recently, the cryptocurrency payment giant ACH (Alchemy) internally declared to advance its globalization process, which may result in making its service cover 41% of the global payment market and serving more than 3.1 billion people within two years.

Why is it possible for ACH (Alchemy) to achieve this?

By googling up its project founder Patrick Ngan (Yan Yonghao), it is hardly difficult to find that this goal can indeed be achieved for Patrick.

Google searches show that Patrick Ngan had been an international investment banker and longtime Chief Financial Officer of a listed company on the Hong Kong stock exchange, a former managing director of Huatai Financial Holdings and a former senior executive of UBS and HSBC. He has accumulated profound resources in the banking community and in government relationship around the world. QFpay has announced that ACH (Alchemy) will be the only cryptocurrency payment partner for QFpay worldwide.

At present, QFpay has legitimately entered more than 30 countries and regions around the world, mainly through direct cooperation with major local banks to provide payment services for the banks’ clients. From this point alone, ACH (Alchemy) is surely a promising project.

What on earth is ACH(Alchemy)?

Combining QFpay’s business situation with Alchemy’s business plan, as well as the Payment Technology Yellow Paper and payment consensus white paper, the operation logic itself is actually very simple: to encourage users to utilize cryptocurrency on transactions.

For transaction participants (users and merchants), if they use cryptocurrency payments, they’ll get rewarded with ACH (Alchemy) tokens, which results in saving payment fees; but there is no such benefit for them if using fiat currency. Since the choice is in the hands of users, merchants will actively recommend the use of cryptocurrency payment to the users. On one hand, the users can save money; on the other, the merchants can also earn money, thus the merchants will have the motivation to do this.

Another major application scenario of ACH (Alchemy) is to use ACH (Alchemy) as the opening deposit when the merchant opens an account, similar to the practice of Taobao, requiring merchants to put in a certain amount as deposit. The larger the node (transaction participant) is, the more the deposit will be; the earlier the opening, the less the deposit. In the future, the deposit will play a role similar to that of Taobao, i.e., when quality issues or disputes arise, the platform will make a deduction first.

With this simple and clear business model, along with the deep cooperation and accumulated relationship with local governments, banks, and giant consumers, the potential is indeed not to be underestimated. The possibility is certainly there for ACH (Alchemy) to become the next Paypal in the cryptocurrency world.

What is the potential of ACH (Alchemy) in the future?

According to public data, the market that ACH (Alchemy) has legitimately entered (Japan, Hong Kong, China, United Arab Emirates and Singapore) covers more than 130 million people. Users include over 2,000 taxis owned by Midwest Rental Car Company in Singapore. All the purchases in Pricerite Hong Kong can be settled in cryptocurrency provided by ACH (Alchemy). The world’s tallest Khalifa Tower Shopping Mall in Dubai and some Japanese businesses have begun to provide the service.

In the future, ACH (Alchemy) will leverage QFpay to enter its existing markets (including: European Union, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, UAE, Korea, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, etc.). In these areas, it will cover a total of 3.1 billion people worldwide and 41% of the global payment market.

Since the markets in planning to enter are the markets where QFpay has already had presence and had cooperation with local banks, the law risk is considerably low. If ACH (Alchemy) wants to enter smoothly, the difficulty is relatively little. It can cooperate directly with local banks, and quickly spread out, as long as there is enough commercial staff to move the project forward.

At present, according to the staff of ACH (Alchemy) in Singapore headquarters, ACH (Alchemy) is embarking on the IEO process, possibly sometime by the end of the year.

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Intense doorbell camera footage captures sound of pit bulls attacking man in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY — Security camera footage shows the owners of two pit bulls walking by minutes after you hear the dogs attack a man and his dog.

Gary, who asked Fox 13 to not disclose his last name, was out walking his dog Daisy last week around midnight when he saw two pit bulls running toward him.

It was around 300 East and 1800 South in Salt Lake City that the pit bulls began to attack Gary and Daisy — in intense security camera video, you can hear Gary screaming for help.

“It’s terrifying, I felt helpless,” Gary said. “They were both so strong and so fast, and I just was trying to buy time until someone could get there.”

Holding on to hope that someone would help him, Gary said eventually the owners of the pit bulls jumped in and pulled the dogs off of him and Daisy.

Gary then ran to his house and called the police.

“Daisy got bit pretty bad,” Gary said. “She wasn’t able to walk. I had to carry her back home.”

Unable to sleep that night, Gary took Daisy to the vet where they both got rabies shots and were prescribed antibiotics.

Now, almost a week later, the teeth marks are still visible in Gary’s thigh and side, and he’s searching for the owners of the two pit bulls.

“Those dogs were not trained or socialized properly,” he said. “They were an absolute danger to other people and other animals.”

If they had been on a leash, Gary said the attack would have never happened.

Never Lose the Charger Again. The Charger Safe secures USB chargers where it’s wanted.

Never Lose the Charger Again. The Charger Safe secures USB chargers where it’s wanted.

The Charger Safe is a state-of-the-art outlet that will keep your USB charger secured so you can prevent the issue of missing chargers. With The Charger Safe, you will always know where you can charge your phone. 

Nothing is more frustrating than missing chargers when you need to charge your phone or tablet. An Oxford-based tech startup, USB Secured Outlet, has introduced a revolutionary outlet that will keep your USB charger cables fixed and secured. Aptly titled “The Charger Safe,” the product is a patent-pending outlet that will protect chargers from being easily moved here and there.

Never Lose the Charger Again. The Charger Safe secures USB chargers where it’s wanted. 4

The Charger Safe is a USB charger outlet with recessed USB ports protected by the outlet faceplate. Once installed, simply remove the faceplate, plug in your iPhone or Android charger, and return the faceplate. Now, your chargers will be secured by The Charger Safe and can’t be moved – unless someone unscrews the faceplate.

Disappearing or missing chargers are a serious nuisance. In today’s tech-driven world, our life revolves around electronic devices like smartphones or tablets that must be charged. Many of us are extremely particular about the proper placement of chargers, so they are easy to find when we need to charge our devices. However, that’s better said than done when you have kids at home, roommates constantly borrowing chargers, and so on. This is where The Charger Safe comes to the rescue, it’s a breakthrough technology to keep your chargers secured.” stated the leading spokesperson from USB Secured Outlet.

The Charger Safe comes with two 2.4 amp high-speed USB ports which are compatible with any USB charging cable. The outlet caters to charging cables for both iPhone and Android devices and also a vast range of additional chargers. The product features a compact design so that it can easily fit into all electrical outlet boxes.

The Charger Safe is ‘the’ solution that will help your charger to stay fixed. It duly prevents issues like missing, lost or disappearing chargers as once the outlet is installed and your charger is plugged into it; you can’t easily take your charger out. 

Apart from residential units, The Charger Safe can be installed in offices, waiting rooms, restaurants, hotels, and more. If a user needs multiple charging points, he can try out the Bundle Pack from USB Secured Outlet and install chargers in different rooms.

Never Lose the Charger Again. The Charger Safe secures USB chargers where it’s wanted. 5

“We have had a successful testing phase, and now we are looking for the official production of the first batch of The Charger Safe for the market. We will need to get specialty production molds and submit for UL certification. This process demands a robust financial backing, hence our Kickstarter campaign.”

To show your support for the campaign, please visit

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Global Warming and the Rise in Tropical Storm Power

Global Warming and the Rise in Tropical Storm Power

Global Warming and the Rise in Tropical Storm Power

In case you are unaware, tropical storms have been occurring more frequently due to global warming. The rise of sea levels around the world is caused by melting glaciers. Many experts believe that glaciers are melting due to greenhouse gasses. The by-product of poor emissions and the result of urban sprawl, greenhouse gas emissions are a major topic of discussion for politicians in every country around the world. Political leaders around the world are making connections with the science community to help create a balance that will ensure humanity’s survival on our planet. There is still time to reduce instances of deadly storms, and everyone must play a part in lowering the amount of fossil fuels used in daily life.

In order to recover from water damage, homeowners have turned to professionals for assistance. The damages that homes are suffering from tropical storms are insurmountable, and it is not always possible to make repairs on your own. This is especially true for people that own apartment complexes in areas that have been hit by powerful tropical storms. Apartment renters are depending on the property owner to fix their units as quickly as possible, so many property owners have turned to professionals for their assistance in repairing damages. Companies like MicroTech Solutions are here to help people after the most powerful storms.

Recovering Losses After the Storm

The terrible reality of living in areas that have been hit by tropical storms sets in quickly. After the storm is over, people do everything they can to pick up the pieces. Visit to speak to a representative about unique services to help with recovering from your losses. Dealing with your household’s tropical storm damages is a difficult battle to fight on your own.

When the storms finally end, your community is going to do everything that it can do to pull together in order to rebuild itself. It is truly amazing to see how people pull together after a tragedy. As difficult as it may be, homes can be restored to their original luster. It might take a considerable amount of time to recover to the way things once were, but you are not alone in your plight. Visit for more information about how professionals are available to help serve the needs of your community. People all around the world care about helping communities like yours recover after a terrible storm.

There is no reason to suffer in silence. Reaching out for professional help is something that every responsible homeowner should do when they are unable to make repairs on their own. You can also make a difference in your community by pitching in after the storm has ended. Reach out to those in need to do the most good for your community after it experiences the havoc brought on by tropical storms. Your community will thank you for participating in its effort to recover from this tragic event.

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