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Illinois man marries the love of his life weeks before succumbing to brain cancer

ROCKFORD, Ill. – An Illinois man married the love of his life just weeks before dying, according to WREX.

Chris and Gina Stroud tied the knot April 9 with the help of Heartland Hospice and multiple local businesses.

According to WREX, the couple had been engaged for two years, but Chris’ diagnosis made it impossible for them to afford a wedding. Heartland Hospice organized the event, and local businesses donated everything from the bride’s ring to the use of a venue at Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens.

Chris died earlier this week, and Heartland Hospice has plans to continue offering support to his family and new bride for the next 13 months, WREX reported.

Nashville bachelorettes upset about NFL Draft invading their space

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The NFL draft kicked off Thursday night in Nashville.

The city isn’t just known for country music – it’s also a hot bachelorette party destination, and the focus on football is putting a damper on the pre-wedding festivities.

Closed roads, peddle taverns pushed off the street, and hundreds of thousands of people infiltrating Nashville forced many to change their plans, according Nashville’s WZTV.

“We come here to listen to country music, not hang out with football boys,” bride Cara said.

“I’ll tell you who’s going to pay for this. My husband. No football next season. No Super Bowl. Because my friend only gets married once, draft happens every year,” bridesmaid Cyndi said.

Other bachelorette parties said they planned to fight their way through the crowds.

“We’ll use out elbows if we have to,” one bridal party said.

“If we have to wait two hours to Uber, we’ll do it. It is what it is,” another bridal party said.

Many had no idea they’d be traveling to the Mecca of NFL football when they planned their bachelorette parties, but they still plan to have a good time.

“We’re gonna make the best of it. It is what it is,” Bride Savannah said.