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Small Businesses You Can Run Solely from Your Computer

Small Businesses You Can Run Solely from Your Computer

In today’s age of technological advancements, people everywhere are attempting to jump on an entrepreneurial bandwagon. Whether you are trying to earn enough to fully support yourself, or you are just taking on a little extra work to help save up for a wedding or holiday, there are many businesses which you can run solely from your computer. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

PCB Designer

Every electronic you can think of needs a PCB, or a printed circuit board, to power it and someone has to make them. If you are technically gifted then you might want to try giving PCB design a whirl. All you need is a computer, time to learn, and a design suite such as Altium.

If you are a complete novice then you are probably not going to be able to offer your services as a freelance designer for quite some time. However, if you have previously worked in the field and you have a bit of technical knowledge and know-how, you might be surprised at how many freelance opportunities there are for you out there.


Nearly everyone can write, so everyone can try their hand at copywriting. This corner of the marketing world can involve anything from promotional pieces to content for link building and there are sites all over the internet to help you find jobs. You can even find sites which cater to a specific type of content. For example, you may be able to find a website which just wants travel articles.

Copywriting is easy as it is one of the few jobs which is truly flexible. It shouldn’t take you that long to write any of the articles and you can schedule them in around the rest of your life. If you think this might be a good opportunity for you, get a good spell-checker such as Grammarly on your computer and start looking for jobs now.

Graphic Design

graphic design

If you are particularly artistically minded then you might want to try setting up your own graphic design business. While there are job security and other benefits involved with finding a role as part of a larger company, there are also many reasons why people choose to set up their own business.

It allows them to spend more time with family, control their workload, and just generally be their own boss. Graphic design can be a difficult industry to break into but, if you have the skill and the necessary drive to succeed, there is no reason why you cannot make a business for yourself.

Anyone of these businesses could provide you with the income you need, whether that is a little boost on top of your day job or a full new career. If one of the ones on the list catches your interest, why not look into what you would need to do to set up a business around it. It might be easier than you think to start earning, and all you need is your humble computer.

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Deluxe Web Design Lets You Stand Out

Deluxe web design services let your website look unique. Choose a reliable and trustworthy name in the world of web development to make a mark online. Experienced companies have helped dozens of popular brands with design and development of their websites. If you are looking for CMS web design or custom PHP development or WordPress development or e-commerce web development, it is good to do some research first.

Your website is an important part of your presentation and branding. You can boost company image and get to the top of rankings when you have a good web design and follow effective SEO techniques. The website serves as your first impression on prospects. When visitors come to the site they should be able to navigate it easily. Good site architecture and good linking structure will help toward this end. Grab the attention of guests and let them retain your brand so they can return back to your site time over again.

These days the online world is very much divided by likes and dislikes. Due to the social tradition people from various walks of life and trades are gathering together on social media platforms to exchange ideas, new events, and products with their target market. In such a scenario it is not hard to get noticed in your niche with deluxe web design.

If you already have a website that does not give you profits at all, it is time to revamp it all together. The company that you hire will first make a technical evaluation.  They will check for bad links and advice you to have them removed. Many times, businesses also buy links in an effort to make their website more visible. This practice is now old and there is no need to spend money on cheap link farms to rank higher. It is true that Google gives you points if you have more outgoing links, but these have to be natural and not paid.

When you learn more about Google and what it likes and dislikes you can build the online presence in a more effective manner. Every website has a foundation which is its theme. This theme has to be made is an innovative manner and include user-friendly features. Businesses want a smart design that is an attention grabber and also offers a good user experience. In the design industry, the trend keeps changing all the time and it pays to give your design and development project to an experienced company.


A deluxe web design house can also build your logo and do all the graphic designing for you. Color and font selection are an important part of the design process and it is viable to take the advice of the experts. When you spend a lot of money on creating a deluxe web design you want good returns on investment as well. Design firms like to use the latest technologies and ensure their clients are happy with the looks of their new site. The Internet started a new chapter nearly two decades back with the introduction of smartphones. It was in 1992 that the Simon Personal Communicator was launched by IBM. 15 Years after that Apple released the iPhone and in September 2008 Android was introduced. Millions and billions of people around the world now use their mobile phones for shopping.

Now, most websites have a web application for mobile users and keep connected to them while they are on the go. A few years back, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Reality (AR) have all been introduced into web design.  While VR allows you to swim with dolphins, AR lets you watch it jump out of a business card.

Grids have been abandoned just like the traditional stock photos. Instead, site owners like to use vivid illustrations and asymmetrical layouts. The once dull color schemes are now a bit bold. Both aesthetics and technology have to be paired well for web design to work well.

The design trends that are considered huge include Serifs on screen, Black-and-white palettes, natural and organic shapes, glitch art, micro-interactions, chatbots evolve and more video content. Minimalism is also very much in vogue. Serifs are usually used in print media but now the trend is changing. Designers are now using bold serifs for headers and callouts. This helps with emphasis and the looks are also decorative.  Serifs have more character and are also very adaptable.

To make any business statement impressive the black and white pallet is being used. When you want the visitors to see things in a different manner, forget the colorful layouts instead rely on just black and white to retain their attention. The color black is known to be assertive and is also very strong. Both are used together to create a good contrast and you can achieve a very outstanding look. When you add a call to action in color, it will pop up well.   The natural, organic shapes are now more popular than the traditional grid. Squares, triangles, and rectangles are now things of the past. Now the designers want to create a feeling of comfort and accessibility and for that reason, they like to use smooth lines and natural shapes to achieve depth to the design.  This also helps the page elements to stand out. With natural looking shapes designers aim to create movement.

Anomaly art is also in and you can think of it as retro went wrong. Retro has made a comeback in eyeglass fashions and garments as well and now it is the web design that is influenced by the trend. It is used to give the site a more or less psychedelic feel. This type of design is used more for fashionable consumer items websites and makes the content more appealing.

Micro-interactions allow designers to surprise the user. This way the site seems more inviting. When users take an action, in reaction the website gives a specific response. On Facebook, the message count is an example of micro-interactions. You can see scrolling animations and chimes at a lot of websites these days. All this is just to make the users feel more involved.

Chatbots have become even smarter this year. This is due to the advancements in artificial intelligence. They can be more customized these days. Using bright colors gives them a tempting look. You can see more videos on websites and these not only make the page look diversified but also allow users on the go to get a quick look at the information they need.

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6 Reasons: Convert Website To WordPress With HireWPGeeks

6 Reasons: Convert Website To WordPress With HireWPGeeks

6 Reasons_ Convert Website To WordPress With HireWPGeeks

Are you looking to convert website to WordPress? Then you must read this article. Many people who wish to migrate to the platform are enticed by web-based conversion tools. These solutions can help in migrating the content but provide no guarantees regarding the quality of the final product. It will always be sensible to shift platforms with the help of experienced professionals. The next question that pops up in your mind now is- where to find such able hands? HireWPGeeks is a professional WordPress development firm that is known for its efficient services. The agency houses a separate division that only handles conversion projects. This department is staffed with coders who have considerable experience in converting websites to WordPress from a range of platforms. Read on to know the benefits of hiring the firm for moving your website to the CMS.

1. Upgrade Ready Setups

A good interface is adaptable as well as scalable. WordPress is a platform that enables the creation of a website with both qualities. However, when transferring to the CMS, you need to incorporate some best practices to ensure the final website remains error-free. Updates for the WordPress core and its themes and plugins are regularly released by their respective creators. HireWPGeeks has engaged professionals with extensive knowledge of object-oriented programming and WordPress standards. This helps them fashion interfaces that are compatible with all the upgrades that the platform witnesses.

2. In-built Theme Control Panel

Creating a website with the open source is easy. You only need to pick a ready made theme which best suits your requirements and fit it with necessary elements. Most people want to change the look of the interface at regular intervals. They can do so by installing a new template and deactivating the old one. However, for new users, the process of adding new features to a theme or changing templates can seem complicated. The firm solves this problem by including a theme control panel in all its conversion projects. This helps people in controlling and managing their themes easily.

3. Providing Flexible Solutions

A major reason to convert websites to WordPress is to enjoy the flexibility offered by the CMS. However, you need skilled professionals to be able to fully experience the benefit. HireWPGeeks has devised an array of services and engagement models which can be used by its clients. The firm identifies the requirements of a project and then offers the most appropriate solution along with payment options. Customers can choose a fixed amount to be paid for a specific period in which the project will be done. People requiring short term services can pay at an hourly rate and save money.

4. SEO Compatible Structure

One of the biggest challenges faced by any website owner is in improving the visibility of his/ her interface. They require the help of search engine optimization techniques to enhance their search results rankings. However, if some necessary steps are taken by coders during the migration, then the SEO process becomes even easier. The developers at the firm ensure that the W3C standards are followed while writing the new code. This helps in creating a semantic code which is understood easily by search engines.

5. Framework Development

WordPress has grown to become a multi-faceted platform with a wide range of associated tools. There are numerous frameworks created solely to be used with the CMS. HireWPGeeks, as an agency has the experience of delivering more than 5,000 successful projects to its clients. Its developers have used numerous frameworks and other tools to create high-performance websites. The firm is also known for developing plugins, themes, and providing maintenance services to website owners. All the experience earned by the company makes it a leader in the domain of WordPress development.

6. On-time Deliveries

No matter how skilled a development team is, without efficient management, it cannot deliver quality work on time. HireWPGeeks has engaged project management experts which match the skill sets of the in-house developers with an assignment’s requirements. This is done to ensure that the best team is assigned to a project. It also helps in minimizing the chances of errors occurring during the course of an assignment.

It is commonly felt that projects to convert websites to WordPress are not too complicated. However not hiring a skilled agency like HireWPGeeks will only lead to a low-quality final product lacking productive features.

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Installing Laravel Voyager admin panel

Installing Laravel Voyager admin panel

Installing Laravel Voyager admin panel 1

Every web application needs an admin panel to control and monitor its functionalities. Web developers are responsible to develop a functional admin panel for those applications. With an admin panel, both clients and developers can handle the application easily for dynamic operations, such as creating pages, posts, modules, titles, metadata and other features. Therefore an admin panel is essential for web applications as it gives a platform to manage all website utilities.

Laravel is one of the most commonly used PHP development framework all over the world. It provides great built-in features to develop large scale applications. The fact remains that it doesn’t provide any organized admin panel for its applications. Hence sometimes, it becomes a bit tedious job for developers to manually develop a panel for Laravel applications. An admin panel which can manage and perform different functional tasks, is where the usability of Voyager comes into play, and its vital importance for Laravel apps.

What is Voyager

Voyager is an admin panel package used to develop centralized admin management system for Laravel applications. It takes control of all the administrative tasks and makes management easier. With Voyager, both developers and clients can access a dashboard which is capable of performing different managerial tasks.

Voyager is completely compatible with Laravel 5, and supports the latest version. You can easily develop a quick back-end management panel with Voyager and won’t have to worry about any development hassles.

The most important utility of the package is its pre-developed feature, BREAD (Browse, Read, Edit, Add, and Delete), which allows you to easily perform any administrative operation to your posts, pages or in any other module. Other than BREAD, Voyager comes pre-built with a Media Manager, Menu Builder, Database Manager and many other administrative tools.


For the purpose of this article, I assume that you have a Laravel application installed on a web server. My setup is:

  • Laravel 5.5
  • PHP 7.1
  • MySQL

I have decided to host my Laravel application on PHP MySQL hosting. It has great devstack and is known for its highly secured platform. You can also try out Cloudways for free by signing up for an account. After completing the signup, the following GIF will help you to setup your server and Laravel application within minutes.

Install Voyager Package

After successful installation of the Laravel application, it’s time to install Voyager package using the Composer command. With the installation of this package, a back-end admin panel quickly generates for my application. The command is:

composer require tcg/voyager

Configure the Database

Now I will setup the MySQL database and will configure it in my Laravel application. In the root directory, there are two files with the name ‘.env’ and ‘config/database.php’. I will add my database credentials (username, DBname, and password) in both of these files to setup the database and allow the Laravel app to access from it.

Configure Voyager

Next, I will add Voyager service provider in app.php file, which will update Voyager package to the list of supported Package Service Providers. This list is located inside the directory config/app.php. So now let’s just add Voyager service provider in app.php file:

‘providers’ => [
// Laravel Framework Service Providers…

// Package Service Providers
// …

// Application Service Providers
// …

Voyager Dummy

Now, to have some dummy files and data for Voyager admin panel, I will execute the below-mentioned artisan command which will generate some dummy files for the panel.
php artisan voyager:install –with-dummy

Laravel Voyager Admin dashboard

After successfully installing all the required packages, now I will run my Laravel application to check newly installed voyager admin dashboard. For logging in, default
email and password is:password.

Laravel Voyager Admin dashboard


In the Dashboard section, there is whole lot of stuff to play with. We can manage all operations of the application from the Dashboard. We can get the summarized detailing of whole app from the dashboard. As we can see how many users have been created, how many posts have been generated, how many pages have been published and lot of other functional things.

Further, Dashboard also allows you to see the Google analytics report of your application by setting the key of your analytics client id generated by Google developer console.


Create Users

From the Users section, we can easily manage all the Users in our application. We can add new users, can update their details and similarly can delete the not required ones from the section.

Create Users


From the Roles section, we can define particular roles for each user. For an instance, if we want to assign administrator rights to a particular user, then we can do so by going into the Roles section.



Voyager provides an built-in feature known as BREAD, i.e. Browse, Read, Edit, Add and Delete. Using this functionality, you can easily add any views and functionality to the database.


Database Manager

With the Database Manager of Voyager, you can manage your application’s database directly from the panel. It gives you the power to add, edit or delete tables from the database, helping you to manage all operations from one place.

While creating a new table, you can also specify whether to create separate back-end module for it or not. As simply selecting the option of ‘Yes Please’ will generate a module for it at the back-end, and selecting ‘No thanks’ will just create the table in database.

Database Manager

Menu Builder

Using the Menu Builder of Voyager, you can easily create menus for your site, organize them in desired order and can also display them with the below-mentioned command:

Menu Builder

Media Manager

Voyager comes with the fully functional built-in Media Manager, which allows you to easily view, edit and delete files from your app’s storage. You can access all files of your application through this Media Manager and perform desired action through it. It is compatible with localhost as well as with s3 file storage.

Media Manager


From the settings section, we can set our website title, description, logo and other stuff easily. Just enter the fields with required information or data and Voyager automatically sets up all for the application. However, if you want to add these manually by yourself, then just copy and paste the short code given there to your desired PHP file.


Summing Up!

In this blog, I have demonstrated how to install Laravel Voyager in an application with a fully functional back-end admin panel. As a matter of fact, Laravel doesn’t provide any built-in admin panel for its applications. Instead, developers have to deploy one themselves. But using Voyager, the task for developers to integrate a back-end panel gets easier. As just installing Voyager, a fully functional admin panel for applications, deploys quickly, giving both developers and clients ease to handle all operations of the website smartly.

Still if you have any questions regarding the installation and usage of the Laravel Voyager, you can just leave your queries below in the comments section and I will answer them accordingly.

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What is the Major Difference in C# Development and PHP Development?

What is the Major Difference in C# Development and PHP Development?

C# development and PHP development

C#, Java, C++, Ruby on Rails, and PHP, if you’ve ever heard these names then, you must be familiar with these programming languages too or have some basic insights about them. These programming languages enable the programmers to give instructions to the computer system in order to process complex swaths of information in an efficient manner. However, each of the languages has its own advantages and disadvantages as compared to the others. Here is the succinct and concise comparison being conducted between PHP and C# (pronounced as C-Sharp).

In the current technological era, both of the web-based applications are used widely; however, there’s a need to evaluate the effectiveness of both programming languages. is a paid platform available on Microsoft, whereas, PHP is a free open-source platform for the web developers. Let’s explore a number of categories in which both the programming languages differ:

• Scalability:

The scalability or to be more specific ease of maintenance isn’t a factor to compare the effectiveness of .net platform; however, they can be used to conduct an effective comparison. Both of the PHP and using C# are regarded as the scalable languages. The scalability of the language depends upon programming framework, standards, programming practices, and the experience of the programmer. The scalability of the platform is dependent upon the state of your business and the proficiency of the developer. Some of the highly trafficked websites such as Microsoft and Facebook are built using and PHP respectively.

• Speed and Performance:

Performance of a language is perceived through the interaction that occurs between server, database, and script. The database used in combination with is MSSQL, whereas, the web application development in PHP involves LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) that ensure peak performance. Moreover, the performance is also predominantly impacted by the OS and file system. The Linux OS and ext4 file system in PHP development renders a better Input/output performance as compared to the Windows OS and NTFS file system involved in Conclusively, PHP provides a better speed and performance when associated with the interaction with servers, whereas, has no comparison when it comes to the compilation and execution of the code.

• Libraries:

C# is an object-oriented programming language that has a number of inbuilt classes in libraries which are used to provide different functionalities such as displaying the windows or connecting to the internet. The major .NET framework class library consists of interfaces, value types, classes which tend to render access to the system functionality. On the other hand, in PHP, you are required to add the libraries.

• Cost:

As far as the cost is concerned, PHP is a free open-source platform. Moreover, the update can also be downloaded free. There is no additional cost associated with the running of multiple servers and using another server as the backup. On the other hand, or C# is typically owned by the Microsoft and a web-hosting fee has to be paid. has been designed in a way that works on windows only while buying windows is considered as an expensive thing. The development tends to be executed by using Integrated Development Environment (IDE) named Visual Studio whose free version is being offered, whereas, PHP is typically supported by a number of paid and unpaid IDEs.

• Support

PHP is an open-source platform; thus, a number of developers around the globe tend to contribute towards its improvement, update, and providing support to the platform. Moreover, the developer’s community also consistently contributes towards the betterment of the PHP platform. There are many support resources available in PHP. On the other hand, has comparatively less number of contributors who could resolve the emerging challenges. Moreover, it has some available number of developers from the platform of Microsoft who could contribute to bringing updates and improvements to the platform.

• Tools and Editors

The PHP developers have an access to a large number of editors. Despite having the ability to implement the full-fledged IDE, these editors tend to use text editors, for example, Notepad++ and VIM. On the other hand, the has a variety of IDEs for backup; however, the programmers look forward to relying on the Microsoft Visual Studio editor for the development.

Both of the programming languages have their own pros and cons in accordance with a variety of categories. However, the choice of the language depends upon the developer. Learning is considered as a difficult task due to the complicated syntax, whereas, PHP is easy-to-learn. Moreover, if you’re encountering difficulties in creating the appealing as well as an informative website using WordPress for yourself, you could avail the assistance of custom WordPress development Services Company. The expert web developers create the bespoke WordPress websites for their prospective clients in order to give a boost to their targeted customers.

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Need A Website For Small Business? Where Should You Start!?

Need A Website For Small Business? Where Should You Start!?

Management Software

Except if you’re an entrepreneur who isn’t occupied with developing your image, you need a website. These days fabricating a business website or web-based business store is simpler. PHP, website development software, which is a server-side scripting dialect, has a plenty of advantages, which have turned into its reasons being broadly utilized over the world for growing high-class websites. For what reason do you think Top PHP website development software is so well known? In the event that you think since it is open source, therefore free, you are incorrect. Obviously, it is one reason, yet it isn’t adequate to persuade individuals to utilize it. The advantages of PHP which draws in individuals towards it will be it is easy, access controlled, platform independent, high execution and fast.

Need for a Website

  • Having a private company website isn’t just about offering your merchandise and enterprises it’s additionally about giving something of significant worth to potential clients.
  • With such a large number of low valued online administrations, there’s extremely no reason to continue putting it off.
  • A website can go about as a list or a leaflet for your administrations and items. In the case of something changes, similar to costs or bundles for your administrations, you simply transform it.
  • You don’t have to sit tight for your pieces of literature to arrive, which you have then conveyed to your potential customers.
  • This is your bulletin. You can immediately put your business before a large number of potential customers.
  • Obviously, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to do whatever else. You have to advance your website and business.
  • There ought to be an SEO technique, content advertising, and internet-based life presentation. Everything is associated and works the best together. This joined can likewise be called Growth Driven Design.
  • This implies that your website ought to be regularly developing and be adaptable to changes in the market.
  • The absence of a devoted and refreshed independent venture website can affect your business. Without a website, you may fall behind your opposition as well as miss the chance to associate and draw in with forthcoming clients.
  • Prior to acquiring an item or administration, clients might want to discover and see more about your organization, and the ideal stage to feature these is an expert site.

Pick the correct Domain name to supplement your business thought

  • Make a rundown of different space names that may coordinate your image remembering the business you’re in and the items/administrations you bring to the table.
  • Always pick an area name that is clear as crystal so individuals are not befuddled while relating your image an incentive with your name.
  • Make beyond any doubt you’re not encroaching copyrights
  • Always enlist your area name for the greatest period and furthermore purchase related space names to maintain a strategic distance from any issues with another person taking your business thought.
  • Extensions (.com, .org, .net) additionally matter. Dissect the motivation behind your business and after that pick a space name in like manner. Don’t simply surge while booking a space.
  • Your name is your special character and henceforth picking the correct space name is the following enormous advance while setting up your business website.

Utilize Analytics to Track Everything

  • As indicated by Binch, your website update ought to never be finished.
  • Ensure you recognize clear and reasonable brand and business objectives for your site so you have numbers to advance against after you go live At that point, you’ll need to consider the distinctive parts of the experience you need to track so as to help your organization objectives.
  • In case you’re tested from a spending point of view, Binch recommends utilizing the free Google examination bundle: ‘notwithstanding the more costly arrangements.
  • Once you’ve affirmed that the greater part of your labels is working, ensure you pull week by week reports and begin taking a gander at how individuals are utilizing your webpage.
  • Luckily, it doesn’t take long to watch patterns, however, it’s as yet vital to be steady in your quest for conveying an ideal client encounter, he says.

Give Your Brand A Soul

  • Numerous corporate websites need the soul.
  • They tend to utilize stock symbolism, business language, static substance, and non-exclusive website composition – all of which undermines the client encounter.
  • In light of the fact that your site assumes a critical marking part, filling in as the advanced interface between your clients and your organization, item, and administrations.
  • The most ideal approach to make a positive marking background is to be straightforward and let them interface with each other through your image.

Items and administrations ought to be displayed well

  • A few private company website compositions can’t exhibit their items viably or indicate an excessive number of items and administrations on one page and mess it.
  • Keep in mind that you just have the advantage of a couple of moments to win or lose a potential client. To ensure that the early introduction is proficient.
  • On the off chance that you are an organization offering items online then the item photographs, pictures, and depictions ought to be fresh and fitting.
  • In the event that you have an incredible website outline however your items have not been shown well, your clients will reconsider before purchasing from you.


  • Last but an important point, is the significance of substance on your private company website. This assumes a noteworthy part of getting recorded via web crawlers.
  • The more subjective and quantitative your substance, the simpler it is for web search tools to discover and file your website.
  • Features are the place you have to give careful consideration as this will choose the contrast between a guest leaving your site or proceeding with further to peruse the rest.

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Here’s What You Need To Know About PHP 7 For A Better Enterprise Development

Here’s What You Need To Know About PHP 7 For A Better Enterprise Development

Here’s What You Need To Know About PHP 7 For A Better Enterprise Development 2

Like many other efficient programming languages, PHP has gained for itself a reputation. Today PHP is one of the most popular languages in the world. Nearly 80 percent of the web is driven by the PHP, its most notable and widely used contenders being Facebook, Wikipedia, etc.

Multiple versions of PHP have been launched since its initial release in 1994. The most recent upgrade being PHP 7. First released in 2015, the latest edition vastly outperforms its predecessors in ways that we will be discussing in this article.

Before we start with the features of PHP7 developments and what makes it better than the rest, let’s address the false notion common among the ordinary people. People normally think that these tech innovations are useful only for tech professionals be it programmers or IT specialists, whereas PHP7 has time to time displayed its key to success for the enterprises too.

With php7, you can create high-quality, well-functioning websites for your business firms be it a start-up or a well-established firm. With its excellent performance, PHP allows you to serve multiple users concurrently without adding any additional hardware. This makes PHP the first choice of many successful enterprises around the world to run their business in the online sphere.


The year 2004 marks the release of PHP 5.x series. After over a decade we went from version 5to version 7. But was there an intermediate release? Well, there was an attempt to the release PHP 6 series during the period 2005 – 2010, but the project never took off the ground. Even the books and explanatory articles were written on how to work with PHP6 at some point between those years, but the project ultimately failed due to some complex issues and the version was thereby never officially launched.


The conversion from PHP 5 to PHP 7 is characterized by remarkable performance improvements thanks to its powerful newly redesigned engine – the Zend Engine.

The engine was first introduced in the 5th version, it is however redesigned to uplift the performance by multiple times in this newer version. The advantage of 7th version over the past ones can be broadly summed up in the following points:

  • Quick website response, the speed is increased by 2-3 times.
  • This version is memory friendly, with about 30-50 percent improvements in the memory consumption.
  • With its Ability to serve multiple concurrent users, it can now handle up to 3 times as many requests per second.


1. The new Zend Engine:

The Zend Engine II when first introduced in the previous PHP 5 versions improved its functionality and also added an extensible object model. PHP 7, however, has a completely new designed version called PHP # NG or the Next Generation. Not only does it forces your source code to run faster, thereby delivering speed, it also helps you to reduce the number of servers required to serve the same number of clients anyway.

2. Error processing:

The error processing was a big problem for the PHP coders due to the poor mechanism of error messaging in the previous versions. This issue has now been resolved in the newer version. Now one can even replace the errors with exceptions. However, if your programme fails to catch the exception, it will be eventually converted to a fatal error and will be processed the same way as the errors were in previous PHP versions.

3. Available on 64-bit Windows systems:

The traditional environment of PHP is Linux, thus the previous versions like the 5.x series were not equipped for the Windows 64 bit systems. It was thus not possible to run the previous versions on those systems. PHP 7 has however resolved this problem by providing a consistent 64-bit support. Therefore one can now use it on both Linux or the Windows environment with ease.

4. Backward Compatibility:

One of the reasons why there has been a slow transition from PHP 5 to PHP 7 is its compatibility issues. Before switching to version 7, one should check for the compatibility issues of their website because once you switch you cannot pull out as it is not backward compatible. This is why making the move to PHP 7 is a big decision and is considered as an elective and not mandatory.


If you’re looking for some serious performance gains in the form of speedy response, efficient memory utilization etc. Then PHP 7 is for you. Switching to it is something you should definitely consider. However, before upgrading your site to PHP 7 one should check the compatibility which largely depends on themes and plugins. You can use the ’’PHP Compatibility Checker plugin” to check your site’s compatibility. It helps you detect what parts of your site are compatible with PHP 7 and which aren’t.


Upgrading to PHP 7 is simple. You can simply contact your hosting company and ask them to upgrade your account. However for this to function your hosting company should themselves use PHP7 too. While some companies offer smooth transition some might take time, you can switch you hosting platform accordingly. Because of a large number of advantages PHP 7 offers, the companies are switching to this new trend and thus implementing this technology won’t be very difficult.

If you self-administrate your website, then you can carry out the upgrade yourself using the command line. Just make sure that your site is compatible with this update and you will be good to go. However, as a precautionary step, creating a back up for your website is also recommended.

Now to wrap up this discussion, one should keep in mind that upgrading your site to this latest version of PHP is a smart move, one that will benefit you in a number of ways. However if not carried out with the above-mentioned precautions it might result in some noncomprehending loss. PHP 7 has proved its potential among those who have adopted it, and as for the future it something you should definitely consider for your enterprise.

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Codeigniter: The ideal Framework for websites

Codeigniter: The ideal Framework for websites

Codeigniter: The ideal Framework for websites 3

Technology is advancing with each and every passing day. There are two major factors behind this rapid growth that is – the computers and the internet. But they cannot develop on its own. It is the responsibility of humans to make the computers clever than ever before. This is where programmers come into play. The coders outperform themselves each and every to keep the growth of technology upfront and running.

Nowadays there is a wide range of software available to the coders for use. The main objective of this software is to facilitate the coders and reduce the burden on them as much as possible. This software also varies on the basis of the language the programmer wishes to work with.

Almost all of us have heard of PHP. It is basically a programming language that allows the users to develop massive web applications. It is very popular among the users. PHP’s popularity can be mainly attributed to the fact that it provides a lot of ease to the developers.

A PHP codeigniter development framework is what the developers use. By using this PHP framework, one can save a lot of time as it prevents writing of repetitive statements. There is a huge number of PHP frameworks available in the market, and it is very important to choose one wisely, suitable for the purpose. Not every framework offers the same facility to the users. Some of the major factors to be kept in mind while choosing the framework are-

  • Database support
  • Community support
  • Documentation support
  • Model view controller architecture

Database support is of utmost importance to the developers. Depending on which database one chooses for the project, a suitable framework is to be decided. Als the frameworks should have a large number of active and helpful community members. The number of members though doesn’t matter a lot, because even if the framework consists of a small number of helpful members, the purpose gets served. Another thing to look upon closely is the complexity of interaction that occurs. Thus one should make sure that the chosen frameworks have an easy and up to date user guide. This makes working relatively easier.

In spite of all these people do make a lot of mistakes in choosing the suitable framework. One must make sure that it comprises of a good number of helpful people before starting on with their work in a particular framework. Also until and unless if the person is very experienced in PHP, he should take into consideration the ease that a framework tends to provide to its users.

Across this vast array of the framework, the one that stands out form all of its peers is Codeigniter. It has been on the market for some time and is currently grasping a wide number of users. It tends to offer a lot of advantages to its users. It is one of the trusted PHP frameworks out there in the market responsible for the creation of a wide number of innovative websites and web applications. It has a very powerful set of libraries within it that user can call up at any point of time while writing the code. Some of the fields where Codeigniter outperforms its peers available in the market are

  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Easy error handling
  • MVC Architecture
  • Active community support

In terms of simplicity, one cannot beat the CodeIgniter for sure. It can be learned by anyone at any age. The developers can establish a firm grab over the vast array of libraries easily and implement it within its code. Thus the work of the coders gets reduced to a certain extent. Also, the users are provided with a rich content of documentation, tutorials to facilitate the users and help the users in their project. Modifying a framework cannot get any simpler. One can easily alter and modify the framework according to the need and requirements of the clients.

Security is an essential part. In this age of the internet, it is of utmost importance. With a large amount of critical data available over the internet, privacy and security are very important. People are very serious when it comes to security, especially in the field of business. For any online business to occur, high security is to be employed in order to mask all the important data being transferred over the internet. Codeigniter solves this problem related to security. One of the main features of the Codeigniter, that is the cookie encryption and decryption feature enable the users to increase security over the network.

There are a lot of complexities that the users tend to face while developing any sort of multifunctional e-commerce websites. Codeigniter eradicates all the complexities. It gives the developers the freedom to follow their own convention while coding.

Codeigniter amazingly, in spite of being such an extensive software does not require any sort of installation. Other frameworks do not offer this facility. Also in Codeigniter one does not have to go through the extensive configuration process. It removes this hassle as users only need to put the models in the folder named “model”.

Error, an inevitable companion of coders. Errors will always be there when writing a code. But it is the work of the software to understand the error and help the user rectify it. Codeigniter has made this error handling relatively easier, as it provides a lot of error handling techniques to its users. Error detection is simpler over this platform. As a result, these errors get to be resolved very quickly and accurately.

Enough stress cannot be given on the requirement of an active community support over any framework. Unlike any other framework, Codeigniter comprises of a large number of users who are of very helpful in nature and more often than not come forward to help other members of the community.

With these amazing set of features and functions, Codeigniter is one of the ideal choice. Thus one should hire PHP developers and help them pave the way for a greater development.

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10 Tips to Secure Magento E-Commerce Website

10 Tips to Secure Magento E-Commerce Website

10 Tips to Secure Magento E-Commerce Website 4

Magento is one of the most popular platforms in the e-commerce industry. Due to this, it is also prone to online threats and attacks. Therefore it is of at most importance to keep your Magento website secure to avoid any such attacks. The Security end of your website is as important and relevant as the business end or management end. Many Magento website owners tend to overlook this fact until it is too late, thereby suffering the major loss of business. Magento offers numerous extensions and settings which help better secure your website. Another solution is to hire a Magento developer from a Magento development company specializing in security threats. But there are also various tips and tricks you can use to keep your Magento website safe and secure. So here are 10 tips to secure Magento e-commerce website-

1) Unique passwords – Using your pet’s name as your password may seem like a great idea considering how easy it is to remember, but this could be farther from the truth. It is always preferable to use randomly generated passwords that aren’t easy to crack. Some tips to create strong and unique passwords are given below –

  • Always use between 10-15 characters.
  • Don’t use passwords already in use on your e-mail or social media accounts.
  • Avoid using your own name or the company’s name in the password.
  • Use symbols, numbers and capital letters in your password.
  • Frequently update your password, preferably every 90 days.

2) The latest version of Magento – Always keep your Magento updated. New updates offer better security from newer online threats. Magento website keeps you notified about all the latest updates or you may even consult a Magento development company to know the best strategy to proceed. They also tend to introduce security patches between updates. Keep them updated as well.

3) Configure Admin path – Using the default admin path makes it easier for cyber criminals to hack into your website. Changing the default admin path adds another layer of protection to your Magento website. This also helps to keep your credentials secure. One way to do so is –

System Config Admin Admin base URL Use custom admin path Click ‘yes’

4) Encrypted pages – Sending sensitive and critical information like your credentials over unencrypted connections can provide easy access to hackers. They often tend to attack unsecured connections and one to tackle this problem is through secure URL’s. Magento allows you to create secure URL’s through this setting –

System Config Web select ‘Secure’ tab ‘use secure URL’s in frontend’/ ‘use secure URL’s in admin specify ‘yes’ for both

5) Correct file permissions – To prevent your Magento website from further security threats you must grant proper file permissions. Magento requires file permission for each directory and file. Keeping it secure results in a lower possibility of hacking. Hire Magento developer to help organize proper file permissions for your website. Also, try and monitor the admin roles and privileges. Provide admin privileges to select few for a selected period of time and if you detect any abnormalities, remove their privileges.

6) Secure server – This is one of the most overlooked factors while securing Magento websites. Having a secure server environment is necessary for the complete protection of your website. Some key tips for ensuring a secure server environment are –

Understand the security protocols in place by talking to your web host.
Make sure no unnecessary software’s are running on the server.
Secure protocols should be in use for communication (HTTPS, SSH etc.).

7) Genuine security extensions – Magento offers some excellent security extensions for you to create a safe and secure website. These extensions are free of cost but not all of them suit your security demands in the same manner. Hire a Magento developer to compare ratings and customer reviews to choose the extensions best suited to your demands. Some verified Magento security extensions are given below –

  • Spam killer – Provides extensive spam comment removal.
  • Mega firewall – Blacklists security violators and adds ninja firewalls.
  • Mega scanner – Scans your store for vulnerabilities.

8) Use high-quality anti-virus – Your run off the mill free anti-virus might be sufficient for domestic PC’s but on an enterprise level you need better protection from various online threats. Consult with your Magento development company to choose the best anti-virus solutions for your website. They plug security leaks and prevent sensitive information from getting pilfered. Also, always keep your anti-virus updated to provide better protection from newer online threats.

9) Create backup data – Try to take a backup of your database and files on a regular basis. So that in the unfortunate event of a security breach your website should still remain up. Move your backup data and files to a separate server preferably a cloud-based service like amazon s3. Also, keep an offline backup of your Magento files and data. Remember to do this on a regular basis to be prepared for the worst case scenario(if it ever occurs).

10) Get your site reviewed – the above-mentioned tips may help you create a more secure website, but it is always better to have a professional opinion on such matters. Magento development companies provide better services by reviewing your Magento website. They are aware of current security trends and will be able to spot security loopholes in your Magento store. They will implement security tests to identify flawed application codes and detect SQL injections. Their expertise in this matter helps you have a significantly safer website.

Summary – Any given website cannot be 100% safe from online threats. That’s the reality of it. But what we can do is create a safe, secure and well-layered website in such a manner that it prevents the majority of attacks from taking place. The main purpose of a website is to give a satisfactory and consistent experience to its users and if you are able to implement the aforementioned tips then your website will continue to remain online for many days to come. Always remember, the security of your website is as important as its business or management.

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Top 5 WordPress Plugins any Webmaster Should Know About

Top 5 WordPress Plugins any Webmaster Should Know About

Top 5 WordPress Plugins any Webmaster Should Know About 5

Ever thought that your website might not be the best out there in the vast universe of the internet? Ever felt inferior to visiting some websites that showcase some cranky themes and some awesome plugins? Maybe WordPress just made you a little bit closer to the reality and made everything possible and that too for free. The glorious reason as to why WordPress stands out winning always is because of the thousands of free templates to choose from.

The themes are customizable such as changing colors, background and creating sliders or even wavy scrolling actions. WordPress is written using standard compliant high-quality code and produces semantic markup which makes your site very attractive to search engines.

Now let us fix our eyes upon something that the WordPress Community has to offer that is as beautiful as useful:

1. Visual Composer (Drag and Drop Page Builder):

This is the most crucial plugin that just made WordPress one of the easiest content management systems on the market. This plugin saves your time of thinking as to how your website’s front-end and backend page is going to look. Without using any programming language you are just going to roam the internet by your website and build out any layout you can possibly imagine.

Construct your site with the solace of your mouse. Essentially intuitive substance components around the page to outline your format. A site can be made prepared in seconds with pre planned responsive formats for presentation pages, portfolios and so on.

You can also make your website stand out with a beautiful and dynamic animation and Visual Composer Website Builder intelligent system will make your website responsive immediately. This feature will make a Mobile-Friendly Website ensuring that your website never lets you go backwards.

2. Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin:

Ever wanted to make the viewer feel some liberty? Well, the Slider Revolution has made it possible in a lot of ways. The primitive of clicking the screen to view some of the next pictures or pages are now endangered and in place comes the Sliders which help you tell your story in no time.

The Slider Revolution looks great and has a wide viewing platform such as Notebooks, Android and Desktops. The slides can be customized for different devices to provide some better graphics viewing.

You get tons of navigation styles of bullets, arrows, tabs & thumbnails with Revolution Slider. To add to the robustness and generous nature of Slider Revolution it just doesn’t look good but also loads pretty fast.

3. WooCommerce for Store Owners:

If you are in for stargazing and definitely want your products to reach out to the stars you can surely rely upon WooCommerce as it is the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. An effective deal begins some time before somebody clicks “purchase.” Create a store as one of a kind as your image and make an exceptional affair for exploring your items, substance and site.

WooCommerce comes bundled with PayPal and cash on delivery options and for further increment in the options for the payment gateway you can visit their extensions. And all those taxes you need to worry about are not going to be a fuss in your business anymore as the shipping tax gets calculated on real-time basis. Because of having complete control, you can add unlimited products and users, and take unlimited orders.

4. WMPL Plugin (Multi-Language WordPress Plugin):

Ever felt the need of being in your own city to speak out your mother tongue when you are in a distant new place? Maybe the same is felt by the people who might not understand the language of the website you are presenting them and this might not leave a good impression on your website. Well, your website just got its savior out in the real world.

With the help of Multi-Language WordPress Plugin, it is easy to run a multilingual website. It comes with over 40 languages with a Language editor feature that allows you to add your own language variant.
WPML lets you build and run a multilingual eCommerce site with WooCommerce and enjoy all the services of the WooCommerce. WMPL shows you which text needs translation and builds the complete translated store for you. Even if you need help with the translation, WMPL connects you with the leading translation services and they appear on your website via WMPL’s Translation Dashboard ready for publishing.

5. Contact Form 7:

Multiple contact forms can be handled very easily and we can also manipulate and customize the form and mail contents with a simple markup.
All these plugins might just make your life a lot easier and just help you move on with the exponential increase in the vastness of creativity in today’s websites.

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