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Small Businesses You Can Run Solely from Your Computer

Small Businesses You Can Run Solely from Your Computer

In today’s age of technological advancements, people everywhere are attempting to jump on an entrepreneurial bandwagon. Whether you are trying to earn enough to fully support yourself, or you are just taking on a little extra work to help save up for a wedding or holiday, there are many businesses which you can run solely from your computer. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

PCB Designer

Every electronic you can think of needs a PCB, or a printed circuit board, to power it and someone has to make them. If you are technically gifted then you might want to try giving PCB design a whirl. All you need is a computer, time to learn, and a design suite such as Altium.

If you are a complete novice then you are probably not going to be able to offer your services as a freelance designer for quite some time. However, if you have previously worked in the field and you have a bit of technical knowledge and know-how, you might be surprised at how many freelance opportunities there are for you out there.


Nearly everyone can write, so everyone can try their hand at copywriting. This corner of the marketing world can involve anything from promotional pieces to content for link building and there are sites all over the internet to help you find jobs. You can even find sites which cater to a specific type of content. For example, you may be able to find a website which just wants travel articles.

Copywriting is easy as it is one of the few jobs which is truly flexible. It shouldn’t take you that long to write any of the articles and you can schedule them in around the rest of your life. If you think this might be a good opportunity for you, get a good spell-checker such as Grammarly on your computer and start looking for jobs now.

Graphic Design

graphic design

If you are particularly artistically minded then you might want to try setting up your own graphic design business. While there are job security and other benefits involved with finding a role as part of a larger company, there are also many reasons why people choose to set up their own business.

It allows them to spend more time with family, control their workload, and just generally be their own boss. Graphic design can be a difficult industry to break into but, if you have the skill and the necessary drive to succeed, there is no reason why you cannot make a business for yourself.

Anyone of these businesses could provide you with the income you need, whether that is a little boost on top of your day job or a full new career. If one of the ones on the list catches your interest, why not look into what you would need to do to set up a business around it. It might be easier than you think to start earning, and all you need is your humble computer.

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Deluxe Web Design Lets You Stand Out

Deluxe web design services let your website look unique. Choose a reliable and trustworthy name in the world of web development to make a mark online. Experienced companies have helped dozens of popular brands with design and development of their websites. If you are looking for CMS web design or custom PHP development or WordPress development or e-commerce web development, it is good to do some research first.

Your website is an important part of your presentation and branding. You can boost company image and get to the top of rankings when you have a good web design and follow effective SEO techniques. The website serves as your first impression on prospects. When visitors come to the site they should be able to navigate it easily. Good site architecture and good linking structure will help toward this end. Grab the attention of guests and let them retain your brand so they can return back to your site time over again.

These days the online world is very much divided by likes and dislikes. Due to the social tradition people from various walks of life and trades are gathering together on social media platforms to exchange ideas, new events, and products with their target market. In such a scenario it is not hard to get noticed in your niche with deluxe web design.

If you already have a website that does not give you profits at all, it is time to revamp it all together. The company that you hire will first make a technical evaluation.  They will check for bad links and advice you to have them removed. Many times, businesses also buy links in an effort to make their website more visible. This practice is now old and there is no need to spend money on cheap link farms to rank higher. It is true that Google gives you points if you have more outgoing links, but these have to be natural and not paid.

When you learn more about Google and what it likes and dislikes you can build the online presence in a more effective manner. Every website has a foundation which is its theme. This theme has to be made is an innovative manner and include user-friendly features. Businesses want a smart design that is an attention grabber and also offers a good user experience. In the design industry, the trend keeps changing all the time and it pays to give your design and development project to an experienced company.


A deluxe web design house can also build your logo and do all the graphic designing for you. Color and font selection are an important part of the design process and it is viable to take the advice of the experts. When you spend a lot of money on creating a deluxe web design you want good returns on investment as well. Design firms like to use the latest technologies and ensure their clients are happy with the looks of their new site. The Internet started a new chapter nearly two decades back with the introduction of smartphones. It was in 1992 that the Simon Personal Communicator was launched by IBM. 15 Years after that Apple released the iPhone and in September 2008 Android was introduced. Millions and billions of people around the world now use their mobile phones for shopping.

Now, most websites have a web application for mobile users and keep connected to them while they are on the go. A few years back, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Reality (AR) have all been introduced into web design.  While VR allows you to swim with dolphins, AR lets you watch it jump out of a business card.

Grids have been abandoned just like the traditional stock photos. Instead, site owners like to use vivid illustrations and asymmetrical layouts. The once dull color schemes are now a bit bold. Both aesthetics and technology have to be paired well for web design to work well.

The design trends that are considered huge include Serifs on screen, Black-and-white palettes, natural and organic shapes, glitch art, micro-interactions, chatbots evolve and more video content. Minimalism is also very much in vogue. Serifs are usually used in print media but now the trend is changing. Designers are now using bold serifs for headers and callouts. This helps with emphasis and the looks are also decorative.  Serifs have more character and are also very adaptable.

To make any business statement impressive the black and white pallet is being used. When you want the visitors to see things in a different manner, forget the colorful layouts instead rely on just black and white to retain their attention. The color black is known to be assertive and is also very strong. Both are used together to create a good contrast and you can achieve a very outstanding look. When you add a call to action in color, it will pop up well.   The natural, organic shapes are now more popular than the traditional grid. Squares, triangles, and rectangles are now things of the past. Now the designers want to create a feeling of comfort and accessibility and for that reason, they like to use smooth lines and natural shapes to achieve depth to the design.  This also helps the page elements to stand out. With natural looking shapes designers aim to create movement.

Anomaly art is also in and you can think of it as retro went wrong. Retro has made a comeback in eyeglass fashions and garments as well and now it is the web design that is influenced by the trend. It is used to give the site a more or less psychedelic feel. This type of design is used more for fashionable consumer items websites and makes the content more appealing.

Micro-interactions allow designers to surprise the user. This way the site seems more inviting. When users take an action, in reaction the website gives a specific response. On Facebook, the message count is an example of micro-interactions. You can see scrolling animations and chimes at a lot of websites these days. All this is just to make the users feel more involved.

Chatbots have become even smarter this year. This is due to the advancements in artificial intelligence. They can be more customized these days. Using bright colors gives them a tempting look. You can see more videos on websites and these not only make the page look diversified but also allow users on the go to get a quick look at the information they need.

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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Logo for Your Small Business

5 Things to Consider When Designing a Logo for Your Small Business

The Best Logo Design Software

Use your creativity in designing the logo

Before starting a new business pick a logo featuring your company name with embellished colors. As your company might have business cards, websites, brochures, social media pages and so on, your logo weighs a lot. To attract the customers and to make them fall for your brand you should pay more attention while designing the logo.

Do not hesitate! This article will teach you everything that you should know to design a perfect logo. The designing starts right from identifying the brand until marketing.

Why do you need a logo?

All of us know that logos will have a huge impact on the first impression of any business. It also makes count when your website, your business cards, your branding, and your packaging stares back at the customers.

The organization named sketch corp having website sketchcorp.com has highly skilled employees who are good at designing the logos.

Things to consider when designing a logo:

There are different elements such as design, color, shapes, typography etc. that you should keep in mind while designing the logo. Just by isolating each and every element you will get a perfect logo design. Here are five things that you should keep in mind while designing.

1. Selecting aesthetic design:

The first and foremost thing while designing the logo is the design. Trendy logos will become outdated very early, but selecting a classic style with crazy color patterns will help the business. Brands often select the modern and minimalistic logos with sleek and pared back lines. It will also keep the brand cool and up-to-date.

Even though all the style is not mutually exclusive, a mix and match pattern will serve the needs of your business. Consider research based on your clients and the business.

2. Icons and no icons:

Icons are added to make the logo look contemporary. It will last for decades with icons in it. Avoid following trendy patterns, typefaces, and colors to impress the viewers. Make your logo look simple and elegant. The project and the brand image matters a lot in small-scale business. Your logo can be developed with any of the following:

  • Monogram logos
  • Wordmarks
  • Symbols
  • Abstract logos
  • Mascots
  • Combination of symbol and word mark
  • Emblem

Visual entities will make a strong impression on the minds of customers. Most of the times a word mark paired with iconography images will make your logo recognizable one. You can save you by using icons that are available.

3. Focus on colors:

Colors have different meaning and ideas attached to them. The psychology behind the colors is to keep the logo short and unique. You should explore the right color to highlight the strengths of your business. Combination of colors will also give a dynamic look. Below are some of the color options that you can select.

  • Red: It speaks about the sign of excitement, modern and passion.
  • Orange: It is energetic, vibrant and invigorating color.
  • Yellow: It makes your brand more affordable and accessible
  • Green: Symbolizes the connection with nature.
  • Blue: Depicts the trustworthiness and maturity of the brand
  • Pink: relates to feminine and youthfulness.
  • Black: It is a great choice for a luxurious look.
  • White emphasizes the economic, clean and modern look.

4. Choose the right typography:

Pick the right font that will complement your logo. From elegant calligraphic fonts to script fonts, there are a huge variety of typographic designs available. There are four basic types of fonts that you give a unique look to your logo.

  • Serif fonts: Using this font will end you in classic and high-end logos. It gives a versatile look to your logo.
  • Sans serif fonts: It holds perfect for the clean and modern look.
  • Script fonts: Makes the logo more individualistic with reminiscent variety.
  • Display fonts: It will give a catchy and highly stylized look.

5. Navigating and testing across different platforms:

Before you release your design, navigating to remove all the excessive elements to keep your logo unique is highly recommended. Just eliminate all those excessive lines, symbols, fonts and colors to convey a valuable message.

Don’t be frightened to experiment with your logo before deciding the final option. Testing your logo on different platforms should be the final decision that you have to make.

Try it on your website, mobile app, packaging design and also you can try printing it on a t-shirt. If they take more time while uploading then it is better to redesign the logo.

Final thoughts:

Apart from the other things you should remember that your logo must be simple, scalable, versatile and relevant. Inspiration is the key factor behind each one’s creativity. Prove your creativity with endless unique design.

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How Web Designing Professionals Plan for Website Design Projects

How Web Designing Professionals Plan for Website Design Projects

E-commerce Web Design Trends - feature image

So, you’re wanting a website? Well that’s just awesome. Are you wanting it done immediately? Well, if you’re looking for a speedy way to get that said website, you may be in for a surprise. Building a great website does take time, and a lot of various steps must take place before your site is even live on the internet if you want to do it right. In this article, we’re going to explain how web designing professionals plan for website design projects, and more importantly, what to watch out for when you hire someone to design your website.

The Process

Many people who want websites built just think that it’s created and done. This is NOT the way that a good website should ever be made, and while it is perfectly possible, this isn’t going to give you many things that you as a person, business, or company deserves. In order to do proper SEO techniques, there should be many things that are taken into account. Here are the general steps that your web designing professional should take in order to create your website:

1. Wireframing – Just like in construction, wireframing is blueprinting of your website. This can be in many forms, from a base layout landing page so you can see what the layout of your website can take, a visual using computer software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, or even just a pencil/paper drawing of your web design layout. This is a crucial step, and one of the most time-consuming ones, because this is to design your entire site’s layout. Everything should come into play here, from color themes, all the way to graphics, sections, and content explanations. This is the most important part of a web design project, and this part takes utmost open communication between the designer and the client in order to perfect this.

2. The Designing – This is the actual website graphic design and concept creation itself. If your website designer didn’t use a mock layout page that was their wireframe concept, then they’ll incorporate the plan for website design projects using the wireframe, and code the website accordingly to it. Some people think this is the hardest part, but we’ve already deduced that the wireframing is.

3. Post-Production – This is the part that takes place after your website is designed. Web designers need to make sure the client is happy. Sometimes there may be changes, and little tweaks to do which are involved in this step. There are plenty of opportunities for change, but there will be open discussion in this step too, because usually this post process is done normally after the site is live.


So, there you have it. In general, when we’re younger, we’re taught that all of the technical mumbo jumbo like programming, coding, data execution and more are the hardest parts of a project, but what they don’t teach you in school is that project management and creation is the hardest part. Remember, web designers are often making something out of nothing, which is a lot harder than just fixing what’s already there.

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Angular or React: Which JS Framework to Choose in 2019?

Angular or React: Which JS Framework to Choose in 2019?

Angular or React

JavaScript, in the past few years, has promptly entered to the first place on Github. It has gained huge momentum in the market as a frontend, backend, and mobile app development language.

It has offered us ample frameworks and libraries to speed up the coding process and launch a web/mobile app to the market. But, at the same time, it has turned the development process into science rocket – making it tough for one to understand which JS framework to opt in 2019 and beyond.

Considering the same, here I have written an article comparing the two most popular JavaScript frameworks, i.e., Angular and React so that you can easily determine the right choice – starting with a brief introduction of both.

But, in case you are interested to know in detail about JavaScript Frameworks first, head towards this Complete Guide on JavaScript Frameworks for Frontend Development.

Angular vs React: A Brief Outlook

Introduced by Facebook, React is an open-source JS library that enabled the web and mobile app developers to create reusable HTML components for front-end development.

Whereas, Angular is a JavaScript framework powered by Google. It is open-source, a part of MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js) stack, works well with multiple code editors, and is suitable for developing dynamic sites and web applications.

React vs Angular: Factors to Choose the Right Front-End Development Option

1. Popularity

As depicted from Google Trends image shared below, Reactjs has more searches than Angular in 2019. This indicates that React has higher popularity than Angular.

React vs Angular

2. Learning Curve

Reactjs empowers the web and mobile app experts to easily understand the React ecosystem and proceed to the development process if they have a sound knowledge of JavaScript. Besides, this Facebook’s UI library offers a wider number of resources for the newbie to remain updated with all the changes rolling out in the market. This makes the learning curve moderate for Reactjs.

However, it is not so in the case of Angular curve. Google’s Angular framework has complicated CMS, requires knowledge of different concepts like dependency injection, templates, pipes, TypeScript, RxJS, etc. and is rapidly growing. This is making it necessary for Angular app developers to remain open to learning throughout, which implies a steep learning curve is associated with Angular.

3. Architecture

Though both Reactjs and Angular employs component-based architecture, both have different tech stack, which makes a difference in the comparison.

Angular uses Typescript for development which is far more concise and error-free than JavaScript that Reactjs uses. This makes Angular better than Reactjs in terms of Architecture.

4. Development Speed

In case of React, various third-party libraries are involved in the app development process, which are not compatible with all the development architectures. This means you need to pick the right third-party library based on your project, which demands a higher investment of time and efforts.

Whereas, in the case of Angular, the time required for development is comparatively low due to CLI update, clean coding of Typescript and its built-in process to deal with comprehensive issues.

5. Data Binding

React employs one-way data binding in which the UI elements cannot be altered without updating the related model state. Whereas, Angular works based upon two-way data binding which changes the model state automatically when the UI element is altered, and vice-versa.

While the Angular data binding seems a profitable and effective thing, it’s React’s way that helps to deal with larger app projects. Thus, React outshines the competition when dealing with larger and complicated app projects.

6. Testing

Angular allows the developers to perform testing and debugging of the whole project with a single tool. This simplifies and accelerates the quality assurance process.

However, this is not possible in the case of React. The React-based project demands multiple tools to perform different types of testing and at different time intervals. For example, Enzyme is used for component testing, Jest for JavaScript code testing, Skin-deep for Render testing, etc. This adds more efforts and time into the Reactjs app development.

7. Flexibility

React offers you an opportunity to select the tools, libraries and architecture for web/app development as per your choice and create a highly-customized application.

However, Angular does not offer such a facility. This front-end app development framework provides you with a limited amount of freedom and flexibility in choosing the tech stack and features of the application, signifying that React is the right option in terms of freedom and flexibility.

8. App Performance

Another factor to consider when choosing between React and Angular is app performance.

The earlier versions of Angular, Angularjs was lagging behind React in terms of performance due to the involvement of Virtual DOM and Fiber in Reactjs app development. However, the latest version of Angular, i.e., Angular7 has filled this gap by introducing various features like ShadowAPI. So, both the front-end app development frameworks are giving intense competition to each other when app performance is considered.

9. Documentation

Angular is lagging behind React in terms of documentation. On one end, the ongoing development has made it tough to record all the changes and publish documentation. While, on the other end, the earlier versions of Angular, i.e, AngularJS are considered outdated now, implying their documentation are of no use to developers now.

However, there is no such case with React. The Facebook UI library is undergoing updates, but the previous versions are still applicable. This makes it easier for the React Native developers to understand the concepts and implement in their web/app project.

10. Community Support

When talking about GitHub, React has considerable wider community support than Google’s Angular framework. But, when it comes to StackOverflow Developer Survey, Angular beats React with more developers showing interest in Angular app development. So, both the technologies hold almost the same position in the competition when community support is considered.

As you might have found out by now, none of the two is a winner. Both the JavaScript frameworks are showing a plus card over the other. So, the only way to pick the right option is to have a clear clarity of your web/app requirements and make the decision accordingly.

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How Is AngularJS Different From Jquery

How Is AngularJS Different From Jquery


In recent times, JavaScript tools have been gaining much attention. This is primarily because they help to make things effortless and easy while developing application. You may not know that JQuery and Angularjs are one of the well known tools of the twenty first century.

JQuery is mostly a Document Object Based library which helps in minimizing the intricacy from the processes involved in the use of JavaScript on a site. However, it is also good to note that JavaScript plays a great role in ensuring that the website pages look enticing and effective. What JQuery does is that it checks out for the hard code that is required to be able to make AJAX calls. It transforms the same straightforward and smooth strategies which can be contrived through a singular JavaScript line.

With the use of JQuery, you can perform the following functions.

  • alter the contents of a website page easily
  • effects and animation
  • employ more styles to make UI appealing
  • makes DOM traversal easy and effortless
  • very easy to make AJAX calls

AngularJS is a technology product created by Google. This technology is an open based MVC framework. AngularJS is such an amazing technology for the creation of outstanding client-side website apps.

Being a framework, it implies we have to follow some guidelines and a structured method. This is not just a JavaScript library but also a framework that is excellently created and designed.
It’s good to note that AngularJS has these unique features;

  • Form Validation
  • Server Communication
  • Template
  • REST friendly
  • Localization
  • MVC-based Pattern
  • Deep Linking
  • Dependency Injection
  • Two-Way data binding
  • Full Testing Environment

How AngularJS and JQuery are dissimilar

In JQuery, you can easily find alternatives for the manipulation of DOM but this does not exist in AngularJS. On JQuery, event handling isn’t a big deal at all but on AngularJSforEach() Function,this same task is very complex and quite complicated. Additionally, JQuery ensures the smooth compatibility of cross-browser while it’s a hard nut to crack on AngularJS. Using JQuery is quite uncomplicated and facile but using AngularJS required a lot of expertise and professionalism to be handled efficiently.

During webpage application development, both JQuery and AngularJS can be utilized the ensure things works out fine. Nevertheless, you will need to pay close attention to details on the advantages and disadvantage that has to do with both AngularJS and JQuery. JQuery can be utilized in combination with other frameworks but in the case of AngularJS, it’s the complete opposite.

Developer’s opinion

For the sole reason that JQuery is less structured, developers tend to carry on with their responsibility/task the exact way they saw them. It’s good to know that absence of structure can at times lead to a complex code. This is simply because of the reason that JQuery is quite popular for its incomprehensible approach at different stages during its development. While in the other case, AngularJS can easily be considered without having to worry about any of this.

With the use of AngularJS, an organized environment can easily be made to provide for SPA. Hence, the probability of having a compound code can easily be minimized. AngularJS is being set up with some features that enable the developers to set a stringent upper limit on the extent of the code without ruining anything. But when this is put in comparison with JQuery, it somewhat does not inspire using library to a great extent. Developers prefer AngularJS because they have the ability to make use of HTML as a template language.

AngularJS has a lot more feature than JQuery and this is one of the determinants that makes AngularJS more popular than JQuery. It also allows developers to plainly work with form validation, templating, MVC beyond the bounds and also be able to make use of angular directives.

If you need to choose

If you’ll need Javascript to alter the DOM, then you should know that JQuery is a better alternative you’ll have to consider. It’s better for powerful and light outcomes. Moreover, if you require having some special features on your site, JQuery should be the option. The probability of data binding with this method is not possible. Also, it’s very easy to integrate the technology through customization into angular directives. If you need more of flexibility, then it’s recommended you go with AngularJS

AngularJS is outstanding for bilateral data binding. It allows you to closely watch on the requirements and needs of your current and also future customers. With this method, stunning as well as engaging applications can be easily created. It’s also great to note that AngularJS has the capability of eliminating code repetition which always makes sure that scalable outcomes are achieved. Because this is an Open source method, you do not have to worry about customization. Let it be known that, if all you will require is just customized outcomes, then AngularJS should be a better option.

The availability of support

There are quite a good amount of experts all around the globe for both angularJS and JQuery and with these technologies you don’t have to lose sleep over anything. Even though you come across a problem anywhere while developing the compound and complicated web pages and applications, you can easily get the required solutions through several online support sites and forums. A very good feature they have is that they are both in sync with almost all the Operating Systems and browsers.

AngularJS is known to possess fundamental support for queries in AJAX. You do not have to anticipate similar things from JQuery. With AngularJS, client side applications can be written in a more convincing manner without difficulty.

Now you know the benefits and disadvantages that are related with the two methods. You can now easily select the one you prefer as per your requirement. Moreover, it’s good to note that these two technologies are credible and can you can trust them. AngularJS has the ability to provide great results and better extensible applications than JQuery during the development of large scale applications.

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How to Manage Your Website

How to Manage Your Website

website design

You achieved your goal in making an official website for your work and by launching it popularly. But is that all? Merely designing and creating a website is not something you should be content with. A website is not just a domain of different web pages; it is a bundle of vast opportunities for you to take your work and career a step ahead.

Customers usually have a thorough look at the products before purchasing them, and a detailed, working website is a perfect platform for them to know about the products really well. The customer would never purchase the product is he/she cannot reach out to you, or worse if they do have a website to reach to you but your lack of response would definitely put off the customer. That’s how important the website is.

There is a vast difference between having a website and maintaining it. Just like a perfectly decorated store, a website is also a source of attraction for the customer. A poorly maintained website, with no information or updates, is a waste of business and of no use to the customer as well as to you. Even if you are not an expert in this field, or do not have the time to update the website, there are companies like www.pxlpod.media available who can take full charge of your websites, recreate them and beautifies them time to time. This is why managing the website is so important these days:

● Right impression: The reputation of your business is the backbone of its success. This shows how serious you are about promoting your business or was it just a mere formality to be at par with competitors. If the possible buyer is interested in purchasing your product, the first thing he will do is check your website. If your website was updated a year ago, with all the customer queries impending and no further information about new products, it creates a super bad impression on the person observing. Maintaining your website regularly helps you to impress the new clients and make good relations with the old one.

● Better SEO rankings: Upgrading and maintaining the website gains its momentum of popularity itself. Up- to- date technology helps in improving the search engine ratings. Similarly, the outdated technology declines the searching engine rating. So only if someone is searching particularly with your website’s name, he/she will be finding it because lack of attention and up gradation takes your website a lot behind. Also, the up gradations in softwares of smartphones and tablets do not allow the outdated versions to open, because the outdated technology is not compatible with the new one. So keep on visiting and putting up new information, and replying to customer queries regularly so as to increase the traffic for your website.

● Security: Upgrading the security measures for your website might be a bit expensive, but it surely saves you by avoiding difficulties in the future. Website hacking has become such a common phenomenon these days, that it has become important to check its security every few days. Hacking of your website would mean playing and misusing the information provided on your site. Apart from hacking, there are so many viruses that can affect your data. It is harmful to all the data that you had provided on your site. Some of these bugs might be easy to remove with technical help, but some bugs are so big that it takes so much of your time, money and effort but still difficult to get rid of. You are even removed from the search engine if Google detects some virus in your website. So, take full security measures in order to save yourself from all the hassle.

● Enhancing relationship with the customer: An ideal website is the one which provides a perfect platform for their customers so they can interact and communicate properly. It gives the customers an immense sense of satisfaction and belongingness when they post their query or review, and they get such a quick and appropriate response to their problems. The absence of this help may lead the customer to believe that you do not care for their customers and have no proper medium of interaction with them. It loses their interest and eventually their trust in your company.

So, never take website maintenance as a light job which you can just ignore and move on. This is as much important as the quality of your product or the profits that you make. You can outsource this responsibility to the companies who handle and promote websites. The maintenance does not take much of your time, but will only improve the status and popularity of your website, and eventually enhance your profits.

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How to hire a good web developer:

How to hire a good web developer:

Small Businesses You Can Run Solely from Your Computer 1

Asp web net developer

The web developer is the most critical hire that one can make, especially because he or she designs the entire face of the company. That usually makes the virtual environment of the company and helps one to interact with customers online. The web developer will be producing the entire look of the company, making it a difficult choice often, as to whom to hire. It is very crucial that one hires the fresh talent, right away, or it might cause a lot of losses further down the lane. If choice made is false, then down the lane, there might be huge amount of monetary losses, along with the hassle of re-hiring the web developer professional. An asp web net developer needs to have certain qualities imbibed into his or her genes, and you need to look out for the same. Below listed are certain criteria that you need to keep in mind while hiring a web developer:

1. Hire inherent talented web developers:

Look for experience and resume later. The first criteria that you should be looking for is someone who is energetic, enthusiastic, have the willingness and the determination to learn, is adaptable, has important qualities like determination, perseverance, and curiosity as their main positive qualities? If it is such a developer, then he is of the most efficient category. If you are more relaxed about the time schedule, then you might want a slacker person accordingly. Whatever your requirement, make sure that you hire a web developer who fits in well.

There might be huge differences in a scenario. A person who has worked for a multinational company has been brilliant at his work, he might not as well work well with a startup organization. A startup will have different traits for its requirement, like adaptability, risk-taking capabilities, which are less relevant for a large company.

There needs to be a fine list of the company’s requirements that you need to fix, and then hire accordingly. Moreover, be aware of the people who fake it through the interviews.

2. Try some developer with a comparatively small project:

When you hire, you might be of the conception that you have hired the best developer for your company. But just to make sure that you have played the right hand at gamble, give him or her a comparatively smaller project on asp web net developing, and check if he or she does that project well. You can observe this person throughout the period of the project, and check if this person is compatible with your requirements. This will help you with advanced information about the person, other than the personal interview.

You can assess the efficiency, and the intelligence of the web developer, and try and figure out how many errors are present in the final product. This will give you an overall idea of the work pace and the work efficiency of the candidate. You could check the creativity of the candidate, the communication skills, the teamwork and the team play of the candidate.

3. Hire a developer with aptitude and not a skill set:

There needs to be a general aptitude of the asp web net developer. He can’t have only a particular skill set only, because versatility is key here. In the technological space, skills of a particular kind become obsolete too quickly. Once the skill set is lost, the person or the resource is no longer of any use. This is what we do not want when the developer will be handling the face of the company. It is way better to hire someone who will know a specific technology now but can also easily adapt himself when there will be another technology tomorrow or day after.

The simplest technique to detect whether or not someone is adept to adapting quickly would be asking questions like what programming languages have they learned recently, and what are the websites that they visit for learning quick techniques and tricks, and what are their favorite technology conferences, and more.

4. Asking trivia or general knowledge based questions don’t help at all:

If you want to test the general knowledge of the top asp net web developer, it would not help you at all. You need to test the concept of the person and not the rapid-fire knowledge base of the candidate. Asking questions like who is the primary creator of Java, or in which year PHP has been released, or how is programming done in Python aren’t of any help. People who can memorise well will get through this brainstorming session and they won’t even be much help to you.

Questions that can be found on the internet, aren’t the questions that should be asked. Open-ended questions with smart answers are the ones to look for. Candidates with passion are to be hunt down, and not mere people who repeat exercises and memorize events. There needs to be communication, passion, and extraordinary work outputs, and only then you can move with the hiring procedure.

5. Follow the golden rule of hiring slowly and firing quickly:

When you are making the choice, make a proper informed decision. There needs to be an excellent way to grade the candidates accordingly. But if you start noting that the asp web net developer is slowly becoming slack and losing interest, waste no time to fire him out immediately. Someone who is ineffective will start hampering the entire progress and will bog down the growth. Better to hire someone efficient and start work afresh, from scratch. A properly motivated candidate, with the right amount of incentives and work load will last for a very long time, without the need of firing. The quick firing rule may land you up in an unfavorable position, with less of associations, but that will boost the company position once the website has been set and designed. All set and done, efficiency and work outputs are the primary crux of hiring, when it comes to hiring asp web net developer.

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E-commerce Web Design Trends in 2018

E-commerce Web Design Trends in 2018

E-commerce Web Design Trends - feature image

E-commerce accounts for more than $2 trillion in sales,and by 2021 global sales volume from e-commerce platforms are projected to reach $4.5 trillion. In addition, around 56% of in-store purchases are influenced by e-commerce. In the U.S, e-commerce represents almost 10% of all retail sales (a figure that is growing by nearly 15% annually). It is undeniable that the e-commerce market volume is increasing. However, just because you own or run an e-commerce website doesn’t mean you can bring that growth to your business without effort.

It is essential for the designers of online shopping platforms to evolve their website designs in ways which will not only boost their sales but also build lasting emotional relationships with their customers. Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a great web design project, especially in e-commerce, could be worth a billion sales.

With many exciting developments taking place with e-commerce, we could gather over a hundred trends to discuss. Nonetheless, here are the top 5 e-commerce web design trends you could implement in your e-commerce website right now:

1. Simple Design:

Have you ever wondered why Amazon’s simple design has not changed much in such long time? Because it works!

You may want to show off everything you’ve learnt in your CSS class, but your customers reallywon’t notice that much. All they need is to get the items they are looking for, as quickly as possible. If they can’t get it with three clicks, you are definitely over-designing.

Just stick to simple CSS Grid layouts with easy to use search and navigation and your customers will thank you.

2. Speed and Security:

A website with a simple design loads faster. Though speed may not be considered a design element, according to Kissmetrics, half of your customers are likely to leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Yes, your customers are that “impatient”. They don’t want to feel like they are “in a queue”.

Your server capability and traffic load have a role to play, but as a web designer, you can definitely reduce the load on servers with code that is lean enough to ensure pages load as fast as possible.

As an online store, your customers need to be assured of the safety and security of your platform. Your e-commerce website should be designed in a way that creates the impression of safety right to the completion of an order.

3. Mobile-Friendly Design:

In case you’re unaware, 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and mobile sales are expected to account for 27% of all U.S. retail e-commerce sales by the end of 2018.

You cannot afford to lose these mobile customers with a “desktop-only ” website. You must make your website as mobile friendly as possible. You may even want to consider getting a dedicated mobile app for your e-commerce site.

4. Use of Video:

Video is a popular medium to connect with potential customers. Almost5 billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube alone.

Effective videos capture and maintain the attention of a viewer. They don’t only see the item they are buying but also see how it works in real life. Many e-commerce websites are embedding videos into almost every aspect of their product’s platform to help new customers understand what the item does and why they need one.

Simple videos are relatively inexpensive and can be recorded and edited quite easily. Typically, they should be short and light enough for easy streaming or downloading.

5. Content Is Still Key:

Not everyone customer will be an impulsive buyer. While some customers will see an item online and immediately want to hold it in their hands, you will often need to convince them that your product is worth their cash.

An effective way to interact with prospective customers is through consistent creative content. A website which provides rich content is a marketing itself. Through your content, you drive a lot of organic traffic to your site, and if what you shared is valuable, your readers are likely to become your customers.

Frequently updated blogs, RSS feeds or social media content are a crucial part of your e-commerce web design strategy in 2018.

There are a wide range of web design trends that you may implement in your e-commerce website to improve your conversion rate. However, the most popular trends are simpledesign, speed and security, mobile-friendly design, use of video and effective content creation. All of these, when done right, promise to put your e-commerce platform ahead of your competitors.

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Odoo Tips – Advance Mega Menu for your website

Odoo Tips – Advance Mega Menu for your website

Small Businesses You Can Run Solely from Your Computer 2

You might have an Odoo store and ample amount of visitors that visit your e-store everyday. Now, let’s say you sell hundreds of products on your store. And the menu on your website is not categorized. Wouldn’t it make difficult for your customers to traverse around your website? If your answer to the question is “yes”, you need a tool that helps you to categorize your menu and make it look grand.

The developers at Biztech have created Advance Mega Menu App which helps website owners to create mega menu on their website frontend. Using it, you can change your simple menu into an attractive mega menu. And the best part? It is easy to customize. You can rename the menu name the way you want to. These mega menus can be assigned at the website category level so you can have categories as mega menu with sub categories. Which helps to filter products based on categories.

It has some easy steps for configurations in back end. Admin can make all these configurations to manage website.

Take a look at the image at the end of this page to know about the following path:

biztech_website_mega menu/static/description/mega menu_configs.jpg

You can create Mega Menu by following the steps given below:

  1. Go to Website Admin -> Settings -> Configuration -> Pages.
  2. You will find an option to add Mega Menu.
  3. Once you set that and it will start behaving as Mega Menu for your website.
  4. You can define the Mega Menu and Type in the configuration.
  5. It can be for Category Mega Menu, List Category Mega Menu, Page Mega Menu. All the three Menu types will be displayed differently.

● Category Mega Menu will get displayed category wise.

Small Businesses You Can Run Solely from Your Computer 3

● List Category Mega Menu will get displayed listing wise.

Small Businesses You Can Run Solely from Your Computer 4

● Page Mega Menu will get displayed page wise.

Small Businesses You Can Run Solely from Your Computer 5

  1. Add slider of categories on Home Page
  2. Provide the name of Category Slider
  3. Select the positioning of the slider. E.g. Left or Right
  4. There is an option wherein you can select static image instead of slider.
  5. Upload the static image to be displayed on the homepage.
  6. Select the no of columns that need to be displayed on Mega Menu. There is an option for selecting out of 2, 3 and 4 columns. You can choose a column that helps you to manage the UI of mega menu and website.
  7. For Mega Menu and sub menus, you can also set background image
  8. Choose the background color of your choice
  9. Set menu icon for Mega Menu
  10. Add footer in Mega Menu

In website categories, you can add any website category to Mega Menu, which will create sub-menus of Mega Menu. If you add parent category as Mega Menu, it wouldn’t add all child categories automatically. You can also select which sub/child categories you want to add in Mega Menu.

Some categories might not be used for any products which also will display on the website. You need to exclude such categories manually; which increases the efforts of the end user. So, it is better to provide option on any level category for adding in Mega Menu or not. You can have the option to provide sequence to display categories with priority.


We have followed a technical standard to implement this app.


Js and css files of Mega Menu have been added in biztech_website_megamenu/views/template.xml file as per the Odoo standard Odoo 11.