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Barracuda Bulks Up Updating, Patching in RMM Solution

Barracuda Bulks Up Updating, Patching in RMM Solution

September 17, 2019

With Managed Workplace 12, MSPs also can better managed customers’ Intronis Backup processes

Barracuda Networks continues to build on its acquisition earlier this year of Managed Workplace with the latest release of remote management and monitoring (RMM) tool that includes features enabling MSPs to deliver expanded software patch and update management capabilities.

Service providers can quickly identify customer software that is out-of-date, acquire and test software updates and patches when they become available, and schedule updates and patches. The Barracuda solution also gives reports on the success of the software updates and patches to either confirm that the security is in place or that more work needs to be done.

In addition, the combination of the software management capabilities and backup monitoring means MSPs can better manage their customers’ Intronis Backup processes, enabling them to deliver multi-layered protect and improve efficiencies in how they deliver their services.

The global managed security services market is expected to grow at more than 14.5% a year over the next several years, reaching $58 billion by 2024, according to analysts with Market Research Engine.

“It is very exciting to hear that Managed Workplace is introducing and integrating third-party patch and software update management capabilities at scale in their upcoming release,” said Nadra Yazaji, senior director of managed IT services at RSM US. “Today, we use Managed Workplace and another third-party patching tool to provide a patch management solution for our customers. Having a single solution with which we can detect, acquire, deploy, and report all patch activities would be incredibly valuable to our organization.”

“We at Ergo use a range of tools to service all our medium to enterprise customers. It is essential we find the right tool to fit the customers’ needs while making it cost effective for all involved,” said Damien Kelly, technical operations manager at Ergo Group. “We have found that using Barracuda Managed Workplace gives us the flexibility and scalability to deliver a high standard of service faster and more efficiently to meet the customer’s needs. The introduction of third-party patching tackles one of the more complex issues we have in securing customers environments. It mitigates the need for expensive third-party services that are siloed and require individual attention while also being time consuming, with most solutions exceling in one area and not in others. This offers a one-size-fits-all solution that enables Ergo to add an additional level of security in a speedy manner. Security is key and reducing the footprint that can be exploited is a must for every company.”

“This new capability is a great enhancement to Managed Workplace,” said Eric Gorman, co-founder, executive vice president and COO at Integrated Enterprise Solutions. “With the addition of third-party patch management, through a single pane of glass, we can deliver an extra security layer to all our customers’ applications. It is very similar to the existing Managed Workplace patch management feature which means my technicians will learn it within hours, not days. The ease and simplicity of this new feature is going to provide even more value add to our clients.”

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Forescout Integrates with Microsoft Intune for Device Security

Forescout Integrates with Microsoft Intune for Device Security

September 17, 2019

Organizations get more visibility into their networks

Security vendor Forescout is working with Microsoft to enhance the protection of endpoints at a time when the proliferation of connected devices is expanding the attack surfaces of enterprises.

Forescout’s eyeExtend for Microsoft Intune enhances the ability to onboard and enroll mobile devices by detecting devices on the network that had not been seen by Intune. The Forescout technology continuously discovers, classifies and assesses devices as they connect to the network and can do all that without having to use agents or interrupting business operations.

The integration of the Forescout technology with Intune not only gives organizations more visibility into the devices connecting into the network – reducing risk and ensuring compliance – but also improves the efficiency and reduces the costs of security operations through workflow orchestration and automated response and remediation to issues.

The security vendor also is joining Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association, a collaborative effort designed to help companies defend themselves against the myriad threats they face. The group includes almost three dozen cybersecurity vendors covering everything from identity and access management (IAM) to information and threat protection.

“We are in an era in which mobility is the new normal – people expect to have the ability to work where, when and how they choose, using the devices they love and the apps they are familiar with,” said Ryan McGee, director of security product marketing at Microsoft. “Working with Forescout, we’re helping businesses manage their security risk with device visibility and control.”

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Trigo Raises $22 Million in Challenge to Amazon Go Stores

Trigo Raises $22 Million in Challenge to Amazon Go Stores

September 16, 2019

The startup offers checkout-free systems for grocery retailers threatened by Amazon’s push into the market

A startup based in Tel Aviv said Monday that it has raised $22 million to support its checkout-free systems that will enable grocery retailers to push back against Amazon and its Amazon Go stores.

National grocery retailers such as Kroger have turned to other tech vendors like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud for help in modernizing their operations and improving the customer experience to retain customers and fend off Amazon.

Trigo, which already has raised a total of $29 million since launching in 2018, wants to be part of the solution with its computer-vision system that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and 3D space-mapping technology that can identify and record items taken by shoppers while in the story and enabling those customers to avoid checkout lines or scanning items. The shoppers are billed automatically and can pay by cash or credit card.

Customers also can personalize their in-store experience by opting into a loyalty program to identify themselves and enabling the store chain to learn their purchases. By opting out, shoppers can have an “unidentified experience,” according to the company. Either way, shoppers will have the checkout-free experience.

Trigo is partnering with several global grocery chains in the United States, Europe, and Israel, including Shufersal, which plans to deploy Trigo’s technology in 280 stores in the next five years. The technology is being used in stores as large as 5,000 square feet.

“We believe that Trigo’s world-leading computer-vision team will be the first to scale this technology globally and unlock the full potential of a true grocery-wide revolution,” said Barak Salomon, managing partner of Red Dot Capital. “The process of manually scanning barcodes for each separate item at checkout is outdated and time consuming. Trigo’s technology is going to save brick and mortar, revitalizing the in-store experience while keeping the best part of shopping alive.”

Partners Play Key Role in Development of New IBM Mainframe

Partners Play Key Role in Development of New IBM Mainframe

September 16, 2019

The vendor this month rolled out the z15 mainframe and DS8900F storage system

Channel partners played an important role in the development and launch of IBM’s newest mainframe computer and mainframe-focused storage appliance, both of which were rolled out this month, according to officials with the vendor.

IBM also loaded up the DS8900F all-flash storage system with data protection and resiliency capabilities. That includes immutable point-in-time copies of production data so that user data on the system can’t be modified or deleted because of user errors, malicious destruction or ransomware attacks. Partners also were deeply involved in the pre-launch work for the new storage system, including education sessions and events, Coucher said.

The deep partner involvement in the development and launch of both products illustrates the increasing importance of the channel in IBM’s larger strategy, she said. Partners have been prepared by IBM in the same way the company’s own sellers.

“I attended IBM’s in-depth launch readiness education sessions for both z15 and the new DS8900F storage line. The launch for these products feels very coordinated and extremely well organized for partners, with high expectations of making an impact for clients,” said Rob Davis, business development director at IBM Business Partner TES Enterprise Solutions. “The IBM Z and storage updates should resonate well with end users, especially when it comes to using features like Data Privacy Passports to tackle security challenges such as data access, which are top of mind for many C-suite executives.”

“The z15 improved encryption and compression capabilities makes it very affordable for clients to encrypt their important data without consuming a ton of additional CPU time,” said Jeffrey Shoup, director of mainframe solutions architecture at Ensono. “Older systems weren’t as efficient/powerful when doing encryption and compression, and so clients always had to weigh the value of the encryption versus the computing cost to accomplish it. With the continued hardware advancements in the z15, this concern is all but eliminated. This can be a huge benefit to clients running confidential and protected data on their mainframes.”

“The new DS8900F storage systems offer real advantages for our customers and our own bottom line,” Truenorth CTO William Roman said. “They help reduce system complexity, and they continue the relentless IBM focus on greater cost-efficiency. Most importantly, they offer the hybrid multicloud functionality and data security our customers demand.”

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SAP Aims to Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

SAP Aims to Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

September 16, 2019

SAP’s new marketplace, supported by partners, will facilitate the trade of recycled plastic goods

Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental threats facing the planet. SAP and a coalition of partners are looking to eliminate single-use packaging such as water bottles and food containers through a new marketplace that facilitates the trade of recovered and recycled plastic goods and materials.

“At the core of the plastic problem is the economic value of plastic waste,” said Jens Amail, managing director of SAP UK and Ireland. “For long-lasting change to be effective, we need to both innovate into new materials as well as increase the value of our existing plastic waste to divert waste streams away from the natural environment. Being a responsible business is no longer a ‘nice to have,’ it’s an imperative. SAP has worked relentlessly in the past 10 years to make our customers and partners run better and greener, and ultimately improve people’s lives.”

“Eighty percent to 90 percent of ocean plastic starts on land. Hence, incentivizing collection from at-risk coastlines around the world will significantly reduce plastic contamination of our oceans. Processing that plastic back into the highest-quality materials at industry-required volumes, along with the certified traceability that OceanCycle provides, will drive meaningful impact. This effort also helps our customers achieve their sustainability targets and provides a true benefit to the environment that consumers will appreciate,” said Raffi Schieir, director at Bantam Materials.

Updated WHMCS module for create Reseller Accounts


We have updated the WHMCS module for creating Reseller Accounts.

Following are the changes / fixes for this update:

  1. Now while terminating the cloud account it will delete the VM(s) and subusers and their respective VM(s) as well. By default the setting is enabled.
    Parameter can be modified as per the following link :

You can download the new module from the following link :

Please let us know if you face any issues / have any suggestions.

Virtualizor Team

Launched New Template (Debian 10)

We have Added a new OS template in Virtualizor.

For KVM, Xen HVM, XenServer (7+), XenServer HVM (7+), Virtuozzo KVM and Proxmox KVM: Debian 10 x86_64 template is launched .

Virtualizor Team

Infosys Launches Technology Suite to Accelerate Business Transformation

Infosys Launches Technology Suite to Accelerate Business Transformation

September 13, 2019

Live Enterprise Suite aims to help organizations embrace digital tools

Business and IT consulting firm Infosys is aiming to help organizations accelerate the transformation of their businesses with a multifaceted collection of solutions and services called the Live Enterprise Suite.

Launchpad app: for paperless onboarding of new employees.

Employee productivity platform: to make services, contacts and information more easily accessible.

Infosys Wingspan: A learning tool to enable employees to develop new talents to address future company needs.

Knowledge Graph: for mapping information from all transactions – among employees, customers, partners, networks and devices – in near real time and contextualizes the information for users.

Infosys Digital Brain: for curating organization knowledge and information.

Infosys Polycloud Platform: for creating a common interface for public and private clouds and a catalog for selecting, provisioning and managing platform and application services and workloads across an enterprise.

“Over the past several quarters, we have embarked on a transformational journey to reinvent the way we do business,” Infosys CEO Pravin Rao said. “While focusing on delivering the best digital technologies to clients, we have diligently been using those very same capabilities to accelerate productivity for our employees, by providing them seamless user experiences and learning platforms, constructing our Live Enterprise. As we take these platforms, solutions and services to customers, through the Live Enterprise Suite, we will provide them agility, increased productivity, zero-latency in process, driving hyper productivity and continuous learning.”

Security, Cloud Backup Key IT Issues for SMBs: Kaseya

Security, Cloud Backup Key IT Issues for SMBs: Kaseya

September 13, 2019

A survey by the IT solutions provider also shows that smaller companies continue to lag in their IT maturity

Security and the cloud’s growing role in backup and disaster recovery are at the forefront of an SMB IT market that is continuing to be stagnant in its maturity, according to a recent study by IT solutions provider Kaseya.

Security: 32% of respondents sustained a security breach in the past five years, with at least 10% saying they were hit with a breach in the past year. Not only is there a need for increased use of automated patch management solutions, but only 42% monitor third-party software and apply critical patches within 30 days. There also was a strong link between outages and data breaches: almost 61% who sustained a security breach last year also suffered two to four outages, a 15% increase from 2018. Kaseya officials said this was another proof point that IT maturity among SMBs is standing still.

Stagnant IT maturity: More than half of respondents have consistently been at the lowest levels of IT operation maturity based on a set of IT management capabilities, with many companies “in constant firefighting mode,” Kaseya officials noted. Among respondents 35% were at the lowest level of maturity; 21% were at the second level. Only 11% hit the highest level.

Cloud backup and disaster recovery: 90% of respondents said they back up their servers, with backup to the cloud being part of the overall strategy for 33%. Cloud adoption is high and fewer SMBs have concerns about it, but many are still not backing up their software-as-a-service (SaaS) application data. Only 29% back up such data from SaaS environments like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce or G Suite from Google.

Service levels: SMBs want to deliver higher service levels, but over the last three years, the percentage of respondents to Kaseya’s survey that have no formal SLAs in place has grown from 35% in 2017 to 43% this year.

Sprint Opens 5G-powered IoT Test Bed in Georgia

Sprint Opens 5G-powered IoT Test Bed in Georgia

September 13, 2019

The site will be a proving ground for connected technologies

Sprint Business is expanding its Internet of Things efforts this week with the opening of a 5G-powered test bed site in Georgia that will act as a proving ground for smart city technologies and IoT applications.

At the center of this effort is Sprint Business’ Curiosity IoT platform, which was launched in November 2018 and which includes Curiosity Core, a virtualized and distributed network, and the Curiosity OS operating system that is designed to manage billions of connected devices and crunch massive amounts of data to quickly gain business insights. Curiosity Core is 5G-ready but connectivity agnostic, enabling everything from 5G and LTE Advanced to LPWA Cat M, which is designed to let IoT devices connect directly to a 4G network without a gateway.

“We are honored to work with the city of Peachtree Corners to help enable new technologies,” said Jan Geldmacher, president of Sprint Business. “With Curiosity IoT and True Mobile 5G, Sprint is bringing together companies – both big and small – to develop and test future-forward technology in one space, sparking innovation and creativity like never before. From enabling the most accurate real-world navigation possible to delivering immediate intelligence from IoT connections, companies can now better test, and ultimately scale new solutions for the smart city landscapes of tomorrow.”