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City councilwoman being stalked and harassed — again

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah – A South Salt Lake city councilwoman said she’s being stalked and harassed for the second time in a year.

Corey Thomas said she’s scared for her safety, especially now that the city employee responsible got fired from his position.

The harassment, Thomas says, started June 7, 2019 when the man started posting hostile comments about her online.

“I’m going, ‘Wow, I can’t believe this guy is saying this,’” Cathie Chansamone said.

Chansamone saw the posts on community Facebook pages and alerted Thomas, who had blocked the man online.

FOX13 News won’t identify the man, as he hasn’t yet been charged.

“Some of the discussion I feel was clearly inappropriate that I, and many residents, felt might put me at risk. As such, I filed a police report,” Thomas wrote in a statement to FOX13 News.

Unified Police confirmed they are conducting an investigation into the online posts.

“I can tell that she has some anxiety about it. She is clearly worried about, you know, if he is going to do something,” Chansamone said.

Investigators told Thomas the man was dangerous and had access to a weapon. The most troubling comment, witnesses said, was when he wrote: “blow her up.”

“When you make a threat to anybody, especially to a city official, and she works at a city building, that’s where you go too far,” Chansamone said.

The man worked in the same building as Thomas — for South Salt Lake’s Chamber of Commerce. He was accused of using a business Facebook page as another avenue to harass Thomas.

“We unanimously chose to terminate this employee,” South Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce’s Jon Hertel told Thomas during a city council meeting last week.

Thomas faced another stalker nearly a year ago. Francis Carney received a suspended sentence for two years for harassing and stalking the councilwoman.

Man originally charged for fatal auto-pedestrian crash says he wasn’t driving; second suspect arrested, according to police

SOUTH SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A new suspect has been arrested for a fatal auto-pedestrian accident that happened two months ago, according to South Salt Lake City Police.

Richard Bice, 56, was arrested and booked with counts of failing to remain at an accident with serious injury and death and one count of obstruction of justice.

Police said the original suspect, Ryan Kidrick, is still in jail because of the obstruction of justice charge.

According to police, Bice was arrested Wednesday and confessed to being the driver in the April 9 crash that killed one man and sent another to the hospital with critical injuries.

Bice told officers details only the driver would know in the interview, according to the probable cause statement, and said he fled the scene because he had a denied driver’s license and was afraid of being charged with driving under the influence because he uses Methadone, which is a narcotic used for severe pain.

Kidrick was originally arrested on April 2 after a witness to the crash identified him in a photo lineup.

According to a warrant issued by police, Kidrick’s girlfriend called police and said she had evidence showing Kidrick was innocent; however, she failed to show up to two meetings scheduled with police.

Kidrick was then bailed out of jail and a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to police.

Police said they went to Kidrick’s residence to perform a search warrant and re-arrested him while detaining his sister, mother and girlfriend in the backyard.

Kidrick then told police he wanted to speak with them. According to police, Kidrick said Bice told Kidrick he was the one who was driving that night and asked Kidrick to get rid of a coat.

Kidrick’s girlfriend helped police locate the coat and police said she told them Bice had given Kidrick’s mother some gold-plated money, possibly as a bribe.

Kidrick was then reinterviewed by police and said Bice had admitted to him he was the driver that night, and police said that story was almost identical to the account his girlfriend told police.

“Ryan stated that he could get Danny to confess on the phone if we called him. Due to this using my phone, I spoofed Ryan’s home phone number and called
Danny. Ryan spoke to Danny. Danny did not say anything except he wanted to talk to him in person,” the warrant said.

Police said Kidrick’s girlfriend said she had evidence of Kidrick being at home during the crash on her cell phone, but the phone was damaged.

She also said they were working on a web camera and Kidrick had used his voice to download the app; police said there is evidence of the app being downloaded the day after the crash.

“There was no information found that Ryan was home during the crash,” the warrant says.

This is a developing story. It will be updated as new information becomes available.