<div>Atom 1.34</div>

Atom 1.34

Atom 1.34 is out! With this release, you’ll enjoy a host of enhancements to help you craft the perfect commit, including a faster diff view, the ability to preview all staged changes, and support for commit message templates.

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Atom 1.34

<div>Atom 1.33</div>

Atom 1.33

Atom 1.33 is out! With this release, you’ll enjoy built-in Rust support, improved discoverability for Git and GitHub functionality, and faster performance for bracket matching.

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Atom 1.33

Multiline truncated text with “show more” button

Now that we’ve got cross-browser support for the line-clamp property, I expect we’ll see a lot more of that around the web. And as we start to see it more in use, it’s worth the reminder that: Truncation is not a content strategy.

We should at least offer a way to read that that truncated content, right? Paul Bakaus uses the checkbox hack and some other trickery to add a functional button that does exactly that.

See the Pen
truncated text w/ more button (CSS only, with optional JS helper)
by Paul Bakaus (@pbakaus)
on CodePen.

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Some in flooded Quebec town angry new dike will block their waterfront views

MONTREAL – Some lakeside residents of a town northwest of Montreal that was severely flooded last spring after a dike ruptured are now upset the government’s repairs to the structure will obstruct their view of the water.

Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault, however, told reporters Wednesday the government’s decision to repair and raise the structure by 1.5 metres is necessary to protect the town of Ste-Marthe-sur-le-Lac.

Last April, a dike failed and forced 6,000 people from their homes in the town on Lake of Two Mountains. The Quebec government decided to rebuild the dike and reinforce it by raising it.

But some citizens are furious their lakeside homes will no longer have a view of the water. They say raising the dike is unnecessary because water didn’t rush over the structure last spring to flood the neighbourhood, but broke through it. It needs to be reinforced, not raised, they say.

The mayor of Ste-Marthe-sur-le-Lac is on the provincial government’s side. At a special meeting Tuesday, town council  voted to give itself the authority to seek a court injunction against citizens who try to slow down construction work on the new dike.

Guilbault said the first responsibility of a provincial politician “is to protect people, and that protection goes by raising and reinforcing the dike.”

The Canadian Press

Utah Senators Romney and Lee upset funds for HAFB will instead be spent on the southern border wall

WASHINGTON— Utah’s two Republican Senators, Mitt Romney and Mike Lee, responded strongly Wednesday after learning funding appropriated by Congress for military construction projects at Hill Air Force Base would instead be spent to construct a wall on the southern border.

It’s the result of President Trump’s February 15, 2019 emergency declaration which ordered the diversion of billions of dollars earmarked for Defense Department construction projects, which Romney and Lee have opposed.

They were informed by the Air Force that $26 million was being diverted from Hill AFB Composite Aircraft Antenna Calibration Facility and another $28 million from the Utah Test and Training Range Consolidated Mission Control Center.

Romney and Lee released separate statements:

“In April, Senator Lee and I expressed our significant concerns to the Secretary of Defense regarding the potential diversion of funds for critical military construction projects in Utah.  I’m disappointed that despite those concerns, two key military construction projects totaling $54 million will be delayed as a result of the February 2019 emergency declaration. Funding the border wall is an important priority, and the Executive Branch should use the appropriate channels in Congress, rather than divert already appropriated funding away from military construction projects and therefore undermining military readiness. Congress will have an opportunity to restore this funding in the next budget cycle, and I plan to work with the delegation to fight for funding for these projects, which are essential to Utah’s service members and our national security strategy.”

-Sen. Mitt Romney, (R) Utah

“Congress has been ceding far too much powers to the executive branch for decades and it is far past time for Congress to restore the proper balance of power between the three branches. We should start that process by passing the ARTICLE ONE Act, which would correct the imbalances caused by the National Emergencies Act.”

-Sen. Mike Lee, (R) Utah

The Administration has indicated it plans to request replacement funding for these projects in its fiscal year 2020 budget request. Congress would then have to re-appropriate the funds.



Cloud Poser Vs. Cloud Pro [Infographic]

Our CEO Will Be Speaking At HostingCon San Diego!

Our CEO Will Be Speaking At HostingCon San Diego!

Sam Coyl To Present Playbook For “Competing In The Cloud” At HostingCon Global 2015

Sam Coyl To Present Playbook For “Competing In The Cloud” At HostingCon Global 2015