It’s now easier than ever to rent a camper van to explore Costa Blanca, Spain

It’s now easier than ever to rent a camper van to explore Costa Blanca, Spain

World Wide Wheels offers holidaymakers a new way to travel around Costa Blanca and other parts of Spain. With so many motorhomes and campervans available, there is a vehicle for everybody.

It’s now easier than ever to rent a camper van to explore Costa Blanca, Spain 2

Thanks to one of the largest suppliers of motorhomes and campervan rentals, it’s now easier than ever to explore the coast of Alicante, Spain. Instead of being restricted to hotel holidays World Wide Wheels provides people with quality motorhome rentals to experience the real Spain.

From getting off the plane at Alicante Airport, the holiday starts. No rushing aboard the transfer coach for a two-hour journey to the hotel in Benidorm, Albir, or Altea. Instead, it’s just a nice relaxing stroll to the quality motorhome to experience the beautiful shorelines, villages, and mountains that many holidaymakers visiting the Costa Blanca don’t get to see.

“Those looking for a new way to explore the landscape of the Costa Blanca can hire one of our many campervans and motorhomes. They can experience the rich culture and the diverse landscapes that Spain has to offer. It’s so affordable to hire one of our motorhomes, and a great way to head off the beaten tourist track,” explained a spokesman for World Wide Wheels.

With rising holiday prices, and more people wishing to experience a real Spanish holiday, the number of people who rent a mobile home in Spain has increased. According to World Wide Wheels who have become one of the biggest mobile home rental companies, 2020 could see an even bigger increase in people taking to the road.

World Wide Wheels have a wide range of motorhomes to choose from. They are suitable for a couple wishing to get away for a romantic week, to a family wishing to explore Spain with a couple of bicycles on the back.

To learn more about renting a mobile home in Spain, please visit

About World Wide Wheels

Whether you would like to travel with a motorhome, camper, 4 x 4, rental car or bike, our aim is to rent the appropriate vehicle to our clients. Our team has more than 80 years of experience in the travel industry. We are the right partner for you to organize your next trip with your preferred vehicle. Serving our clients and your satisfaction – this is our passion.

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Yoolancer Is Making It Easier To Post Jobs and Buy Professional Services

Whether you are looking to hire or offer your professional freelancer services, Yoolancer is gradually emerging as one of the best job platforms. Yoolancer has made it easier for employers and freelancers to exchange services in a saturated online job market. In fact, the site adheres to the prominent premium job posting sites and throws the right mix of options.

Yoolancer aims to attract millions of job seekers each month. Contemporarily, it has numerous job posting options that you can opt right now. Furthermore, the rising job portal has also made it relatively simple to disseminate information about jobs on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The underlying purpose is to improve the visibility of the posted jobs.

Gone are days when employers and freelancers had to scout through an ocean of information to find the right people at the right time. It is the age of digitalization where you can post and see relevant jobs instantaneously. In addition, Yoolancer allows employers and freelancers not to make decisions in haste. Instead, the attractive and clear information helps you find what you are looking for.

Employers, for instance, can make the most out of search results on the job portal and select the candidates that fit the requirements. Furthermore, employers can also seek advanced features and scan through more potential matches. The idea is to make it less time-consuming for employers and job hunters to find each other. On average, it would take an employer 45 seconds to get a complete list of matched results. Therefore, it is of utmost vitality to input information that caters to your needs.

Once you create an account on Yoolancer, employers and freelancers can get email notifications directly into their inbox. Specificity matters, and that is where employers can freelancers can align the professional services as per individual skills and interests. Startups in London, for instance, often have a limited budget to recruit desirable skilled candidates.

Concurrently, searching through thousands of job ads takes an extraneous amount of time and resources. Therefore, job hunters and employers can maximize their efforts and find a position through selective search results on Yoolancer. It means you would not have to rely on the mercy of outdated job listings or functionalities.

Although there are many job portal websites on the internet, not all have a similar professional sensibility. Yoolancer is becoming a foyer where job hunters and employers can find each other through various sites and usability features. Consequently, you will spend less time online and become productive to pinpoint job postings that appeal to you.

Yoolancer enables small businesses and freelancers to search for freelance jobs in terms of keywords, location, and designated title. Interestingly, you can use different methods to share data with other industry professionals and get a second opinion. The continuous growth of the site also works in favor of industry professionals who are seeking career advice. Currently, Yoolancer aims to provide an engaging user experience and introduce features that are more appealing.

Yoolancer is one of the most sophisticated, cost-efficient, and timesaving job platforms for startups and small businesses. The job portal allows small businesses to connect with a talented global workforce. The professional job search platform enables users to connect and search for different industry positions. Employers and job hunters can make the most out of Yoolancer’s unmatched networking functionality.

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Recording Artist “Mo$t Trill” is making major moves

Recording Artist “Mo$t Trill” is making major moves

Recording Artist “Mo$t Trill” is making major moves 3

Have you ever been to hell and back? Recording Artist MO$T TRILL claims he has, and offers a front row ticket on his journey, through his music. From the Ghetto to the high class luxury homes in North Phoenix, Trill offers a taste of both sides of the fence. Released from prison in 2018 and fully released from incarceration in early 2019, Trill has a wild and savage sound while still maintaining a wide range of style on the microphone.  
He says he’s not a rapper, rather a “Recording Artist”, because he has so many different flows when recording music. Previously managed under Rula Mob, Ethika Underwears new signee, “Vee Tha Rula’s” group, Trill broke off and decided to break off and pursue his dream on his own due to feeling overlooked. Recently he struck a “hand shake” contract with HOODRICH FILMS and was featured on WORLDSTARHIPHOP with the release of his music video to his single, “SKREET NI99A”.  
All in all, MO$T TRILL is definitely an artist to look out for 2020. Poetical lyrics, a powerful delivery and almost genius concepts are a few of the reasons people are saving MO$T TRILL is going to be the “NEXT BIG THING”, but he’s just as witty off camera or out of the studio too. So when you see or hear the name MO$T TRILL, expect to be entertained.
Here is a link to his latest releases. Be sure to stream and download:

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Danville karate school owner arrested on sexual misconduct charges

DANVILLE, Calif. (KRON) – The owner of a karate school in Danville has been arrested for sexual misconduct charges, according to the Danville Police Department.

On Friday, Feb 21. around 12:50 p.m., authorities located 63-year-old Ramon Pruitt from San Geronimo in Oakland.

The arrest comes after police were investigating Pruitt who was accused of sexual misconduct.

He is the owner of Danville Karate International at 105 Town and Country Drive.

On Jan. 14, police say they began the investigation following a report of Pruitt having inappropriate sexual behavior with a student at the studio.

The district attorney’s office filed three felony counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child against Pruitt on Feb. 20.

A warrant was also issued for his arrest.

Police say Pruit was booked at the Martinez Detention Facility with a bail of $500,000.

As an investigation continues, Danville Police ask you to contact them at (925) 314-3711 if you have any information.

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Amid Incessant Hunting, Animal Conservationist “One Cat Foundation” Fights For Lions From Extinction

Amid Incessant Hunting, Animal Conservationist “One Cat Foundation” Fights For Lions From Extinction

In order to combat the unabated and incessant hunting across Africa, One Cat Foundation raises awareness and seeks friends to prevent the endangered lions from going extinct.

Amid Incessant Hunting, Animal Conservationist “One Cat Foundation” Fights For Lions From Extinction 4

24th February, 2020 – As wildlife continues to plummet globally with several species on the verge of extinction, calls to prevent that from happening keeps growing louder. The last male white rhino having died a couple of years ago in 2018, it is only a matter of time before the white rhinos go fully extinct, scientists have said. This apart from rampant poaching and affluent people paying their way to hunt animals in the wild has caught media and politicians’ attention.

Five months after an American dentist brutally killed Cecil the Lion in 2015, who was a major tourist attraction and subject of research and tracking by a team from the University of Oxford, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service added lions of India and Africa to the endangered species list. Regardless of this, big cats continue to be hunted and poached. Going by the current rate of decline, scientists say that lions could become extinct by 2050.

The unheard pleas of these animals brought three animal conservationists from three different countries on the same platform – Claudia Sidman from the US, Quintin Reynders from South Africa, and Alexey Tikhonov from Russia to form One Cat Foundation (NGO), South Africa. Since its inception, One Cat Foundation – South Africa has put tremendous efforts to create a harmonious environment between humans and lions.

The foundation has been very highly active, “purposeful and diligent in rescue and relocation of the lions. Through grants and research, education, relentless advocacy and community outreach programs, One Cat Foundation has sought to bring to unwavering attention the plight of our dying environment and, as a result, the wildlife.Assisting in protection, nurture and care of nature and wildlife is the collective responsibility of all humans, regardless of nationality. In many countries, loss of habitat is driving elephants and big cats towards the civilian population, thereby leading to either humans getting killed or the IUCN-designated threatened and endangered animals getting killed. If we don’t care now, we won’t see any of them in a few decades. We may not have created the planet, but it certainly is our responsibility to make sure we sustain it, for our own good,” said the Vice President, Jessica Klco.

As part of One Cat Foundation’s global initiative, Film & Music Producer/Board Member Raj Gupta has planned to complete filming on a series of documentaries chronicling the culture and climate of modern South Africa and its inhabitants. The first of these films is called “King of The Pride” scheduled for release in 2020. Raj Gupta states “King of The Pride will be unlike any other documentary! It will feature vocals from my grandmother academy award wing actress Ja’Net DuBois, music from my son rapper Kris Klassic, and a soundtrack featuring other Grammy Award-winning talent. The soundtrack album will be released by Entegrity Entertainment Group/Renegade Kingz label. I wanted to make a film that would capture the attention of all young people and educate them in a fun exciting way.

The Foundation commits that the coming generations will remember lions and other big cats for the magnificent beasts that they are, not were.

For more information or to get involved, please visit

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EFF Lawsuit Ends Censorship Against PETA on Public University’s Facebook Page

In a big win for free speech on the Internet, an EFF lawsuit has compelled the nation’s second-largest public university to stop censoring dissent on its social media. To settle our First Amendment case, Texas A&M University (TAMU) agreed to end its automatic and manual blocking of comments posted on its Facebook page by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) about the school’s dog labs. This legal victory is an important step forward in EFF’s nationwide campaign to end censorship in government-operated social media.

Why We Fight Censorship in Government Social Media

Social media has changed the way people all over the world connect and communicate. As the U.S. Supreme Court explained in Packingham v. North Carolina (2017): “While in the past there may have been difficulty in identifying the most important places (in a spatial sense) for the exchange of views, today the answer is clear. It is cyberspace—the vast democratic forums of the Internet in general, and social media in particular.” (The Court in Packingham repeatedly cited EFF’s amicus brief.)

Government has fully embraced social media to communicate with the public. From federal departments to small-town bureaus, government agencies use their social media to conduct official business and engage in two-way communications with the public, and to facilitate communications among members of the public. In the words of a growing number of courts, governments thereby create “interactive spaces” where members of the public can talk back to the government and communicate with each other. While the government generally has the prerogative to control the content of its social media posts, the First Amendment protects the right of technology users to express their own views in the interactive spaces.

Unfortunately, many government officials respond to criticism in social media by deleting user comments or blocking users. This burdens First Amendment rights. Perhaps most famously, President Trump blocked critics from his Twitter account, prompting a lawsuit from the Knight Institute, which EFF supported with amicus briefs in the district and appellate courts. Many state and local officials have also censored their social media. These include the Hunt County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office, against which EFF filed an amicus brief, and the City of Norman (Oklahoma), against which EFF provided oral argument.

Our PETA v. TAMU lawsuit

In 2016, PETA launched an advocacy campaign against TAMU’s dog labs, which led some supporters to post critical comments on TAMU’s Facebook page. TAMU responding by blocking comments from PETA and its supporters. Its censorship scheme had two components. First, TAMU used automatic filters to identify and block comments that contained words like “PETA” and “lab.” Second, if PETA-generated posts did not contain these forbidden words, then TAMU manually deleted them.

In May 2018, EFF filed a First Amendment lawsuit on behalf of PETA against TAMU. We sought forward-looking injunctive and declaratory relief. We filed in the U.S. District Court for Southern Texas. Our co-counsel are Gabriel Walters of the PETA Foundation (which includes PETA’s law office) and Christopher Rothfelder of Houston-based Rothfelder & Falick, L.L.P.

At oral argument in September 2018, the district court denied TAMU’s motion to dismiss. Ruling from the bench, the court acknowledged that “the foundational right of all Americans,” namely the freedom of speech, applied to new technologies. The court added: “There were folks who said the First Amendment doesn’t cover movies and television … They weren’t successful.” The court also expressed skepticism of TAMU’s suggestion that PETA could express itself elsewhere: “You sound like [an unsuccessful advocate before] the Supreme Court, when it says, ‘You don’t need to use the auditorium, you can print posters. And you don’t need to print posters, you can march in the streets. You don’t need to march in the streets.’ If you added them all up, you just don’t need to talk.”

In March 2019, we moved for summary judgment based on undisputed evidence that:

  • Facebook pages contain interactive spaces for speech by page visitors.
  • TAMU by policy and practice allows a dizzying quantity and variety of speech by the public on TAMU’s Facebook page.
  • TAMU used automatic and manual tactics to block comments from PETA and its supporters about TAMU’s dog lab.

We also demonstrated that TAMU’s censorship scheme violated the First Amendment. We made three principal arguments.

First, TAMU engaged in viewpoint-based discriminated against PETA, that is, against PETA’s viewpoint that TAMU’s dog labs are cruel and should be closed. Viewpoint discrimination is unlawful in all types of government forums.

Second, TAMU engaged in content-based discrimination against PETA, that is, against the entire subject matter of the dog labs. TAMU designated the interactive spaces of its Facebook page as a public forum for speech by the public. In such forums, TAMU cannot engage in content-based discrimination, even if it is not also engaged in viewpoint-based discrimination.

Third, TAMU violated PETA’s First Amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievances. This includes PETA’s right to use TAMU’s Facebook page to demand that TAMU close its dog labs.

Our PETA v. TAMU victory

Soon after our summary judgment motion, the parties began to actively explore settlement.

In February 2020, these discussion bore fruit. TAMU and PETA finalized a settlement agreement in which TAMU committed to dismantling its censorship scheme. First, TAMU will remove all settings that block or filter PETA’s comments on TAMU’s Facebook page. Second, TAMU will not exercise viewpoint discrimination when administering its Facebook page, including against PETA and its supporters. Third, TAMU will not automatically or manually block or filter PETA’s comments on TAMU’s Facebook page. TAMU also agreed to pay PETA’s attorney fees incurred in prosecuting this case.

TAMU reserved its right to remove PETA comments that violate its new Facebook Use Policy, which TAMU adopted after PETA filed this suit. PETA in turn reserved its right to bring a new lawsuit against TAMU’s new policy. We expect that TAMU has learned its lesson, and will comply with the First Amendment in its administration of its Facebook page.

But of course, eternal vigilance is the price of digital liberty. EFF will continue to work as the leading defender of free speech on the Internet. This includes the right of all technology users to express themselves in the interactive spaces of government-operated social media, like TAMU’s Facebook page.

Historic Coal-Fired Trains Converting To Oil In Durango

The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad has debuted its first locomotive that runs on oil, a more environmentally friendly fuel source that holds less fire risk than a traditional coal-burning engine. For the past two years, the D&SNG’s crews have worked to convert the No. 493, an early 1900s coal-burning locomotive, to be able to run off oil. It’s the first of what’s expected to be several conversions from coal-fired to oil-burning engines, as the city’s top tourist attraction braces itself for the future.

An Airbnb For Farmland Hits A Snag, As Farmers Raise Data Privacy Concerns

Parker Smith grows corn and soybeans on land near Champaign, Ill., together with his father and uncle. But Smith Farms doesn’t own most of the land it uses. “About 75 percent of what we farm is rented ground,” he says. This is common. Across the Midwest, about half of all the farmland is owned by landlords who live somewhere else. Farmers compete to rent that land. “There’s only so much ground, and most of the farmers out there want more, so obviously it gets pretty competitive,” Smith says. These farmer-landowner relationships can last for decades. They sometimes feel personal. So Smith was pretty upset when he heard that a company had sent letters to his landlords a few months ago, offering cash up front to rent the land that he’s been farming. The letters came from a company called Tillable , based in Chicago. It’s backed by venture capital. Corbett Kull, Tillable’s CEO, says that his company sent out thousands of these letters to landowners. “A lot” of them took the offer, he says.