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Uniquely Utah: Provo’s road sign collector

PROVO, Utah — Over the past few years, a colorful and curious roadside attraction in Provo has been growing by leaps and bounds. Everyone wonders, ‘What’s with all the signs?’

Fox 13’s Todd Tanner finds out in this latest installment of Uniquely Utah.

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Why the 2019 off-season is crucial for the Utah Jazz

SALT LAKE CITY — Now that the NBA Finals are over, Fox 13’s Jeff Rhineer sits down with Eric Walden of the Salt Lake Tribune to talk about why this summer off-season is so important for the Utah Jazz.

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Lane filtering: viral Facebook video shows driver-biker confrontation

PROVO, Utah — A motorcycle rider’s Facebook video is gaining attention all over the motorcycle rider community — especially in Utah, where a new law allowing filtering was just implemented last month.

Collin Hansen posted a video to the Facebook group “Utah Motorcycle Riders” on Sunday, showing his ride down University Avenue in Provo.

“I was filtering the other day and someone opened their door on me,” he wrote in the post with his helmet camera footage,” has anyone else had problems with ignorant drivers like this?”

The video shows him driving between cars at a stoplight — which is now allowed within certain parameters — when a Pizza Hut delivery driver opens his door, blocking Hansen from going by.

“Hey, you’re supposed to be in a lane,” the driver said to Hansen.

“It’s called ‘lane filtering,'” Hansen responded. “It’s a new law.”

The driver eventually closed his door and allowed Hansen to go by.

Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Nathan Croft watched the video and said both men could improve.

“The traffic hadn’t completely stopped when he started filtering. It was going really slow but technically it has to be stopped,” Croft said. “The person who opened his door — I’m not sure what he was trying to do, but it doesn’t sound like he had been educated about the law.”

Fox 13 previously reported on the new law that, according to UHP, is actually implemented for motorcyclists’ safety, not just so they can beat the traffic. That report, along with the rules for bikers, can be found here.

3 Questions with Bob Evans: Jeff Flake

Former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake sat down with Bob Evans and answered three questions:

  1. Why did you have such high disapproval ratings?
  2. What in the Mueller report disqualifies President Trump for re-election?
  3. What did the country learn from the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation process?

The full interview can be found here:

Insiders 6/16/2019: Joni Ernst Rides Air Force One for First Time, Joe Biden Shares What Could Unite All 23 Presidential Candidates

DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, a Red Oak Republican, shared what it was like to ride for the first time with President Donald Trump on Air Force One. She also explained how she says she is saving taxpayers money at a time when the federal debt has surged past $22 trillion following the Republican-led tax cuts that she supported. Ernst also remains behind the president’s increased tariffs on Chinese exports as a way to force that country to change some of its policies that Ernst believes harms Americans.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate from Delaware, thinks he knows one issue that would unite all 23 Democratic presidential candidates.

A man born in Canada who now lives in Fairfield shares an encounter his family had with Biden in 1987. He is considering Biden for president in 2020 but likes a few others, too.

Three presidential candidates share how they know when their messages connect with an audience.

Senator Joni Ernst takes this week’s Insiders Quick 6. (Editor’s note: Afterwards, Ernst’s spokesman said that she misspoke when she said Kellyanne Conway was leaving her position as counselor to President Donald Trump).

Stranded hiker rescued from Mt. Timpanogos ice field

MOUNT TIMPANOGOS, Utah — Search and rescue crews retrieved a hiker stuck on Mt. Timpanogos Sunday morning.

A 20-year-old from Austin, Texas, was hiking to the summit of the mountain when he crossed an ice-covered avalanche deposit and got stuck, according to Sgt. Spencer Cannon of Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

At one point crossing the ice, he realized it was too steep and that he could not continue forward or turn to head the other way safely. He fortunately had cellphone reception and called 911. Several Search and Rescue volunteers responded and helped him off the mountain using ropes and other tools.

Cannon said that while the hiker was not adequately prepared for what he encountered, he did the right thing when he realized he was in trouble.

“He stayed put and did not try to fix the situation himself,” Cannon wrote in a press release, “and second, he swallowed his pride and called for help!”

Cannon said there is a risk of serious injury or even death when someone tries to get themselves out of a situation like this.

“The Utah County Sheriff’s Office SAR volunteers have responded to may situations over the years where people have lost their step [and] slid down these ice and snowfields,” Cannon wrote. “The outcome in these situations is never good.”

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Driver facing DUI after fatal motorcycle accident in West Jordan

WEST JORDAN, Utah — A woman is facing criminal charges after a fatal motorcycle crash overnight in West Jordan.

Police say ​35-year-old Jacob Smith of West Jordan was riding a motorcycle westbound on 7800 South just before 1 a.m. when he hit a passenger car as it was turning near 2000 West. He died from his injuries.

Charges have been filed against the female driver of the car for driving under the influence, according to Officer Jennifer Worthen of West Jordan Police Department.

The driver’s name has not been released because the investigation is ongoing and more charges could be filed, Worthen said.


Smith was unconscious when emergency crews arrived, and they attempted CPR as he was transported to Intermountain Medical Center.

Police said witnesses reported seeing the motorcycle driver traveling at a high rate of speed between 100 to 120 mph.

Apple CEO cautions against technology’s effects in graduation speech

STANFORD, Calif. — Tech giant Apple’s chief executive officer used his speech at Stanford University’s graduation ceremony to inspire — but also to send an unexpected message.

CEO Tim Cook delivered the commencement address at Stanford on Sunday. His advice to the Class of 2019 included a strongly-worded message targeted at his own industry — how it can both solve and create problems.

“Technology doesn’t change who we are; It magnifies who we are — the good and the bad,” Cook said.

He also included a veiled message to the tech industry, but without specifically naming anyone.

“Too many seem to think that good intentions excuse away harmful outcomes,” he said. “What you build and what you create define who you are.”

N. Carolina police: Intruder slashed with machete, fled hospital, now captured

It’s been a crazy 48 hours for Jataveon Dashawn Hall.

Police say the 19-year-old broke into a Mebane, North Carolina, home Friday, where an 11-year-old boy hit him in the head with a machete. He then went to the hospital, only to escape in a gown because he knew authorities were looking for him, police said.

Police caught Hall at his mother’s apartment in Burlington after receiving an anonymous tip, according to a Facebook post from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Hall has been placed under a $100,000 secure bond and is scheduled to have his first court appearance Monday, the post says.

Hall’s escape from the hospital took place hours after the thwarted home invasion Friday, the sheriff’s office said.

County and state law enforcement and US Marshals were looking for him.

“When Hall left the hospital Friday evening against medical advice, we certainly should have been notified,” Orange County Chief Deputy Jamison Sykes said in a statement. “But most concerning of all is that hospital police did not even know Hall had left the premises almost 10 hours prior. Indeed, Hall’s absence was only discovered when we placed a phone call to them.”

UNC Health Care said it always intends to work closely with law enforcement, and that in such cases hospital staff will often alert authorities when a suspect is discharged.

On Friday night, however, the hospital said its staff was extremely busy taking care of multiple traumas simultaneously.

“We believe this situation highlights the issue that emergency-department nurses and physicians cannot be both caregivers and law enforcement at the same time,” the hospital said in a statement to CNN.

“Our nurses and physicians focus 100 percent of their time on providing care to patients — that is their job,” the hospital added.

UNC Health Care said in an earlier statement that the suspect was in the legal custody of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, “which did not place an officer with him.”

“It is the responsibility of law enforcement to closely monitor the status of suspects in their custody while those patients are receiving medical treatment,” the statement said.

Home invasion foiled by a ‘tough kid’

The 11-year-old boy, Braydon Smith, was home alone Friday morning in Mebane, northwest of Chapel Hill, when the intruders arrived, his mother Kaitlin Johnson told CNN.

Johnson said she was on the phone with her son as the intruders broke into the home. Smith had told her a car had pulled into the driveway but she thought nothing of it.

Then a woman knocked on the front door of the house as a man was breaking in through a window, the sheriff’s office said. Smith told authorities another man waited by a car outside the house.

Johnson said she heard the woman yelling to the man that nobody was home, and she called her aunt who then called 911.

The man who entered through the window grabbed a pellet gun in the home and forced Smith into a bedroom closet, the sheriff’s office said.

Smith — a baseball player — left the closet, grabbed a machete and struck a blow to the intruder’s head, Johnson said. She called the experience “horrifying.”

“I don’t think I will get the sound of his voice out of my head,” Johnson said. “He was very, very brave.”

“This is very tough kid who kept his wits about him,” Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood said in an earlier statement.

“At the same time, I want to reflect that this youngster, his family and indeed this community, are very lucky this event did not have a tragic ending for the child.”

After being wounded, the intruder kicked Smith in the stomach and the side of the head before grabbing a PlayStation and a television, CNN affiliate WTVD reported.

But bleeding heavily, the man dropped the home electronics and fled with the other suspects, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies provided area hospitals with a description of the suspect and his injuries, the affiliates reported.

Hall, who is from Monroe, south of Charlotte, was connected to the case when he arrived at a hospital with a head injury, the sheriff’s office said.

He was facing charges that include breaking and entering, second-degree kidnapping and assault on a child younger than 12 when he left the hospital, according to authorities.

“Not only did this youngster thwart the larceny attempt, he created blood evidence that very well may lead to a conviction in this case,” Blackwood said.