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Potato Eaters and Elephants

YHC woke up to a rather chilly morning (by June standards) and was ready to roll. The preblast advertised that it was time for another trivia Q so here we go.

SSH x20
Imperial Walkers IC x10
Willie Mays Hayes x10
Slow Merkins x10
Warmup lap
Dips x25

Time for some trivia. YHC revealed the dice. Each PAX took a turn rolling the dice. The value on the dice indicated the reps for a correct answer, double the value for an incorrect answer. Any PAX could answer. Categories were Arts, History, Geography, Sports, Science or Random. Exercises included (in rotation) Iron Mikes, Merkins, Mountain Climbers and WWIIs. If any PAX rolled doubles of any value, the exercise was burpees. (On the very last roll of the morning Griswold rolled double sixes! I believe this was the question where YHC asked about Vincent Van Gogh’s first painting – I.C.E. correctly answered ‘The Potato Eaters’ to spare the PAX from having to do 24 burpees to close the morning.)

Bows & Toes x60 seconds

Always fun to try something different. The trivia Q is a workout for the body and mind and good, lighter way to close out the week. Everybody have a good fathers’ day weekend and enjoy time with your families. Aye!

It’s About Choice

So, I am really loving the recent decision to offer choices at the So Village workouts. PAX can choose either a traditional boot camp style workout, or opt for a strength training circuit. Coz, really, who doesn’t like choice? Choice is good. Choice is right. Choice is freedom. Choice is the American way.

Beautiful morning. 57 degrees. Perfect conditions.

eine Minute Warnung


WARM UP (Led by YHC)



Ninja Complex (Inchwork –> Plank –> Merkin –> Right Foot up to Right Hand –> Right Arm High –> Plank –> Left Foot up to Left Hand –> Left Arm High –> Plank –> Reverse Inchworm –> Low Squat –> BW Thruster), x5

After warm up, PAX could choose between two workout options this am: (a) a heavy metal w/o led by Rudy or (b) a boot camp w/o led by YHC.

MAIN EVENT (Strength Train: Rudy Q)

Rudy led 6 PAX in a heavy metal workout. Plan was for Tabatas, 40 seconds on, followed by 20 seconds rest. PAX cycled through 7 Stations of Pain.

  1. Bent Over Rows, Right Arm
  2. Kettle Bell Swings
  3. Bent Over Rows, Left Arm
  4. Ruck Sack Presses or Overhead Hold
  5. Kettle Bell Clean and Press Overhead
  6. Ruck Sack Goblet Squats
  7. Exercise Ball WWIIs or Slams


Led 13 PAX to basketball courts. Everyone grab some line at the inside edge of the courts. We will be going out and back the width of the court using various means of travel.

Da Rulk

  1. Bear Crawl – Out; Crawl Bear – Back
  2. Side Plank Crawl, Left – Out; Side Plank Crawl, Right – Back
  3. Side Gorilla, Left – Out; Side Gorilla, Right – Back
  4. Single Jump Squat + Broad Jump – Out; Triple Jump Squat + Broad Jump – Back
  5. Single Groiner + Prisoner Hops (x5) – Out; Triple Groiner + Prisoner Hops (x5) – Back
  6. Traveling Step Thrus – Out; Triple Criss Cross + Front Gorilla (x5) – Back
  7. Crab Walk – Out; Walk Crab – Back

Led PAX to the Hockey Rink. Everyone line up at the far north end. We will be performing a set of 7 exercises, 7 reps each, then sprinting to the far end of the rink. We will do this for a total of 7 rounds.

Magnificent 7

  1. Burpees
  2. Dive Bomb Merkins
  3. BW Squats
  4. V-Ups
  5. Jump Lunges (R+L = 1 Rep)
  6. Chilcutt Kicks (R+L = 1 Rep)
  7. Diamonds

Sprint length of rink. Plank hold.

Finished final round right on time. 0625 – Head back to StartEx for Mary.

MARY (Led by Rudy)

  • Scissor Kicks, x30 IC
  • Box Cutters, x20 IC
  • Ring of Fire In Plank, 2 Merkins Each (with last few folks performing Clap Merks)

0630. Time called. Strong work by all!



  • Ragnar Relay Carolinas, Sat/Sun 10/5-6, 2019, Alice Springs Close Greenway (45 Min outside of Charlotte). F3Churham currently has 3 Ultra Teams and a 2 Regular Teams. Slack Channel: Ragnar2019.
  • Join Zika for his farewell Q and Post @ #Bastille next Friday before he takes off for Malawi.
  • Prayers for Quicken’s father who is currently in the hospital



Rudy took us out in prayer. Thankful for F3 and for opportunities to pass on the tradition, especially to our future generations. Grateful to have grandson Half Nelson join this am. Always strive to be the best that you can be. Be here to support Zika’s goodbye Q next week. Aye!

Happy Father’s Day, y’all!

Runs in the Family

Runs in the Family

Anticipating a big crowd, Newt put the call out for a co-Q for the special Father’s Day workout where Ms and 2.0s are invited. YHC volunteered, not realizing there are some expectations with this one. It’s a beloved F3 tradition, so the pressure was on to live up to past workouts.

Newt and I met at Whole Foods on Thursday to map out strategy over beers. (Whole Foods has $3 pints on Thursdays, FYI, though YHC opted for a bottle of Scrimshaw, a tiny miracle that only has 2g of carbs but tastes like real, good beer.)

Props to Big Kat and Stinky Pete for letting us pick their brains for fun, family-friendly activities. Had a good plan, we felt, then got to know each other a bit. Always funny, the small-world connections with F3. Turns out we go to the same church, St. Thomas More, though attend different services. And our kids are almost exactly the same age. Always good to get that 2nd F thing in when you can.

Split it up so YHC took the warm-up, then traded off as morning progressed.

Warm-up – Cosmo

  • SSH X 20IC
  • Good morning X 10IC
  • Willie Mayes Hayes X 10 IC
  • Imperial walker X 20 IC
  • LBAC X 15 IC, reverse X 12 IC
  • Mountain climber X 15
  • Plank jack (option to have a 2.0 on your back) X 10
  • Merkin (again, option for 2.0 on back) X 10

Mosey to end of field for a couple more “warm-ups)

  • Hot sand – (High knees across the field)
  • Apple turnover – Bearcrawl to half field, then flip to crab walk for rest of the way


  • 5 burpees IC
  • Tortoise or hare – bearcrawl with 2.0 or bunny hop
  • DORA – 50 merkins, 100 squats, 150 overhead claps while partner runs backward down and runs forward up
  • DORA part two – same exercises and reps as above, but mode of travel is moving with two rings, can only move with foot in ring – harder than it sounds
  • Ball sprint – A bunch of tennis balls on one side of the field. Our task was to go get a ball from that end and bring it back to other end until all had been moved. Wrinkles: Only one ball at a time, some balls had exercises on them that must be performed before return trip, and 2.0s 7 and under got to play gremlins and sabotage the whole thing by taking as many balls as they could carry that had been moved down back to the starting spot. Good times.


  • Gauntlet – Grown-ups line up on either end of goal box armed with tennis balls and racquetballs. 2.0s must run through. If any 2.0 is hit with a tennis ball, the group has to stop and do a team burpee for each hit. They went through the gauntlet twice with minimal burpees.
  • Then adults had to crab walk the same gauntlet, with two burpees per direct hit. Much groaning from grown-ups when this announced. We did many burpees and the kids had a blast.
Runs in the Family 1
Dab Cat prepares to nail yet another PAX with a tennis ball.
  • Sharks and minnows – Shark must bear crawl, minnows run. Houdini volunteered to be the first shark. Did about six rounds. The minnows won.

MARY – Newt

  • Plank ring of fire – Everyone in circle named favorite movie – with 44 people that got a decent bit of Mary in!


Runs in the Family 2

Uh, it took a while, on account of 10(!) FNGs that needed names. If had to do it over again, may have split COT into two for time. Appreciate everyone’s patience. Got some good names out of it in the end. President Business, Bellhop’s boy 2.0, is personal favorite.

Mr. Brady offered prayers for Big Kat, who had to miss today to drive up to New York, where a friend has gone missing during a swimming competition. Prayers for his safe travel and for his friend.


Crockett took us out, per TBL tradition.

Newt and YHC really enjoyed this opportunity to lead. The kids all seemed to have a good time, which is the most important thing. Awesome to be able to share this part of our lives with Ms and 2.0s, and strengthen both our family bonds and bonds with our F3 brothers in the process. Happy Father’s Day weekend to all. Aye!

Absolutely, Positively, No Jumping

It was a beautiful morning at West End. 11 PAX gathered in the gloom to kickoff Father’s Day weekend.

Warm up: SSH, Willie Mays Hays, ACs, Imperial Walker, Hillbillies, and slow merkins.

Mosey down W. Main St. toward the Commons for some escalators, with a pit stop for one-handed sailors (3 sets for each arm x 10) and pull ups (2 sets of overhand and underhand x 10).

The Thang: Escalator with 4 stops. Different modes of travel to each “stop,” perform a set of an exercise at each stop beginning with a set of 10 at the first stop and increasing by 5 at each subsequent stop.

Escalator 1 (burpees): Mode of travel was bear crawl to first stop, craw bear to 2nd, crab walk to 3rd, and walk crab to 4th.

Escalator 2 (merkin): Modes of travel was alternating between bear crawl and lunge walk between stops.

Escalator 3 (LBC): Mode of travel = #norunning 1 lap around the commons between each stop.

Mindful of time, we skipped the 4th escalator ride and just did the exercise = 73 WWIIs

Mosey back to base, with a brief stop for some dips and derkins. At base, up against the wall for people’s chair ring of fire and balls to the wall competition. Slug and Cooter battled it out to the very end with Cooter prevailing.

Mary: Flutter kicks, Heels to heaven, LBCs.

COT: Graduation weekend so thoughts/prayers for safety of the students celebrating. Come join YHC and Singlet at the 5K Color Run in Cary next weekend (6/22)

Falcon Pyramids

The (almost) World-Famous Falcon Man-Makers EC is one of YHC’s favorite weekly parts of F3, and so YHC has been pleased to see excellent turn-out recently. Today was no exception, as 11 PAX gathered at 0500 to participate. I’d highly suggest giving it a try if you haven’t before, as we are able to target some areas (grip strength and pull-ups), that aren’t usually covered as much in an F3 workout. It is very much self-paced, so no worries if those areas aren’t particular strengths yet; the MMEC will make them so!

A total of 21 PAX gathered at Startex for Warm-o-rama, and YHC eased everyone into the plan for the day – Pyramids.


  • 10 SSH
  • 10 WMH
  • 20 SSH
  • 10 Imperial Walkers
  • 30 SSH
  • 10 Sun Gods/10 Reverse (according to the Exicon this is the F3 name for little baby arm circles!)
  • 20 SSH
  • 10 Hillbillies
  • 10 SSH


  • Mosey to middle parking lots; all PAX hold plank facing uphill while YHC explained the plan
  • First Pyramid – Merkins to 10: Perform 1 Merkin, run to the other side of the parking lot (~40 yards), do 2 Merkins, run back and do 3 Merkins. Etc up to 10 and back down to 1. Once finished, pick up the 6, or SSH until all PAX completed
  • Second Pyramid – Jump Squats to 10: exactly the same as the Merkin pyramid, but with Jump Squats
  • Mosey to the far hill, gather at the traffic arrows approximately halfway up
  • Third Pyramid – Burpees to 7; Perform 1 Burpee at the arrows, then (for a change of pace) Bernie Sanders to the Speed Limit sign. Do 2 Burpees then Mosey back to the arrows for 3 Burpees. Etc up to 7 and back down to 1. Once finished, pick up the 6.
  • YHC called an audible in the middle that once you made it to 7 and were descending the Pyramid, you could Forward Run in both directions.
  • A pyramid to 7 gives you 49 reps… so 1 Burpee OYO to make it a clean 50
  • With our Pyramids (mostly) done, we had to get back to Startex.
  • First leg, AYG down the straightaway by the guard rail
  • Second leg, Bear Crawl up to the traffic circle
  • At this point, we were running short on time (had to skip the Pull-Up Pyramid. Maybe next time!) and headed back to Startex for Mary.

Mary – dueling Ab exercise Pyramids

  • 10 Flutter Kick
  • 10 LBCs
  • 20 Flutter Kick
  • 20 LBCs
  • 29 Flutter Kicks (was supposed to be 30 but YHC can’t count)
  • 30 LBCs

Decided to end at the top of the Pyramid (ok, actually we ran out of time), and proceeded to CoT


No Prayers requests; Announcements – The #thinblueline workout tomorrow (Sat 6/15) will be the annual Father’s Day Special – M’s and 2.0s welcomed and encouraged; usual time and location at 0700 at Old Chapel Hill Rd Park. Co-Qs will be Cosmo and Newt.

YHC took us out. It was an honor to lead, as always!


Usain Bear

For the third Q of the week, YHC was greeted by 57 degrees and a slight chill in the air. Another beautiful morning in the Briar Chapel neighborhood. What more could you ask for in June? The PAX slowly gathered at a few minutes until time. With very little chatter, YHC called “circle up” as the Steve watch dictated and the workout started. Several PAX pulled in late with rucks and Vespa on his motorized bicycle. 

Warm up:

Good Mornings IC x 10

WMH IC x 10

Slow Merkin IC x 10

Bolt 45 (Colt 45 but with squats)

Ricky Bobby to Great Meadow Park Pavillion

Thang 1: Dips and Derkins

Derkins x 20

Dips x 20

repeat x 3

Thang 2: Ping Pong Pull Ups

Group 1: Ping Pong Pull Ups x 10

Group 2: Box Jumps or Step Ups AMRAP

Switch x 3

Thang 3: Usain Bear

Line up on one side of the park field.

1 PAX bear crawl out, crawl bear back  while other PAX perform prescribed exercise. Next in line performs count.

Exercises were: Carolina Dry Dock, Wide Grip Merkins, LBCs, Flutters, Lunges, Squat Jumps, Johnny Dramas, and more.

Thang 4: Run and Merkin

Mosey to the corner

20 Merkins

Sprint to the stop sign 100%

20 Merkins

Sprint to the next corner 80%

20 Merkins

Sprint up the hill 100%

20 Squats

Ricky Bobby back to AO


LBC IC (10, 20, 30, 20, 10)

Burpees (Placebo) x 10

Ring of Fire Merkins (Rambler) x 5


Football game happens a week from Saturday in the park. There will be beer and football. What could go wrong?


Repeat of message from the Earl (why not). Do the harder thing.

Moleskin: Great to see Mumbles back at it. Also, watch this video:

Take the Escalator

Take the Escalator

“An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience.”

Mitch Headberg

On a brisk 58 degree June morning 12 pax gathered to get their blood moving, and make some good decisions to start their day.

Warm Up

20 SSH, 20 Arm Circles, 20 Ovehead Claps, 20 Mountain Climbers, 20 Slow Merkins, 20 Willie Mays Hayse, 20 Good Morning

The Thang

Mozy over to the baseball field and get on the escalator. Home plate start with Jonny Drama 20x run to right field foul pole, add 20 Shoulder Taps. Run to center field, add 20 body weight squats. Run to left field pole add 20 merkins. Upon arriving at home plate we landed on the second level of this escalator. Here we drop the Jonny Dramas and add lunges, 20 each leg. Run to right field foul pole, drop shoulder taps and add 20 LBC. Run to center field drop the squats and add shoulder presses. Run to left field and drop the lunges and add overhead claps. Run to home plate and drop the lunges and add 7 worlds worst merkins. Just when the pax were thinking we were headed to another level of the escalator with those worlds worst merkins we got off the escalator.

The signature of a Happy Trees Q is GPS art. The pax lined up in single file and followed the Q on a run through the wet grass. We made the F3 logo.

Take the Escalator 3

One quick stop at some gravel stairs for some bear crawl, crawl bear. Mozy back to base for Mary.


20 WWII, 20 Flutter kicks, 10 second ring of fire superman, 20 count alternating super man arms.


Prayer requests to Toolbox’s doc appointment to figure out what’s up with his big toe. Jeeves is driving to FL to visit his Aunt who has terminal cancer. Announcements: Jolly Roger site launching at Riverside High School soft launch June 17 and 24. Hard launch 7/1.

Circling Up Around the Balls

  • Warm Up – YHC brought a 20lb slam ball to play with today
    • SSH, each PAX practiced with slamming and catching the slam ball while everyone performed SSH. It then went around again and everyone had to slam it with a catch twice. Reached 80+ SSH
    • 10xWMH
    • 10xGood Morning
    • 15x Arm circles with groin stretch
    • 15x Reverse circles with groin stretch
    • 10x Spiderman pushups
  • Ricky bobby around the snake, person in front carries slam ball, end at the big field
  • The shitty bear crawl – PAX line up and everyone bear crawls over the slam ball, when the last person reaches it they run it to the front where everyone continues crawling over it, this continued until all PAX had a chance to carry the ball. Ended up at far corner of the soccer field
  • Sprint back to the main gate – WeedNFeed was nominated as the fastest PAX and was burdened with the slam ball
  • Wall sit ring of fire, every PAX took a turn and had to do 5 successful slams with catches while everyone held their seat
  • B2W ring of fire, each PAX took a turn doing two Merkins on the slam ball while everyone held B2W
  • Slow wall squat – PAX took turns doing 4 ball slams each while everyone did squats facing the wall with arms up and hands on the wall ensuring good form.
  • Pyramid Squared – Went up and down a squared pyramid of Merkins, steps up and dips (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2)
  • Circle up for some shoulder stretching

Announcements – The Bull is coming to Durham in October. Fathers day Q at TBL, 2.0 and M’s invited.

Prayer request – WeedNFeed’s parents neighbors lost their house due to a gas explosion, please keep them in your prayers as they try to piece their life back together.

Parking lots are undervalued

YHC hadn’t Q’ed in a while and was ready to get back at it! A beautiful morning was disturbed only by the sounds of Nescafe’s screeching tires (not really – exaggeration is the key to any good story) coming in with 45 seconds to spare…. YHC had preblasted that the key number for the morning was 48, but of course the PAX had no idea what that referred to. Here we go.

SSH IC x20
Arm Circles (Forward & Reverse) IC x10
Imperial Walkers IC x10
Willie Mayes Hayes x10
Warmup lap

YHC explained that the number 48 referred to the number of parking spots in the parking lot and that we would be doing a separate exercise in each spot. These included Merkins, Wide Merkins, Ranger Merkins, Diamond Merkins, Chuck Norris Merkins, Dry Docks, Squats, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Mountain Climbers, High Knees, WWIIs, LBCs, Lying Supermans, Overhead Claps, Seal Claps, Monkey Humpers, ‘Bows & Toes, Bear Crawls, and more…. Each parking spot with a car parked in it meant 10 burpees OYO. We did manage to make it all the way through all 48 spots.

No Mary as it was built into ME.

YHC has been remarkably lazy over the past several months. This was my first Q in about 2 months and it felt good to be back at it. Please support your fellow PAX and encourage them to step up. There are plenty of empty spots on the Q sheets. Aye!

Commemorating the end of the school year at the Eagle

As the end of the school year approaches at Creekside Elementary (home of the F3Churham #TheEagle AO), YHC thought it appropriate to pay homage to what a day looks like at Creekside Elementary.

Warm up
SSH IC x 50 (we extended this a bit to give time for Food Lion to join us)
IW IC x 30
Hill Billies IC x 30
Slow Merkin IC x 30
Mountain Climbers IC x 30
Good morning IC x 10

Count off by 6s and partner up for a mumble chatter encouraged fellowship jog to the front entrance.

The Thang
To commemorate the increasing excitement (or anxiety) for the kiddoes as we approached the front entrance of the school in the drop off line –
Sprint to first light pole 1 burpee 
Sprint to the next light pole 2 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 3 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 4 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 5 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 6 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 7 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 8 burpees
Sprint to the next light pole 9 burpees

We then Lunge walked (to imitate the slow grind as cars slowly moved for drop their little ones off).  Fellowship run to front entrance for…
Johnny Dramas IC x 50
Then Traveling burpee to front doors.

Mosey to basketball court and immediate people’s chair to symbolize the usual end of the year student presentation/graduation/student affirmation…where students have to sit for long periods of time…We were lined up 12 across and the outermost Pax served as the “presenters” and their presentation/performance was to Bear Crawl to the fence, Crawl Bear back. Once we were all finished sitting through the presentations and completing our presentation, we had lunch. We Frankenstein walked across the basketball court and planked and did shoulder taps IC x 30 to symbolize shoveling food into the Pax’s mouths during lunch.

We then counted off by 6s, then by 2s (to simulate the Qs/Teachers lack of focus at the end of the school year). The two groups were going to compete in a relay race around the track (to represent the end of the year field day concept as opposed to the general free play recess). The Pax were instructed to have the first person in line sprint around the track while the remaining pax were left to do a dealers choice exercise until the next relayer came through. During these sprints the exercises included Merkins, SSH, Claps, LBCs, and overhead claps. We then moseyed back to the startex for…

Box Cutters IC x 30
Freddy Mercuries IC x 30
Heels to Heaven IC x 30
…and to honor the recently legitimized FLOYD PLANK
Floyd Plank
When smoked, lay on back with both hands behind head and one ankle up on one knee. Loudly complain of exhaustion for optimal results. Named in honor of F3 Churham legend Floyd.


Knope talked about a new North Durham AO at Riverside High School – be on the lookout. F3 Churham continues to grow! Great stuff!

Here is a GoFundMe link about David Earley and his poor wife Karen and children Liam and Lauren…if you want to learn more about their situation and if you are so inclined to help support them with prayers and donations

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!