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Hiring records 23% y-o-y growth in September 2018: TimesJobs RecruiteX

Hiring records 23% y-o-y growth in September 2018: TimesJobs RecruiteX

Hiring records 23% y-o-y growth in September 2018: TimesJobs RecruiteX 1

The y-o-y analysis of recruitment activities indicates a sustained growth of talent demand across various sectors. The festive season is about to begin and understandably the Retail sector is witnessing robust growth. The momentum in the market is largely due to the entry of new and young companies who are collectively putting in the best efforts to make the most of India’s huge domestic market”, said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig
The September 2018 edition of TimesJobs RecruiteX report reveals an interesting picture – while the m-o-m hiring wasn’t significant but the y-o-y analysis (September 2017 to September 2018) shows an overall growth of 23% in the recruitment activities at India Inc.

Here are some key highlights from this report:

•    Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals industry posted maximum talent demand of 13% in September 2018

•    Demand for medical professionals also shot up in m-o-m analysis and recorded a job share of almost 10%

•    Talent demand in the metro cities remained low. Among the Tier II cities, demand for hiring picked up in Lucknow and Indore

•   Professionals with experience of more than 20 years were most sought-after

New Delhi: RecruiteX – a monthly report on hiring trends by TimesJobs – recorded an overall growth of 23% in y-o-y comparison of hiring at corporates in India. After witnessing an aggressive talent demand in July and August 2018, hiring activities registered a plunge in September 2018. The y-o-y analysis, however, indicates a positive hiring pattern across all the top industries, and Retail topped the comparison chart with more than 30% growth in talent demand from September 2017-2018.

September 2018 registered maximum talent demand (13%) and job share (4%) in the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals industry. The Retail sector, with a total job share of 3% during the month, recorded the second highest talent demand, followed by the Automobiles sector.

Professionals from Medical, Accounting & Finance and HR were most sought after functional areas in terms of job share in September 2018.

Among key locations, Ahmedabad grabbed maximum job share of 5%, followed by Delhi-NCR, Secunderabad, Chandigarh, Vadodara, Bengaluru, Indore, Pune and Jaipur. Lucknow and Indore were the only cities with a positive talent demand during the month.

The job share surged for freshers by up to 24% but there was a dip in talent demand. Demand for professionals with an experience of more than 20 years saw an increase of 14% with a total job share of 22% in the hiring activities.

The y-o-y analysis of recruitment activities indicates a sustained growth of talent demand across various sectors. The festive season is about to begin and understandably the Retail sector is witnessing robust growth. The momentum in the market is largely due to the entry of new and young companies who are collectively putting in the best efforts to make the most of India’s huge domestic market”, said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig.

About TimesJobs:

TimesJobs is a platform to help competent professionals enhance their career growth. With over 25 million registered jobseekers across the board and more than 60 million-page views every month, it is the most preferred career portal among ambitious and talented professionals who want to make smarter career decisions that accelerate their career progression.

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A New “Cucumber Soap Bar” Claims To Cleanse TheFace and Remove Dead Facial Skin Cells

A New “Cucumber Soap Bar” Claims To Cleanse TheFace and Remove Dead Facial Skin Cells

AHA Cucumber Soap Bar for Face, Dark Spot Remover & Corrector Treatment for Sensitive Skin, Organic and natural, Designed for Whitening, Lightening, Bleaching by CANAE

A new Whitening Soap recently launched by CANAE aims to provide a better solution when it comes to facial washing. The AHA Cucumber Soap Bar, which is available on, is now on its way to becoming the next big seller on the popular shopping channel thanks to the positive solutions it provides.

 A New “Cucumber Soap Bar” Claims To Cleanse TheFace and Remove Dead Facial Skin Cells 2

Since being launched, The AHA Cucumber Soap Bar has gained positive reviews from customers and health and beauty product reviews. Some beauty bloggers have called it a “Life-Changing Choice”, while others call it “One of the must-try facial products on their bucket list”.

Not many soaps out there can replicate the results this AHA Cucumber Soap brings to the table. Not only does the new soap cleanse facial skin damage-free, but it also sheds dead cells to allow new cells to grow. This in turn makes the skin smoother and look younger. With its powerful ability to fight acne and provide a lighter and clearer skin, there is no wonder why this soap is becoming a fast seller online.

When asked why the company CANAE is so confident about their new shiny organic soap, the spokesman for the company replied: “Apart from the high quality natural sources we use, the cucumber extract formula does not clog hair follicles and does not thin out your skin. Moreover, it also protects your skin from pollutions while keeping it soft, smooth, bright and beautiful, simultaneously. Try it on your face and let it speak for itself.”

Using soaps made from high quality organic compounds helps keep your facial skin fresh, young, and well taken-care of. Safely keep your skin moisturized and replenish the nutrients it needs to keep radical damage (READ: aging) at bay!

To learn more about the new soap from CANAE, and to see what kind of potential benefits awaits your discovery, please visit:


CANAE caters health and beauty products lines with high quality solution to those looking to care for their bodies. The company’s vision is to gradually, naturally and safely uplift the physical qualities, add more confidence, and better the lives of more people, one product at a time, as per its concept: “To Be The Better Life”.

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Erica Lynn Promotes New Book 7 Techniques of Healing

Erica Lynn Promotes New Book 7 Techniques of Healing

Erica Lynn Promotes New Book 7 Techniques of Healing 3
The New Book Highlights Great Ways For People to Heal and Feel Stronger

October 06, 2018 – Erica Lynn wants people to know that when life knocks them down, they can get back up and fight to their heart’s content. She is proving this in her new book, 7 Techniques of Healing. The book offers full information on everything people can expect to find when it comes to great concepts and values.

Much of Erica Lynn’s life has been plagued with many great stresses and worries. She has dealt with many physical pains in her life, struggles with a marriage, and the hardships that come with being a single mother in today’s age. Even more so, her job was not providing her with the happiness that she so craved. This became worse as her three children were far apart from her and unable to give her the support she deserved.

But it was through God and Erica Lynn’s efforts that she found the way to make a change for good in her life. She felt that every woman has the power to change their lives for the better and to find the happiness that has evaded them for so long. With that, she formed the 1 Step Beyond U company and continues to offer support for people as a life coach. The company supports the needs that people have in their lives by offering empowering support and advice to help people thrive and grow in their daily lives. She also hosts a podcast dedicated to helping people find true happiness.

Today Lynn has become a better individual and has spoken at many churches and other special events on the efforts one needs to find happiness. She is now sharing her knowledge of what people can do to become happy through her new book. With 7 Techniques of Healing, Lynn illustrates to readers how they can become positive and how they can move ahead with their lives no matter what their struggles might be.

7 Techniques of Healing can be found through Amazon today. The book is available for download and will change the lives of any person who checks out this important and unique book. People can also visit to learn more about Erica Lynn’s mission and what she has to offer for people who need help with getting the most out of their lives.

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PORTLAND, Oregon. – October 6, 2018 – Xtract Solutions will attend and exhibit at the Cerner Health Conference (CHC) 2018, an annual conference on the latest innovations in health care and IT. Cerner, a global leader in health care technology, will host this year’s event Oct. 8-11 throughout downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

“The practice of allergy immunotherapy is unlike any other specialty in the hospital setting,” explains James M. Baker, President & CEO of Xtract Solutions. “Where else do you have patients coming in for unscheduled visits for a series of injections that are highly variable based on the patient’s reactions to previous doses, time between injections, and current allergy and asthma symptoms? The stakes of making an error while giving an injection or mixing a treatment vial are potentially life threatening for the patient, yet very little has changed in these practices despite the addition of EHRs over the last few decades. From visiting many hospital practices over the years, I’ve noticed technological improvements in the space have been nearly non-existent. Most practices are still documenting records on paper or were forced to develop templates within the EHR that have significant limitations. Our software finally offers allergy shot practices a tool to get away from paper and make staff more productive all while interfacing the documentation and billing with their Electronic Health Record software like Cerner. The opportunity to share how we do all of this at CHC is something we are really excited about.”

Xtract Solutions will join nearly 14,000 health care industry leaders, practitioners and Cerner associates from around the world who gather at CHC each year to stay ahead of the curve and up to date on new and existing technology. Xtract Solutions focuses on bringing the absolute best technology to the allergy practices of both Board Certified Allergists and Otolaryngologists and is an exciting addition to the ambulatory space. This year’s theme, “Smarter Care,” highlights contextual, intelligent experiences and continuous advancement as a smarter organizational strategy with a focus on proactive engagement and wellness.

With more than 200 educational sessions and 700 expert and industry-leading speakers, CHC provides organizations insight on ways to engage consumers in their care and gain improved health outcomes. Xtract Solutions will be meeting with industry leaders and exhibiting it’s suite of products at booth #635 on the 90,000-square-foot Solutions Gallery floor. Featuring exhibits from more than 140 supplier organizations, the Solutions Gallery provides experiential learning with cutting-edge technology and connections with Cerner associates.

Xtract Solutions will be showcasing their allergy software for skin testing, treatment vial formulation, mixing treatment vials, and giving injections. They will explain how the solutions are currently helping prevent adverse events for patients, as well as supporting increased patient satisfaction and productivity of staff for their mutual Cerner clients. This will help educate industry leaders about a solution they can adopt at their own hospital to address similar challenges.

To follow CHC, visit The Cerner Blog for posts on speakers and sessions or follow along on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for a behind-the-scenes look at the conference.

For more, connect with presenters and attendees on Twitter using the hashtag #CHC18.

About Xtract Solutions

Xtract Solutions is a healthcare software company based in Portland, Oregon that focuses on allergy immunotherapy. It was founded by Dr. James W. Baker in 2005 with the goal of bringing the latest technology to his own specialty. Dr. Baker’s 40+ years of experience in the field along with the input of Xtract Solutions clients over the years has flipped the typical software development process around. Xtract Solutions has developed their solutions with the end-users (doctors and nurses) at the table with the programmers giving their direct input on how they need the software to support their workflows. This has given Xtract Solutions a unique reputation in the market as a healthcare software company that reduces the number of steps for the doctors and nurses, rather than adding steps. The Xtract Solutions slogan is FOR ALLERGY EXPERTS, BY ALLERGY EXPERTS, and their ultimate goal is to be the standard of care for allergy immunotherapy in hospital systems across the United States and beyond.

About Cerner

Cerner’s health technologies connect people and information systems at more than 27,500 contracted provider facilities worldwide dedicated to creating smarter and better care for individuals and communities. Recognized globally for innovation, Cerner assists clinicians in making care decisions and assists organizations in managing the health of their populations. The company also offers an integrated clinical and financial system to help manage day-to-day revenue functions, as well as a wide range of services to support clinical, financial and operational needs, focused on people.

For more information, visit, The Cerner Blog or connect on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or The Cerner Podcast.

Nasdaq: CERN.

Smarter Care. Better Outcomes. Healthier You.

Media Contacts:

Xtract Solutions
James Baker
President & CEO
(503) 379-0106

Austin Cozzolino
Public Relations
(816) 786-2154

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Horror/Issues Short Film DISPOSITION Premiering in Festivals

Horror/Issues Short Film DISPOSITION Premiering in Festivals

Horror/Issues Short Film DISPOSITION Premiering in Festivals 4

Sara Malakul Lane stars in DISPOSITION
DISPOSITION is a short horror film directed by Eric Thirteen. The dark themes of depression and suicide are explored in an artistic format. This October, DISPOSITION will be screening at film festivals worldwide.

DISPOSITION is a new short horror film tackling difficult mental health issues, including depression and suicide. It was completed in early 2018 and will screen at film festivals worldwide. Its opening night is in Los Angeles at the Highland Park Film Festival in the Chills & Thrills Shorts Program on Friday, October 5th at the Highland Theater. The following week, on Saturday, October 13th, DISPOSITION will be screening in New York at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival at the SLAYED Shorts Block. Then, it will continue to appear in festivals all over North America, including Canada, Nevada, Oregon, and many other locations.

The film stars Sara Malakul Lane (SUN CHOKE / BEYOND THE GATES) and Suziey Block (ENTRANCE). It’s directed by Eric Thirteen, producer of ROB ZOMBIE’S 31 and the 2018 Epic release DIRECTOR’S CUT. Trailer and festival dates are at

The description simply reads: A woman stalked by depression makes some extreme decisions.

Disposition features an array of completely-practical effects designed by Sheila Mia Seifi (STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, CAPTAIN AMERICA) in a return to psychological horror films from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Eric Thirteen explains: “We want to take the extreme delights of today’s genre tropes and twist them back towards horror’s psychological past. The crowd-pleasing special effects in today’s horror comedies can also be powerful in drama and issues-driven movies. I love brutal, bloody cinema and I wanted to use it to talk about the things that haunt me personally.”

Cinematographer Will Barratt (HATCHET, DIGGING UP THE MARROW) was instrumental in portraying the weight of depression through light and visuals. An original score by Devin Johnson (LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT) uses a solo cello performance to voice the increasingly desperate thoughts of the central character. The film was also produced by Allison McGillicuddy, Buz Wallick and Lexi Love.

Disposition is the first film from Eric Thirteen and Sheila Mia Seifi’s independent studio Nightloop, where they’re currently developing several feature films.

Video Link:

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Town & Country Roofing Can Repair, Replace, or Inspect Any Roof In Frisco, Texas

If a house’s roof is damaged, it can cause quite a hassle to the homeowner. They’ll have to deal with the disruptive that comes with roof repair or replacement, not to mention the amount of money they’ll have to dole out. Town & Country Roofing can greatly ease the burden of that from families.

The roof is one of the biggest investments in any home. It protects what is inside both the family and their things. It is essential that all homes choose the right contractor that specializes in roofing. They have years of experience and should be reputed for the quality of work that they do. Town & Country Roofing and Construction is one such company. They’ve been in the roofing business for over a decade. Their aim is to be the best roofing contractors in Frisco by providing superior work and unparalleled customer service. They also provide many other services in the Frisco area like window installation and assistance in insurance claims. Town & Country takes great pride in the work that they’ve been doing over the years, work that has garnered them the respect of many satisfied customers.

Town & Country Roofing and Construction has been serving Frisco, Texas since 2004. Their professionalism and extreme attention to details have made them the premier roofing contractor in the area. They offer many services including installation and repair of windows, gutter installation and repair, and home painting both interior and exterior. They also assist in insurance claims with the help of a licensed insurance adjuster in their staff. For the years that they’ve been in operation, their overriding goal has been to provide quality service in making homes in Frisco beautiful.

Town & Country specializes in roofing projects. They’ve been known to provide excellent craftsmanship and quality products. Repairing roof is one service they’ve perfected. They know all damage roofs need not be replaced and they can help with that. They’ve helped homeowners save thousands of dollars just by repairing their roof. In situations where the damage to the roof is quite extensive, Town & Country is also an expert at replacing a roof. They only work with the best workers to get the job done efficiently without sacrificing quality. They do roof inspection to determine if it needs repair or replacement. Truly for any roofing needs, Town & Country Roofing and Construction is the best option to call.

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Foxfire Marketing Provides Proven Social Media and SEO Strategies

Foxfire Marketing provides a range of business-oriented social media marketing and SEO services focused on driving up leads and sales for clients. The company has considerable knowledge and experience in using proven digital strategies that help businesses boost their online presence and profitability.

What separates Foxfire Marketing ( from other digital agencies is that they are run by highly experienced business owners who have seen and operated companies from many angles. This means they are very familiar with strategies that work and those that don’t. Therefore, all of Foxfire Marketing strategies are proven and realistic and tie well with the client’s unique business operations and budget.

In addition, the agency is return on investment (ROI) focused in that they concentrate solely on driving traffic and sales for clients, and handles all the marketing so that they can focus on their businesses, facilitating sales and taking payment.

Foxfire Marketing offers four main services: social media marketing; LinkedIn marketing, search engine marketing; and, search engine optimization (SEO) services. For their social media marketing services, the company runs campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. In every campaign, Foxfire Marketing conducts a thorough customer research, developing detailed profiles of existing fans and competitors’ fans, and identifying those that produce the highest ROI for the client’s business. The company then undertakes targeting and optimization and designs an experiential funnel through writing content that is engaging and triggers emotions to create experiences that make customers buy without feeling sold.

Foxfire Marketing’s LinkedIn services enable clients to reach out to professionals by title, industry, and skill set. For these services, the company conducts thorough decision-maker research within customer groups targeted by the client, qualifies B2B leads through their funnel, which includes those customers who are ready to buy what the client is selling.

For their SEM services, Foxfire Marketing conducts a keyword search to find the best ones to bid for, analyses the competition, and optimize bid prices through smart bidding methods to minimize cost per click. When providing SEO services for clients, the company uses white hat techniques so that clients don’t get penalized in the search engine rankings.

More information on Foxfire Marketing’s services at

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Frameless Shower Doors Now is Creating Podcast for Homeowners

The world’s first podcast that is dedicated to only Frameless shower doors in the Miami area.

Miami, FL, USA – Are you very much concerned about obtaining a frameless shower door, one that is affordable durable and has long shelf life, then there’s no better place to be than ‘Frameless Shower Doors Now’ Florida’s leading destination for competent shower doors provider. They are the first glass shower door company to start a Podcast that will educate viewers on the importance of the industry. When I asked the owner Ralph why is he doing this he stated, “People have been getting ripped off by the fly-by-night companies. So we want to educate the people and hopefully that will get us more business”.

One of the most trusted shower door provider Frameless Shower Doors Now has been experiencing rapid growth over time as well as a notable significant client base. Frameless Shower Doors Now intends to always forward the same high quality service the company is been known for. Having adequate knowledge about shower glass doors is the most important thing one should consider, and when it comes to providing the best service.

The product line of Frameless Shower Doors Now includes a wide range of customized shower doors for homes or office, and service covers Miami FL, Hollywood FL, Doral FL, Gladeview FL, Homestead FL, Coral Gables FL. Orlando FL and FT Lauderdale FL. Nowadays there are so many shower door providers and you may get confused on which one to go for and if they are not working with the right tools and a professional team you might get lost on purchasing the appropriate product you desire.

For more information about:
Glass Shower Doors
Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors Now
500 NW 2nd Ave Suite 11485
Miami, FL 33101
(786) 522-0648

For more information, please visit

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Merrick Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire AI Medical Systems, GmbH.

Merrick Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire AI Medical Systems, GmbH.

Merrick Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire AI Medical Systems, GmbH. 5

ZUCHWIL, SWITZERLAND – Merrick, a leading global manufacturer of biotechnology products and recognized innovator in automated medical robotic systems, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire AI Medical Systems, GmbH., founded in 2016 by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Philip Odegard. Merrick will acquire all of the outstanding capital stock of AI Medical, which is privately-owned and based in Zurich, Switzerland, for approximately CHF 2.3 Billion ($2,318,515,000 USD). The acquisition marks the second successful Artificial Intelligence buyout in Philip Odegard’s expansive technology portfolio. Odegard’s more notable early investments include the likes of Silicon Valley’s UBER, Facebook and Tesla.

The AI Medical transaction, subject to customary closing conditions, including receipt of certain regulatory approvals, is expected to be completed in the fourth calendar quarter of 2018. AI Medical is a technology-led company, focused solely on the design and manufacture of dependable, life improving Artificial Intelligence and machine learning software coupled with robotic hardware that are affordable for caregivers worldwide. One key way Artificial Intelligence benefits is with diagnostic and imaging tools, like MRIs and CT and PET scans. Algorithms can be trained to accurately measure all of the lymph nodes from a cancer patient’s CT scan to see if they’re changing size. It’s a huge job that algorithms can do much more quickly than humans.

Merrick’s acquisition of AI Medical Systems includes their proprietary first-to-market artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning – the science of getting computers to act without being programmed by humans. One such algorithm is called a neural network because it can learn and improve performance on its own like the human brain, but can work much faster. Collectively, these powerful acquired tools will help find disease almost before a patient is symptomatic, treat it early, and achieve a higher survival rate with less patient suffering and at reduced cost.

AI Medical’s products are sold in Europe and more than 115 countries worldwide, with a surging demand in the United Arab Emirates. “This acquisition is consistent with Merrick’s strategy to expand into adjacencies and invest in product categories where it can develop global competitive advantages,” said Amanda Eriksen, President, Robotics & Monitoring Systems, Merrick. “AI Medical’s products and technology complement the Company’s current portfolio of healthcare biotechnology solutions and will broaden our software platform for patients around the world, particularly in emerging markets.” Assuming a closing in the fourth calendar quarter of 2018, Merrick does not expect this transaction to have a material impact on its fiscal 2018 sales, operating margin or earnings per share. Once the transaction has been completed, Merrick will report the AI Medical business as part of its Software & Automated Machinery product line in the Medical Devices segment.

Supporting materials are now available on the Investor Relations section of Merrick’s website:


Merrick is a leading global healthcare biotechnology products company that creates innovative medical solutions for better patient outcomes and delivers value through clinical leadership and excellence. Merrick manufactures, distributes and services a diverse range of industry-leading product lines in three segments: Medical Devices, Medical Automation Services and Medical Monitoring Software. With 2017 revenue of CHF 10.6 Billion, Merrick has 24,000 employees worldwide in more than 65 countries, and its products are sold in over 140 countries. Please visit to learn more about our business.


This release contains forward-looking information about Merrick’s proposed acquisition of AI Medical Systems, GmbH., the timing of the anticipated transaction, and the potential benefits of the anticipated transaction, AI Medical’s products and product candidates and the potential benefits of such products and product candidates, and expected dilutive effect. Any forward-looking statements contained herein are based on Merrick’s and AI Medical’s management’s current beliefs and expectations, but are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and changes in circumstances, which may cause actual results or actions to differ materially from what is expressed or implied by these statements. The factors that could cause actual future results to differ materially from current expectations include, but are not limited to, the satisfaction of conditions to closing the agreement; the ability to successfully integrate AI Medicals’s operations and programs with Merrick’s and the time and resources required to do so, the uncertainties inherent in commercial, research and development activities, decisions by regulatory authorities regarding whether and when to approve any applications for such product candidates and other matters that could affect the availability or commercial potential of such product candidates; and competitive developments. We caution investors not to place undue reliance on the forward-looking statements contained in this press release. We disclaim any obligation to update these forward-looking statements other than as required by law.

Source: Merrick

Thomas Kaiser,
Senior Vice President Corporate Communications


Dieter Osterhagen,
Vice President Public Relations


Dominik Bohm,
Vice President Investor Relations


Kevin Weiss,
Director Investor Relations

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EXCLUSIVE: Dominik Hauser’s zombie flick, ‘DEAD SQUAD’, turns a friends’ paradise getaway through the jungle into an unbelievable fight for survival inside an ancient temple of death.

Los Angeles, CA – October 6, 2018 –

DARKCOAST will release and hold the premiere for Dominik Hauser’s directorial debut of ‘DEAD SQUAD: TEMPLE OF THE UNDEAD’ on October 21st at Encino’s Laemmle Town Center 5.

“Channeling his love for horror, monsters and practical effects, Dominik Hauser has crafted a sure-to-be gory and gruesome feature that will please fans of Re-Animator and The Thing,” reported Magzter.

Dominik Hauser’s directorial debut, DEAD SQUAD: TEMPLE OF THE UNDEAD, follows a group of seven friends who get lost during a river-rafting trip through the tropical jungle. When they stumble upon a long-lost ruin of an ancient temple, the friends discover the ruin is not abandoned, but home to the undead and mysterious monsters. But while trying to escape, the friends face something far more sinister than just zombies.


Dominik Hauser’s zombie splatter fest stars six-foot-eight, Erika Ervin, notable for her role as Amazon Eve from American Horror Story: Freak Show, alongside is the towering seven-foot Australian, Conan Stevens, from Game of Thrones. DEAD SQUAD was filmed at Bali’s only film studio, Movie Studio Bali, which is located in the middle of its beautiful and vast rainforest. “Exotic jungle locations, a seven-foot-tall zombie king, and a six-foot-eight zombie queen — what more could you want in an action/zombie/comedy/adventure film?” questioned Gruesome Magazine.

DEAD SQUAD will premiere on Oct. 21st at the Laemmle Town Center 5 (17200 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA 91316), with a red carpet at 6:30 PM following the film’s start at 7:30 PM In attendance will be star, Erika Ervin, from American Horror Story. To attend with press passes and/or for exclusive interviews, please contact


The ‘80s inspired horror will be available online digital platforms beginning October 23rd. Check out the NEW trailer for DEAD SQUAD here:

DEAD SQUAD: TEMPLE OF THE UNDEAD stars Erika Ervin (American Horror Story: Freak Show, Falling South), Conan Stevens (The Hobbit, Game of Thrones), Carma Sharon (A Very Odd Engagement, 2:22), Alina Carson (Gray Ground, DatingZoe), Jonathan Looper (Happy Hunting, My Only Sun), Elizabeth Morse (Halfworlds, Left Behind), Ryan Sobolski (17 Minutes), Bianca Zouppas (Our Best Selves), Peer Metze (Million Dollar Arm, Robotropolis Joker Game), Stephen Dixon and Guy Talon.


DEAD SQUAD: TEMPLE OF THE UNDEAD (2018, 90 min.) Directed by: Dominik Hauser. Written by: Dominik Hauser and Nancy Thornhill. Produced by: Dominik Hauser, Christopher Hatton, Orlando Bassi. Edited by: Eva Contis. Original Music: Dominik Hauser. Cinematography: Ariel Salati. USA, English. Black Rice Production, Movie Studio Bali, Six17 Films, TriCoast Worldwide, DarkCoast.

Produced by: Black Rice Production, Movie Studio Bali, Six17 Films.

DarkCoast is a division of TriCoast Entertainment:

A new home for story-driven American films, TriCoast Entertainment is a full service media company that creates, produces, manages and distributes unique and unusual entertainment. Bringing together filmmakers, distributors, financiers, and technologists, TriCoast Entertainment embraces change by redefining the production and distribution model for indie filmmakers.

Founded by: Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton.

Six17 Films: Six17 Films is a production company started by Filmmaker Dominik Hauser. Before taking a seat in the director’s chair, Hauser has a career as a film composer.

MOVIE STUDIO BALI: Nestled between rice fields and rainforest is Bali’s first and only movie studio. Just an hour from the hustle, and bustle of the Bali’s popular tourist precincts, this idyllic spot has hosted international feature films, TV series and major brand television commercials.

The studio is committed to working with local, emerging filmmakers and has provided technical support and equipment to many young Indonesian directors. At an international level, Movie Studio Bali has built collaborative relationships with professional from Australia, Argentina, Europe, New Zealand and the USA.

Movie Studio Bali is essentially a one-stop facility offering top notch infrastructure, great weather and access to some of the world’s most stunning vistas – towering mountains, jungles, beaches, oceans, reefs and desert – coupled with iconic culture.

Media Contact
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Address:11124 Washington Blvd
City: Culver City
State: CA
Country: United States