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6 Crucial Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney About Your Case

6 Crucial Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney About Your Case

6 Crucial Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney About Your Case 1

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More than 3 million people are injured each year in car accidents. In Colorado alone there were over 92,000 accidents and nearly 26,000 of them involved an injury (according to this accident report). This is just one example of personal injury law, it is important to note that there are many types of accidents that may entitle you to receive compensation for your injuries.

Before hiring a personal injury attorney, it is important that you ask them as many questions about your case as possible. Below are six crucial questions you should ask your personal injury attorney. After all, you want to have a trusted relationship with your lawyer that helps you feel confident in your case.

Read on for questions to ask a personal injury lawyer before you sign on the dotted line.

1. What Type of Personal Injury Do You Specialize In?

Although your lawyer doesn’t need to specialize in your specific personal injury or accident, it is helpful if they do. Having a long career of winning cases similar to yours means that the law firm knows what they’re doing and can get you the best possible outcome.

Sussing out what type of personal injury their firm works best with will help you decide if the firm is appropriate for you.

2. What Are Your Billing Practices?

Many people get into quibbles with their lawyers because of issues to do with billing. Some times, it may be because one party was dishonest with the other at the beginning of the relationship, but often, it is a result of miscommunication.

Before you sign with a lawyer, you’ll want all of the billing practices laid out and in writing.

Many lawyers who work on personal injury cases do so on contingency. This means that they only take a cut if you win your case. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t discuss bills at all, as even working on contingency can create problems between the lawyer and client.

You’ll need to know how much per hour the lawyer charges, when they’ll expect payments and how they will handle any extra fees. Many times, lawyers who work on contingency will keep tabs of the bill they will charge the client in the event that they win the case. Without a prior discussion of this practice, the client may feel blindsided by how much money was taken from their winnings.

Make sure there is clear and open communication between yourself and your lawyer. Your lawyer should also provide bills and breakdowns of fees whenever requested, so don’t be afraid to ask.

3. What Can I Expect to Be Billed For?

Those who have never worked with a lawyer may be surprised at the things a lawyer will bill them for. Lawyers often bill for things like emails, phone calls and meetings, but they may not outright tell you that they’re billing you for the current conversation. This information is typically laid out at the beginning when you sign the agreement for the lawyer to represent you.

While you may not expect to be billed for things like small questions, that is typically part and parcel of being represented by a lawyer. You’ll want to go over this, as well as understand the lawyer’s rates, before you sign.

4. Have You Ever Represented a Case Like Mine?

A personal injury lawyer that’s a good match for you will have represented a case like yours in the past, or one very similar. Ideally, they should have won this previous case, and their past client received the award they were due.

If a personal injury lawyer has never represented a case like yours, or one that’s very similar, it may be time to find someone else. While a lawyer who doesn’t have a lot of experience with your type of case may be able to negotiate a win for you, you’ll want to go with someone who has won similar cases in the past, even if your case is specific.

5. How Often Do You Win Cases?

While how often a law firm wins cases may not necessarily affect the outcome of your specific case, you’ll still want a lawyer who has a track record of positive outcomes for their clients.

A seasoned personal injury lawyer will even be able to give you statistics about how often they have won cases and their track record for specific types of cases.

6. How Often Will We Communicate?

Your lawyer has other cases besides yours, so you won’t want to nag them all of the time about your case. But, you’ll also want to feel comfortable approaching your lawyer about what’s going on and any new developments.

Ask your lawyer how often you’ll reasonably expect to communicate, and when you should reach out to ask them a question about your personal injury case.

Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

The preceding questions to ask your personal injury lawyer are just some of the few you may ask before you decide to work with your lawyer. You may also wish to draft up a list of other questions, including asking about the timeline of your case as well as asking to speak to former clients.

Your relationship with your personal injury lawyer should be open so that you can communicate with one another well in order to win the case. Remember, you and your legal counsel will be working together as a team, and it’s important that your dealings with them reflect this notion.

Elkus & Sisson’s Personal Injury Team

The personal injury lawyers at Elkus & Sisson have been trained to undertake cases in this specialized area of law. They cover all types of tort law in which one party was injured, including (but not limited to):

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • defamation
  • slip and fall
  • wrongful death
  • bus accidents
  • motorcycle accidents
  • trucking accidents
  • construction accidents
  • pedestrian accidents
  • workers’ compensation
  • slip & fall
  • premises liability

Are you ready to move forward with an experienced personal injury attorney today with plenty of positive client testimonials? If so, contact Elkus and Sisson for a consultation.

The Best French Bulldog Bowl For Your Flat-Faced Friend

The Best French Bulldog Bowl For Your Flat-Faced Friend

6 Crucial Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney About Your Case 2

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For many Frenchies with flat faces, eating out of a flat bowl can be challenging. I started with a standard bowl for my French Bulldog but quickly found it was a bad idea. After some experimentation, I found the best French Bulldog bowl for our little guy. Not all bowls are created equal and here you will find my recommendation.

Why Do Flat Bowls Cause Issues For French Bulldogs?

Think of it this way. Imagine trying to reach something over your head and having really short arms. Short people problems. The issues a French Bulldog faces when eating are similar in nature.

They have a relatively flat face. For Frenchies trying to reach food at the bottom of a flat bowl that is as flat as their face can be a challenge. Add to that breathing problems and you can see how that may cause issues.

French Bulldogs are brachycephalic dogs. Brachycephalic dogs are prone to breathing issues. This can make eating a difficult task.

I don’t know about your Frenchie, but mine is also far from a slow eater. He attacks his meal with excitement. This further increases the possibility of choking and numerous other problems. There are ways to lessen the odds of this happening to your Frenchie and choosing the right bowl for them can certainly help with that.

4 Problems Flat Bowls Can Contribute To

Frenchies are prone to some health issues when eating out of a standard flat bowl. Avoiding these issues are prime reasons to not use a flat bowl.

Bloating and Burping: Some argue that standard bowls don’t cause bloating and burping for brachycephalic dogs like Frenchies. We found that our little guy did get “belchy” after eating his meal out of this kind of bowl.

Choking and hacking: In the excitement to gobble up his food, his shortened airway may catch a few bits of kibble, causing him to choke. My little guy stopped during meals a few different times to hack. This scared me and I wanted to have him avoid this.

Vomiting up his meal: Eating too quickly may cause your Frenchie to have an upset stomach vomit up that meal. I found when he ate too fast he would quickly throw up the meal (try to eat it again), and then be fine after that.

Frenchie Flatulence: If you have had a Frenchie for some time there’s a strong chance you will have experienced some flatulence from your furry companion. While diet can be a contributing factor the speed at which meals are consumed can be a big factor. As your dog attempts to get his kibble out of the flat bowl, he can swallow a lot of air. This can lead to gassiness and that’s no fun for your Frenchie or you.

These are all strong reasons to experiment with different dog food bowls for your Frenchie. If your Frenchie has ever had any of the issues above changing their food bowl may help.

My Choice For Best French Bulldog Bowl: The Ourpets Stainless Steel Tilt-A-Bowl



After researching the various options we decided to go with the Ourpets Stainless Steel Tilt-A-Bowl. It is made from quality material and is stainless steel so it’s easy to clean. The elevated and tilted orientation of the bowl was what we felt would help our Frenchie slow down his eating.

We read the reviews and talked to some other Frenchie owners. Also, a very important factor was that it had to match the stainless steel water bowl we already owned. We purchased the Stainless Steel Tilt-A-Bowl and it arrived a couple days later.

>> Learn More About The Ourpets Stainless Steel Tilt-A-Bowl On Amazon 

Did The Stainless Steel Tilt-A-Bowl Actually Help? 

That’s a resounding YES! For that reason it gets my pick as the best french bulldog bowl. We found that this slanted bowl did help to slow down how quickly our little Frenchie ate his food. He actually slowed down considerably and ate at a slower pace.

This helped to prevent him from burping and occasionally vomiting up the meal he just ate. This bowl was exactly what we were looking for and it achieved the outcome we had in mind.

Pros And Cons Of The Stainless Steel Tilt-A-Bowl


  • It’s stainless steel and easy to clean
  • The elevated and tilted nature of the bowl are perfect for flat-faced Frenchies
  • It’s very inexpensive


  • If you want color this product isn’t a fit as it only comes in stainless steel
  • It holds a bit less food than the description states (didn’t bother us though as out little Frenchie doesn’t eat much).

Other Options For Your Frenchie

In case the bowl I picked for my Frenchie doesn’t fit your style I did want to leave you with a few other alternatives that could help.

  1. The IQ Treat Ball – When we first got our little Frenchie I hired a dog trainer friend of mine to work with us. Some advice she gave us was to make him “work for his food” with training. We had him work on crate training to earn food, practice sitting, practice laying down, and more.On occasions we couldn’t train him one on one, we put some of his kibble or some treats in this ball to get him mental and physical engagement. It’s not a bowl at all but it did work great for feeding times. It’s one of my Frenchie’s favorite dog toys. This kept him busy but also slowed down his eating dramatically. We still use the IQ Treat Ball often with our little guy. Learn About It on Amazon Here
  2. 15 Degree Slanted Bowl – This is another similar option to the stainless steel option I purchased above. This one does come in more colors so if you want more color options this one may be for you. The dish is stainless steel so it is easy to clean as well. It also comes in a few different sizes. If this one suits your needs more you can learn about it here.
  3. Enhanced Pet Bowl – I was tempted to get this one when I first was looking but the price difference was the only reason I didn’t pick this one. It is a quality bowl, comes in a few different size and is made for flat-faced dogs like Frenchies. I really liked this one too but I was happy with my choice. Take a look at the bowl here


Frenchies and their little flat faces are a big part of their charm. While their short snouts are adorable it can make eating out of a standard bowl a challenge. That’s why I switched to this French Bulldog bowl. My hope is that this helps you in finding the right bowl for your Frenchie.

Visit, an awesome website dedicated to the puzzle cube. Learn the easiest layer-by-layer method.

Proven Marketing Ideas for Your HVAC Business That You Can’t Live Without

Proven Marketing Ideas for Your HVAC Business That You Can’t Live Without

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As of January 2019, there were 118,197 HVAC businesses in the United States. For your business to thrive in such a crowded and competitive industry, you need to create and sustain a stable client base.

But how do you keep booking enough jobs in today’s economy? If you’re reading this article, you’ve made the first important step.

We’ve compiled eight top HVAC marketing ideas guaranteed to boost your profits.


1. Focus On Enhancing Trust with Your Clients

Before customers let you into their homes, they need to know that they can trust you completely. So how do you go about building customer trust, especially in the early days of your business? Start by building a top-quality website design.


Use your website to provide essential information regarding your experience. Let your clients know your service area as well, and give them the contact information they need to get in touch with you.


But why is a business website so important when it comes to online reputation? Well, in this digital era, customers first go online to get an idea of a company before taking their business there. The website is your first impression with potential customers – so you need to make sure you make a good one.



2. Don’t Forget About Customer Retention

How much do you spend on finding a new customer? According to Harvard Business Review, the cost is anywhere between 5 to 25 times higher than what you’d spend retaining an existing client.


That’s why the greater part of your marketing budget should go to keeping your existing clients happy. Use available HVAC marketing strategies to discover why clients you’ve served before are unhappy and focus on solving any problems.


For instance, if you intend to hold a sale, create a poll to ask your customers whether they prefer a deal on AC repair plans or they’d like lower rates on smart thermostat installations. The data you collect from such polls helps you understand who your customers are. Do what it takes to manage existing, highly beneficial customer relationships.

3. Make Quick Response Times a Priority for Your HVAC Marketing Plan

How easy is it for potential customers to contact you on your company website? Do you have a webchat option on the site where customers can talk to you? If you have a mobile app, is it easy for your clients to download it?


Make sure that your website features contact information in a prominent location. As soon as your website is generating HVAC leads, ensure there’s a quick response time. Clients may not always choose with the first company they reach out to, but they’ll most often go with the first HVAC company that responds.

4. Focus on Local SEO Marketing

Potential clients almost always turn to a search engine when looking for companies to install, maintain, or repair their HVAC systems. Once they see the search results, they’ll most likely opt for the companies they see first.


How good are your rankings in local listings? One way to keep your website ranked highly is by fixing any existing inconsistent and incorrect citations. If you’re not familiar with citations, they are basically business listings on search engines or local listings websites. Of course, you can always consider hiring a reputable SEO agency where you’re unsure about how to go about creating a strong SEO marketing campaign.

5. Get Online Reviews

Why is getting online reviews one of the smartest HVAC advertising ideas?


Well, about 88% of people make their decisions regarding whether they’ll deal with a local company based on online recommendations. Some sites like Google allow you to request customers to review your company, provided that you do so ethically.


Encourage your clients to review your company on various social media platforms too.


You could ask them in person to review your business as soon as you’re through providing your services. Another way is to hand them your card with review URLs or follow up through an email. Don’t forget to always respond promptly once a customer leaves a review, even if the review is negative.

6. Be Open to Social Media for Professionals

Search engines use social signals as a key ranking factor when determining where to place your business website in keyword search results. Does your company have a professional social media page as part of your HVAC marketing ideas? If not, you’re losing a lot in online visibility.


Once you’ve created a page, share links to your blog content, videos, and photos of projects you’ve been involved in before. Make use of built-in analytics data to discover how customers are engaging with you on social media and pay particular attention to their feedback.

7. Forge Meaningful Community Partnerships

As a company, what are you doing to forge strategic partnerships with the businesses in your community?


You could try donating your services to non-profit organizations in your area so that you get new business from them. Use such donations as a way to get publicity for your company. Find contractors in other industries who can recommend your services to potential clients.


What professional trade organizations in your industry are you part of? Consider joining the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), for instance. You could also join the Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA), or the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR).

8. Consider Paid Advertising

Using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can result in higher traffic and leads to your HVAC website. The advertisements show up in relevant search engine searches and in the news feed of social media platforms of the people you choose as your target customers.


When you execute pay-per-click advertising well, you can expect a return on your investment that’s multiple times the amount you spent in the beginning.


Consider investing in paid ads on major home improvement websites where you’d like to boost your online reviews.


What’s Next?


When it comes to creating a productive HVAC marketing strategy, it’s likely that you’ll use certain methods that other businesses in your area are using. What matters, however, is how effectively you execute your marketing plan. Once you have a solid online presence and are able to showcase your value to your potential and existing clients, your chances of success are greatly boosted.



Would you like to read other great articles like this one? Visit our page today.

Kids Love Turkey: Family Vacation

Kids Love Turkey: Family Vacation

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How’s and Why’s…

Did you know that Turkey is one of only five countries in the world that spans two continents? The vast majority of Turkey is in Asia and a small western portion is in Europe.

The division is so exact that two Turkish cities also span the two continents. The well-known port city of Istanbul and the lesser-known Canakkale city.

Turkey is rich in culture and history and there is a lot to do in this incredible country. Various political entities controlled Turkey at different points throughout history, and each one left its mark on the country.

Visiting Turkey is no easy feat. There is so much to see and do that it can be overwhelming. Additionally, travelers will want time to soak in and digest what they are seeing and learning. You might think that kids would have trouble appreciating a country like Turkey, but believe us when we say they will love this vacation.

Here are a few ideas of what to do with kids in this amazing country.

1. Istanbul

First stop Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city. With over 13 million people, this one city nearly 20% of Turkey’s population lives here. This means, of course, that there is plenty to see and do. Check it out!

Rahmi Koc Museum

Do you have a child who loves trains, planes, automobiles and anything else that locomotes? Then don’t miss the incredible Rahmi Koc Museum. This is the first museum in Turkey that teaches visitors all about transportation, communication, and industry.

Your kids will love the chance to check out a real submarine, enter the cockpits of old military planes, and check out old trams and vintage cars. Plus, they’ll get to participate in science experiments.

When you get hungry, simply grab lunch at one of the two on-site restaurants.

Jurassic Land

Is your kid into dinosaurs? There are few who wouldn’t be enamored with this exciting attraction. Enjoy the exquisite models that bring extinct dinosaurs to life before your eyes.

Check out the interactive displays and enjoy the 4D cinemas. Take part in an excavation workshop and any number of other exciting dinosaur-related activities.

Istanbul Family Travel with Kids

Toy Museum

What child wouldn’t love to check out a toy museum? Istanbul’s Toy Museum brings toys from all over the world and from different time periods to one enchanting place.

The exhibits are sorted by themes so you can easily find your favorite section. Of course, all the exhibits are so interesting you may have a hard time deciding on a favorite.


Are you always stepping on those surprisingly sharp little Lego bricks that your kids leave lying around the house? Take them to a life-size Legoland and they’ll think they’ve died and gone to heaven.

There are hours of fun for children of all ages in this exciting attraction. The littlest kids will love playing at the Lego DUPLO farm. Bigger kids will enjoy the rides in Kingdom Quest. Everyone will enjoy kicking back at the 4D Lego cinema. Take a guided tour of the Lego factory and be amazed at Miniland, a place built out of Legos.

Cappadocia Travel with Kids

2. Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a small area with an unusual landscape and plenty of interesting things to see. The area is rife with natural pinnacles, mushrooms, and other strange formations. Many of the homes and villages were carved out of the soft stone and the area has a long and rich history.

Stay in a Cave Hotel

To get a real feel for life in Cappadocia, you have to stay in a cave hotel. Admittedly, the accommodations are much nicer than in years past, but your kids will LOVE such a novel place to stay.

Cappadocia Balloon Family with Kids

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Soar high above Cappadocia for a bird’s eye view of an unforgettable landscape. You’ll have to get up early, but the experience is well worth it. Don’t forget your camera!

3. Eskisehir

Eskisehir is an interesting area just a few hours from Istanbul. Archaeological evidence shows that some areas date back to at least 3000 BC, if not earlier.

Eskisehir Fairytale Castle

Fairytale Castle

A big attraction in Eskisehir is the Science, Arts, and Culture Park which houses the Fairytale Castle that kids will love. In the castle, children can watch their favorite fairy tale characters come to life and enjoy a variety of fun games, playgrounds, and playgroups.

The park also holds a number of interesting attractions. Pretend to discover America aboard a life-size replica of the Santa Maria, one of Columbus’ three ships. Don’t miss the planetarium where even adults are amazed by the grandeur of outer space.

4. Alacati

Need to add some beach to your vacation? Head to Alacati. The area is full of quaint old stone houses and has a rich history of wine-making. Your kids might not enjoy a glass of wine, but there’s nothing that says you can’t!

Alacati Windsurfing School Kids


Older kids will love to head out on the bay for some fun watersports. The conditions are perfect for windsurfing and sailing. The crystal clear waters also make for great swimming and snorkeling.

5. Kas, Antalya

If you’re looking for even more water activities, head to Kas, Antalya. Here you can go kayaking, diving, and “coasteering”. If you’ve never heard of the latter it is an adventurous trek along the coast involving rock climbing, cliff jumping, and swimming.

Bodrum Family Travel Kids

6. Bodrum

After all the excitement, Bodrum is a nice place to wind down and just enjoy the beach. Check out the formidable medieval castle guarding the bay. Don’t miss the incredible Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology that the castle now houses.

Older kids will love to scuba dive amongst the caves, reefs, and other impressive rock formations. Littler kids will enjoy swimming in the calm, clear water.

Family Beach Travel in Turkey with Kids

Visiting Turkey in Style

Have you been putting off visiting Turkey until your kids are older because you thought they wouldn’t enjoy it? Never fear, Turkey is full of attractions that will be sure to keep your kids’ attention. Take this list for example — and it’s nowhere near complete.

Ready to go on an exciting visit to this ancient land? Don’t miss out on the best excursions, lodging, attractions, or anything else. Feel free to spend some time on the TravelAtelier blog to learn everything you’ll need to know before your trip.

Take things one step further and take a moment to contact us. We’ll help you book private tours, pick out the perfect luxury hotel, and make sure your vacation is one to remember.

Message from the Founders: Pinar & Murat

We did love to travel when we were single. Then, we loved traveling with the family, but we love the vacations in Turkey more now with our kids…

Unlike the luxury vacations you had before (if not yet; continue reading) it’s going to demand a lot of you. You’ve got to be ON all the time and you’ve got to plan and we are here to assist you in this matter. You’ve got to rest when you want to go and go when you want to rest…

But here is the payoff; it is special -like parenthood itself. Family vacations are great because you collect precious moments while most of us more collect things in our daily lives.

Having our own and traveling with them all the time we can assure you that; Kids love Turkey!

We design family vacations considering the children age group, interests and their physical besides psychological conditions. When children are happy parents are happy and the key is to keep them busy when they need and let them rest on time to digest all those unfamiliar new images, sounds, tastes of the traveled destination. We know about the practical tips for traveling with infants, preschoolers, and even teens! So there is no need to leave them home with grandparents.

When you plan the daily excursions according to their short attention span, include fun activities in your itinerary for them like pottery making workshops, glass blowing sessions etc., organize your flight and touring times according to their own pace and know about the best places to eat out with children; your travel becomes a success and remembered for a lifetime by all the family members.

It can be very stressful for the parents to end up in quiet, adults -only or adults-focused hotel full of with only romantic couples while yours are running around… Even you may find yourself arguing with a stranger because of your kid’s attitude while they are having great fun and enjoying their travel!
There are lots of kid-friendly hotels in Turkey with all styles and price ranges and we simply know them well.

How about a blue cruise (a gulet holiday) with your infants and/or kids?

If you have not experienced a private gulet cruise before you may be hesitant about it but we did.

Gulet holidays are perfect for children. Let us give you a sincere introduction to it…

After we founded Travel Atelier, we (Pinar & Murat) realized that spending the summer vacation on board makes life much easier, stress-free and more fun. We have chartered different boats with our parents, friends, and colleagues since 2008 and mostly average kid ages were ranging from 5 months to 20 years. This makes it over 10 times and all of them were excellent trips that made us hard to leave the boat and dream about the next season already.

Here we have listed only a few more “Why”
When you charter the yacht on your own:
  • Since it is all yours, you don’t have to worry about the noise and while there are proper hours, meal times are not strict.
  • Leave your possessing on the deck.
  • You don’t have to pack and unpack all the time.
  • Let yourself some relaxing time. No make-up, no shoes, nothing to worry about and no nightmares of getting ready for something. You are always ready to do something: like swimming, reading books, enjoying your Martini or whatever you want.
  • Since kids will get tired much faster on the water and while they will be enjoying a nap on the deck; you can play card games, backgammon (learn this popular Turkish game before arrival) and more of relaxing.
  • It is totally safe. It is actually safer than most pool adventures sailing on the calm water and swimming with life jackets.
Ski Resorts in Georgia – The Best Winter Holiday in A Hospitable Country

Ski Resorts in Georgia – The Best Winter Holiday in A Hospitable Country

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Are you an avid skier? Want to visit ski-spots with few crowds, low prices, and ample powder this winter?
It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Home to the picturesque Caucasus Mountains and world-class skiing and snowboarding, winter in Georgia is simply amazing. The ancient, breathtakingly beautiful, and unusually hospitable country is glad to welcome guests all year round. In winter, the ski resorts of Georgia accommodate guests from all over the world. Tourists love them for their excellent service, the opportunity to spend unforgettable outdoor activities on the splendor of mountain peaks.

Skiing is on top of the list of abundant things to do in Georgia. The season in the ski resorts here opens in early December and lasts until Mid-April.

Ski equipment rental prices are almost the same at all resorts in Georgia: ski and snowboard rental for the day costs about $ 12. The cable car cost about $2, while the subscription for a day is $8. Private instructor services will cost from $8 to $20 per hour.

Georgia tourism has been the topic of a hot discussion lately. If you visit at least one of the resorts, you will fall in love with the unforgettable beauty and majesty of the mountains. With the unusual local flavor, you will most likely dream to visit this place again.


Gudauri Ski Resort

Gudauri Ski Center is a younger and more modern resort. It is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level. There is a mild climate, less strong winds, and frost. The average temperature in February is 5-7 ° C. The height of the snow cover on the slopes reaches 1.5 meters.

The tourist can go skiing, snowboarding, sledding. Freeride in the mountain off-piste is especially popular in Gudauri. From Tbilisi to Gudauri, it can be reached in one and a half or two hours along the picturesque Georgian Military Road leading to the border with Russia.


6 Crucial Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney About Your Case 6


Minibus to Gudauri departs from the Didube metro station, the fare costs just three dollars, and a taxi cost is about $ 40.

Gudauri hotels do cater to world-class standards of service. The cost of hotel accommodation varies from $40 to $130 per night. The price of expensive rooms includes two meals, ski rental and use of the lift. However, you can also stay in private cottages. It will cost you less than $18 per day.

The good thing about Gudari is that most of the ski slopes at the resort are designed for beginners, children, and amateurs. However, there are still tracks for professionals. You can ascend to mountains, glaciers and spectacular crests by helicopter, and perform vertigo descents accompanied by expert guides. We can also find a chairlift with more than 2 km of route or a funicular with about 3 km route. There are more than 50 km of tracks in this station suitable for all levels, with 7 lifts.



Bakuriani ski resort is famous since Soviet times. It is located 180 km from Tbilisi and only 30 km from the equally famous Borjomi. Previously, it housed one of the main bases of the USSR in winter sports – slalom, bobsled, biathlon, and ski jumping. In addition, Bakuriani applied as a venue for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Bakuriani is located in the temperate continental climate zone at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. Winter is moderately cold here, while the weather is calm and sunny. The average temperature in February is –6, –7 ° С. In good weather, you can see the entire Great Caucasus Range and the highest point in Europe called Elbrus.

This place is perfect for family companies, as there are a lot of trails for children and beginners. There are also many picturesque places in the vicinity for excursions and walks. The nature view here is very favorable. In fact, Bakuriani is surrounded by forests filled with clean mountain air.


6 Crucial Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney About Your Case 7


However, this place is also suitable for professional skiers and snowboarders. It is because the Bakuriani slopes are the steepest in Georgia, with a gradient of up to 50 degrees.

The height of snow cover in Bakuriani reaches 60-64 centimeters, and the avalanche is rare. Getting to Bakuriani from Tbilisi is possible by minibus. The transport leaves from Didube metro station. The cost is just about $4. Of course, you can call a taxi, but it will cost ten times more.

You can settle yourself in hotels, boarding houses, and private houses. Prices range from $35 to $45 for a small, cozy room with all amenities, and about $ 80-100 for a room in a hotel of a European level.

In Bakuriani, it is possible to negotiate with the locals. They will willingly allocate a room in their home. They can rent it inexpensively from $4 to $11 per night. For an additional $4-$6 dollars, you will be treated with homemade food, while lunch in a restaurant here will cost at least 10 dollars.

If necessary, it is also possible to rent a whole cottage with all the comforts. It will cost approximately $190 per day.



For centuries, Mestia has been the cultural and religious center of mountainous Svaneti. In addition to extreme rest, you can also enjoy the beauty of the ancient towers and get acquainted with the traditions of the ancient community.

In Svaneti, the winter lasts almost eight months, and the temperature can drop to —16-20 C. One of the selling points of Mestia is that its home to some of the snowiest mountains in all of Georgia. When other ski resorts in the country are suffering from a dry winter, Mestia is usually the go-to resort that is still coated with ample snow. For guaranteed fresh powder, Mestia is your best bet among all the best places to visit in Georgia!

In winter, the best and safest transport for a trip to Svaneti is by helicopter. From the Natakhtari airfield near Tbilisi, a small plane for 15 people flies to Mestia Airport. The ticket price is $ 25 per person, the flight will take only 45 minutes.

If you still decide to go to Svaneti using ground transportation, then the minibus will be waiting for you at the Didube metro station. The cost of one trip is $12, and it takes about 9 hours of driving. Of course, you will enjoy the extraordinary scenery along the road to Svaneti. Anyway, a taxi from Tbilisi to Mestia will cost about $180.

On average, a hotel room in Mestia costs $ 40 per night, for a room in a guesthouse you need to pay 10-15 dollars.


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Newly developed Mestia ski resorts are in the heart of the famous Svaneti, the country of the mountaineers, ancient towers and harsh snowy peaks. There are no ski slopes in the town itself. However, the Hatsvali ski center is located 8 km away and Tetnuldi winter resort is 15 km away. Mestia is quite far from Tbilisi. The place is located more than 450 km. However, the beauty of this amazing place eliminates all the tediousness of the move.

Hatsvali is a young developing hostel at an altitude of 1865 meters, with three relatively small tracks: for professionals, for experienced skiers and for beginners. Tetnuldi, on the other hand, is a more complex track and at the same time, a more beautiful ski resort. This place is named after the eponymous mountain in height of 4869 meters, on which the cable car rises to the mark of 3165 meters. This will give you huge scope for skiing. In fact, the longest track has a length of 9.5 km.

Thus, the ski resorts of Mestia are perfect for those who want a great ride and enjoy the mountain beauty of Svaneti.


Visiting Georgian Ski Resorts This Winter

Exciting and soothing mountain peaks make Georgia Tours more and more attractive to winter sports lovers every year. The Georgian winter resorts are distinguished from the European “brothers” by stable and favorable weather conditions and relatively low prices.

If you’re seeking sublime skiing surrounded by stunning scenery, then visiting Georgian ski resorts this winter is for you. As Georgia is still a unique hidden gem, you’ll also reap the benefits of skiing in spots with fewer crowds and at a bargain cost.

If you need some help planning your winter getaway to Georgia, you can check out these wonderful winter tours or request a fully custom experience catering to all your needs.

Fun Sober Activities to Enjoy

Fun Sober Activities to Enjoy

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One of the most daunting experiences after rehab treatment is knowing where to find fun sober activities and new sober friends to participate with you. But have no fear. Below are many suggestions to serve as a great starting place for your new and most exciting sober life.

Of course, to get into sobriety, you first must go through detox and rehab treatment. In rehab, you practice socializing with other sober people as part of new activities. Even some of your rehab therapies involve fun sober activities, such as ropes course therapy. Through practice in these recreational sober activities, you learn how to create your best possible lifestyle.

Fun Sober Activities to Enjoy Alone

Finding activities for your alone time is hard enough. But finding fun sober activities to enjoy solo proves harder, at first. You have used drugs and alcohol for a long time in addiction, so you know little about what you want to do while sober. The good news is that with some experimentation and by doing new things, you open up a whole new, exciting world for yourself.

Try some cool activities to keep you sober when alone, such as working out, going for a drive, visiting a museum or practicing golf at the driving range. You can also treat yourself to a spa day or just take a bubble bath at home. Meditate to clear your mind and strengthen your focus. Or read a book, create a playlist, start building a photo collection, journal, go for a walk, or work on an art project.

Of course, you can spend some alone time in productive activities to keep you sober. Some of these include volunteering, planting a garden, organizing your closet or cabinets, refinishing furniture, redecorating, or simply cleaning. Time alone is also a great chance to call people you love.

Great Sober Activities to Enjoy with a Sober Friend

Making new friends is actually a pretty exciting part of living a new sober life. So what are some fun sober activities to enjoy with others? Consider some great recreational sober activities to enjoy with friends or build new social relationships.

Plan and throw a sober dinner party, whether on your own or with a co-hosting friend. Plan a night out for sober fun, such as at a sporting event or movie. You can also plan a picnic or a whole weekend spent camping or fishing.

Find a sober friend to go to the gym with you, play basketball, or enjoy some tennis. You can also hike together or explore new places you have never been to. Meet your sober pal for lunch, sitting outside, and enjoy cool beverages like iced tea and lemonade. Host a sober game night, watch a game on TV together or sing karaoke together.

Whenever you go out with friends, take plenty of photos to have when you feel lonely. These help you remember how fun being sober can be, particularly with friends.

Living Sober Is Enjoyable and Fulfilling

Enjoying everyday life is an important part of sobriety. Through the activities above, you can see how you have many choices on how to spend your free time. You start practicing this sober lifestyle in rehab.

Rehab treatment programs you need to start your new life include:

These programs take place at Promises Behavioral Health, where people from your area have learned how to stay sober and enjoy their new lifestyle. You can join this group of happier, healthier people by calling Promises Behavioral Health now at 844.875.5609. Your journey into sobriety starts with this call and takes you to a world of fun sober activities to enjoy.

5 Ways That Your Company Should Be Using Facebook

5 Ways That Your Company Should Be Using Facebook

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It doesn’t matter how large a company is, it’s an absolute must in this day and age to create and maintain a social media presence. One of the biggest and most important social media networks to join is Facebook. Facebook can be an incredibly beneficial component to your inbound marketing strategy if you learn how to use it properly. The following are 5 ways that you can take advantage of Facebook to draw more followers and increase the recognition of your brand name:

•   Invite to like – One of the easiest ways to begin attracting more followers is by asking friends and family members to “like” your page. By doing this, their friends and family will be exposed to your page as well. You can even encourage your friends and family to share content from your page with others in their network, thereby increasing your social outreach. Hopefully this results in a snowballing effect, which will in turn help to create more awareness for your products and services.

•   Like other pages – Don’t just ask others to like your page and content. It’s important to return the favor by liking other pages. Do this for both local and national companies, and don’t be afraid to like a competitor’s content as well. By liking other content, other users may end up accidentally stumbling over your profile because you are increasing the exposure of your brand. You’ll attract more curious visitors this way, and may even draw a few from your competitors!

•   Post regularly – Post updates and content to your Facebook on a regular basis. Don’t go crazy with your posts or it will seem like spam. But don’t go for weeks without posting either, as this will result in followers losing interest, or even worse, forgetting about you! Post content, both unique content and content found elsewhere, that concerns your brand. You can even post things that have nothing to do with your brand as long as you think that your followers will find it interesting or helpful. Avoid posting only advertisements for your brand or followers will de-friend you quickly as they do not want to deal with a constant barrage of ads.

•   Provide incentives for liking your page – Provide discounts or special deals to Facebook users who become new fans by liking your page. This will help increase your likes as well as attract new potential customers.

•   Offer special deals to followers – Use promotions, deals, giveaways and contests to entice customers to continue visiting your page and using your products or services. This will help increase the sharing of your content amongst your followers as well as raise interest for your brand. Post about incentives ahead of time, so that followers will have to remember to come back to your page at a specific date in order to take advantage of your deals or promotions. This will keep your brand name in the back of their heads.

These are 5 ways that you can be taking advantage of your social media presence on Facebook to both attract potential new customers as well as increase your company’s brand recognition.

Author – Kurt Chrisler has been marketing online since 2007 and his products and services have been used by over 50,000 customers worldwide. You can contact him at the website above.

Who Needs a Bodyguard and How Do You Hire One? – Part 1

Who Needs a Bodyguard and How Do You Hire One? – Part 1

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For those who aren’t familiar with it, the task of hiring a bodyguard or executive protection agent can be overwhelming. Knowing whether you actually need one can be a mystery, let alone knowing what to look for.

With that in mind, we recorded a couple of episodes of the Wheels Up Podcast where we covered what an executive protection agent or operative is, who might need one and how to go about selecting one. Here’s a summary of what we covered in the first episode.

At the end of this post you can also find a link to a free guide – How to Hire an Executive Protection Agent – that answers the questions in more detail. The guide also includes a cheat sheet with 37 questions you should ask before hiring a provider. We hope you find it useful and welcome your feedback.


What Exactly Is An Executive Protection Agent Or Operative?

What a layperson refers to as a ‘bodyguard’ is known by many terms within the security and risk management industry – executive protection agent/specialist/operative (EP), personal protection operative (PPO), close protection operative (CPO) or simply BG (for bodyguard).

For all intents and purposes, they mean the same thing, but in most cases, an agent or operative will have had formalised training beyond that just needed as a bodyguard. A bodyguard or CPO will generally be assigned to accompany a principal to keep physical threats at bay while an EP will take a broader view of risk management, beyond immediate physical threats.

This might include elements such as doing a risk assessment for a project or company or conducting ‘travel advances’ where a destination is reviewed in advance for risks and planning. Some companies also go further and assist clients with developing security and travel policies to utilise throughout the business.

Who Needs An Executive Protection Service?

Typically people think of high level VIPs and high net worth individuals (HNWI) with a level of fame as being those who need protection but this is often not the case.

Executive protection is tailored for individuals or teams who are not just concerned about their safety, but who also value their time highly. The ability to move about safely and swiftly can reap rewards that can save your business a loss of productivity and, in turn, increase financial outcomes.

This can include C-level executives, media or film and tv production crews, non-government (NGO) or charity organisations, mining companies with remote workers, medical evac or support teams.

Where Do I Look For An Executive Protection Operative or Company?

The best place to look for an executive protection operative is to ask for a referral from a colleague who has used one. If you don’t have access to a referred company you can search for a one via Google. Search terms to use can include, executive protection agent, executive protection companies, security company, bodyguard company, executive protection operative, bodyguard, close protection agent, close protection operative, or personal protection operative.

Is Executive Protection Only Needed When Travelling or Do You Need Protection At Home As Well?

This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. The risk an executive is exposed to will fluctuate. This level of risk will dictate the response required – e.g. if the company or individual has had recent media exposure or a specific threat has been identified, or even if a shareholder meeting is approaching, each situation will require an individual risk assessment and the response may differ. This may include the requirement for executive protection.

In What Situations Would Family Members Need Protection As Well?

Though it doesn’t happen frequently, family members, particularly children, are used as leverage against high-profile or wealthy individuals, or they may just be at risk of exposure to the paparazzi or members of the public with cameras on their phone. In some cases, they may need a 24 hour security presence, and in others they may just need monitoring.

What Would I Look For In An Executive Protection Provider?


The most critical criteria to look for in an executive protection company or risk management firm  is experience. Find out how long the provider has been in business, ask for a summary of the projects they have completed and, where possible, references of customers they have worked with.

The type of experience the operative or firm has have should also be relevant to the task you are hiring them for. For example, if you are seeking security for fly in fly out (FIFO) mining workers in Asia, an executive protection operative  with experience looking after professional tennis players touring Australia with a lack of any experience working in Asia is probably not the right fit for that particular task.

They must also have experience working in the countries you need the service provided, or at least have an affiliation with a local provider.


Expect your prospective provider to have formal close personal protection or executive protection training and to be in a position to provide evidence of that. Research  the training provider to see how credible they might be and ask other providers you are considering for their views on some of the training organisations mentioned. The length of training is important. Executive Protection can not be taught in just a few days. There is a difference between qualified and competent.

Note that training as a security guard is different to close protection training so don’t accept this as evidence that a prospect might be suitable.

Licensing Requirements

Different countries and states have different laws about licensing for security and executive protection companies. If your prospective provider doesn’t have a licence for some areas you are travelling to then it’s likely they will partner with another company that does. This is common practice so don’t be disturbed if they disclose this to you.

Other Criteria

It will be worth your while to do some internet research on the provider as well. Google the name of the business and the name of the principal agent in the business. Check the News tab on the Google search listings to see if they have appeared in the news (for good or bad reasons). Check the LinkedIn profile of the principal agent to see if their authority is on display. Some security operatives  maintain a low profile so this is not an essential requirement but check to see if there are any red flags that might cause you concern.

The financial status of the security or risk management firm  may also have some bearing on the quality of service delivered. For example, if the firm requests to be paid 100% upfront, this may, in some cases, be a sign that they are under financial distress and may not be able to deliver the service to a suitable standard. It’s not uncommon or unreasonable for the security provider to request a deposit   of up to around 50%, or, if there are significant outlays for the VIP then these expenses may also be requested to be covered prior to the task, eg: a large super yacht may be required for the client – this payment may need to be made prior to the task and may need to be covered by the client rather than the security or risk management provider.

Have them explain their cancellation policy clearly to you, as well. There are obviously expenses that are incurred by the companies once they get the ball rolling, so there may be cancellation fees applicable if the project is withdrawn.

In Addition to Security Services, What Else Can We Expect of an Executive Protection Operative?

The primary role of an executive protection operative is the security/close personal protection and wellbeing of their principal. That said, “wellbeing” may also include tasks which are not always associated with “security”. As long as the safety of the principal is not compromised it’s not uncommon for executive protection operatives to conduct administrative, logistical and facilitation style tasks.

Executive protection is a service based industry and as such there are additional tasks which may be requested of the operative such as assisting with luggage, arranging tickets to events, ensuring rooms or hotels are set up to a specific standard or even organising laundry in a remote region they are in. This may mean operatives liaise with outside support elements such as personal assistants or executive assistants or it may mean they make the arrangements themselves.

Physical Signs of Heroin Abuse to Know

Physical Signs of Heroin Abuse to Know

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Suspecting someone you love uses heroin is a painful situation for anyone. We all know about the dangers of these drugs. But what are the physical signs of heroin abuse and how else can you detect the truths of your loved one’s behaviors?

About Heroin Abuse

Heroin, also called diamorphine, is a recreational drug used around the world. Few, if any, cities or towns in the United States remain unaffected by this powerful drug. All too many communities struggle with what we call the opioid epidemic and its consequences of addiction, life damage, and death.

For people who take heroin, the physical signs of heroin abuse feel overwhelmingly positive. Heroin affects the opioid receptors of the brain, reducing the feelings of pain and providing a soothing and euphoric high. Because of the draw of positive heroin use effects against the negative effects of heroin abuse, stopping heroin use feels overwhelming. You also find yourself trapped by withdrawal symptoms, making a heroin addiction treatment center your only way out.

Physical Signs of Heroin Abuse

People using heroin show physical signs of heroin abuse. If you look closely, you see these heroin use effects. They include:

  • Pinpoint pupils
  • Sleepiness
  • Slow movement
  • Injection marks
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Nodding out

You first notice pinpoint pupils and sleepiness, before other physical signs of heroin abuse. You start seeing the person you love moving more slowly than usual. They take a long time to complete tasks and fail to fulfill their responsibilities. They probably also nod out to sleep or unconsciousness while talking to you, eating or sitting up.

As you start connecting these signs, other negative effects of heroin abuse start making sense, too. You see track marks on their body, notice poor hygiene, and pick up on withdrawal symptoms they suffer when they do not use their drug.

Items Used in Heroin Abuse

Items used to abuse heroin fall into the category of paraphernalia. You can find some of these items in your loved one’s bedroom, bathroom, personal effects, or car. What you find depends on how they use their drug, such as by injection, smoking or snorting.

People who inject heroin keep syringes, needles, a metal spoon, cotton balls, and belts or large rubber bands. Smoking heroin involves glass pipes, spoons, tin foil, cigarette lighters, butane lighters, and straws. When snorting heroin, many people use mirrors, flat surfaces like tables, razor blades, or credit cards to create “lines” and straws or rolled up dollar bills.

Help for Heroin Addiction

Loving someone with a heroin problem hurts your heart, as much as it destroys their life. But you can help them fight their addiction and achieve the recovery they deserve. Programs to look for include:

Promises Behavioral Health, headquartered in Laguna Beach, CA and through multiple locations in the U.S., treats heroin addiction. Look for the physical signs of heroin abuse in the person you love, to understand the help they need. When you see these signs, call Promises Behavioral Health at 844.875.5609 to help them start a new life by putting heroin in their past.

Types of Mental Illness

Types of Mental Illness

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With so many possible types of mental illness, knowing when you or someone you love suffer one of these conditions is difficult. You need a doctor’s help in determining your mental health status, particularly if you also suffer a dual diagnosis of addiction.

Whether you suffer one of the many types of mental illness or a co-occurring condition with a substance use disorder, you need treatment. Through mental health treatment programs, you learn about your diagnosis and signs of problems. You also gain access to helpful medications and therapies to stabilize your condition. Through these treatments, you forge a new path beyond your diagnosis.

Types of Mental Illness

In reality, there are too many forms of mental illness to list here. But the most common types of mental illness include:

About These Common Mental Illnesses

Anxiety disorders cause stress, fear, and feelings of dread through exposure to certain situations or objects. These disorders also cause physical symptoms, such as a fast heartbeat, sweating and shaking. These types of psychological disorders limit enjoyment of everyday life in many ways. Conditions included in the group of anxiety disorders include social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic disorder, and phobias.

Mood disorders cause persistent, ongoing feelings of sadness, extreme happiness, or a mix of these opposite extremes. People with mood disorders usually suffer the most common types of mental illness in this group, such as clinical depression or bipolar disorder.

Psychotic disorders alter the person’s awareness and thought patterns. Hallucinations and delusions result from these types of psychological disorders, including schizophrenia.

Impulse control and addictions involve the inability to resist specific impulses or urges. Many people with these conditions do things that bring the risk of harm to themselves or others. Conditions of this category include kleptomania, pyromania, compulsive gambling, and substance use disorders.

Personality disorders cause extreme and rigid personality traits that cause damage throughout a person’s life. This group of disorders causes people to not meet social expectations. They function abnormally and struggle throughout daily life with diagnoses like antisocial personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

OCD causes constant fears or thoughts only stopped by performing specific routines or rituals. The rituals make up the compulsions used to resolve obsessive thoughts. Excessive hand-washing and cleaning are some OCD behaviors.

PTSD is a collection of symptoms resulting from a traumatic or frightening event. The trauma of sexual assault, crime victimization, injury, a loved one’s death, combat, or natural disaster often causes PTSD. This condition leads to flashbacks, invasive thoughts, anxiety, and emotional problems.

Treatment for Mental Illness

Knowing you suffer mental illness is only one part of your dilemma. Another part is getting the treatment you need to enjoy greater wellness and stability in your life. Whether you suffer one mental illness or co-occurring conditions like depression or anxiety with addiction, you can turn your life around.

Treatment that helps improve mental health and stop substance abuse includes:

All of the above-listed types of mental illness cause major problems in daily life. You deserve better than to struggle with these problems. Do what others from throughout the U.S. have done, by seeking the quality treatment of Promises Behavioral Health. Talk to a caring counselor at Promises Behavioral Health by calling 844.875.5609 to learn about available programs.