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Storms FS Becomes Leader in Surrey Safety

Storms FS Becomes Leader in Surrey Safety

Storms FS Becomes Leader in Surrey Safety

Surrey, UK – Storms FS Ltd, a security and safety company established in 2009, have been recognised as leaders of safety in the Surrey area. Their team of experts is dedicated to security in Walton-on-Thames and making it a community where residents and business owners can feel at ease. They are currently one of the most used and top-rated security companies in the Surrey area.

Storms FS believes their leadership in keeping their community safe is thanks to their numerous CCTV and burglar alarms in Surrey. Businesses have made great use of CCTV in Surrey, which allows them to monitor their properties at all times. The CCTV in Surrey is from well-known, professional manufacturers, which can be found at

The company has made monitoring simple by providing clients with easy access to their recordings. Their digital visual recording systems allow clients to automatically record and save footage. For even easier access, they offer network visual recording, which allows clients to access live footage from anywhere they are connected to the internet.

For residential clients, Storm FS’s burglar alarms in Surrey are one of the most used alarm systems in the area. The company understands that security in Walton-on-Thames is one of residents’ highest concerns, and their alarm system is designed to give residents the peace of mind they need by using a communication device to immediately alert authorities. They are available in both wireless and wired options for residential homes and businesses. Storm FS provides a free quote which includes installation, monitoring, and maintenance for their client’s burglar alarms in Surrey. Burglar alarm options are located at

Storm FS offers many other services to increase the security of Walton-on-Thames. Information about these services is available on their website at Other safety services include door entry and intercoms systems, fire risk assessments, and fire alarms. They have been providing these services to the Surrey community for ten years and have continued to grow their client list and the number of services they provide.

Their services are offered at affordable rates. StormFS founder, Scott Donachy, knows that safety is priceless for his community and should be available for all residents. After working in security technology for years, Donachy wanted to provide his community with more honest and ethical security solutions. StormFS is now one of the leading companies in security for Walton-on-Thames, and Donachy strives to continue the company’s title as a leader in safety for all their clients.

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Crowson Law Group Offers Free Case Evaluation For Motorcycle Accidents

Crowson Law Group Offers Free Case Evaluation For Motorcycle Accidents

Crowson Law Group Offers Free Case Evaluation For Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents unfortunately result in severe injury or death for the driver. As a result, safety is of the utmost importance for bikers. Generally, the injuries and fatalities associated with motorcycle accidents is because of the general design of motorcycles in that they lack an outer frame and safety belts that keep the driver and passenger in place thus reducing risk of being thrown off the bike. However, it is not uncommon for some accidents to be a result of a manufacturer defects. When this is the case, no amount of safety adherence will prevent an incident from happening.
Accidents and vehicle crashes may lead to health complications, disability either temporary or permanent, long-term medical needs and a life of hardship. Additionally, determining the responsible party for such issues is often difficult and complicated. And it is for all of these reasons that it is important to seek representation by an Alaska motorcycle accident lawyer. Motorcycle accident lawyers uncomplicate processes and ensure that everything is filed accordingly. As a result, it is imperative that the driver of the motorcycle be aware of his or her rights and how to resolve such matters fully. One article puts it this way, “When confronting legal battles and medical concerns, dividing the attention of the victim may end in failed litigation.”
Motorcycle drivers have the relative freedom of the road as they have more access and easier maneuverability when traveling. Unfortunately, with these freedoms come many dangers. The presence of passenger and commercial vehicles on the road can result in debilitating injuries. Therefore, it is important for injured persons to know their rights to recover after an incident occurs. It should be noted that statistically two-thirds of all accidents involving a motorcycle and another vehicle have had the biker’s right-of-way on the road violated. And such incidents led to the accident that occurred. The lack of protective barriers, guidelines followed on the road and other issues result in a motorcycle driver being 20 times more likely to lose their life when a collision occurs with a passenger or commercial vehicle. This is 5 times the more likelihood of injury existing in passenger or commercial vehicles.
As with many accidents and collisions the primary concern is determining accountability and establishing negligence. In instances where the driver of the bike is partially at fault, he or she can still recover some compensation for the medical or financial responsibilities. However, if defects in the motorcycle caused the accident to occur, there may be negligence on the part of the manufacturer or distributor of parts. These issues may be proven by a recall that was not issued, or one that was issued but not communicated effectively to the owner or driver of the motorcycle.  In some instances, it may be that “some parts or materials used in the bike may have been crafted with a defect in the design or through the creation process of only some portion of the whole product cycle. When the design has the issue, this means the entire vehicle may have been planned or manufactured in error resulting in injury.”
When a defect causes the injury by way of an accident, it is necessary to get legal representation. To learn more follow the link free attorney consultation near me.
About the Crowson Law Group:
Crowson Law Group is a law firm of renowned professionals who focus exclusively in personal injury matters. If you are seeking representation by the best personal injury lawyers, bue sure to include Crowson Law Group in your search.


Company: Crowson Law Group Wasilla  
Address: 1981 E. Palmer-Wasilla Hwy, Suite 220, Wasilla, AK 99654
Phone: 907-519-0193

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Laugh ‘N Leap Announces Party Rentals available at a discounted rate in Columbia, SC

Laugh ‘N Leap Announces Party Rentals available at a discounted rate in Columbia, SC

Storms FS Becomes Leader in Surrey Safety 1

One of the most popular services sought after for backyard parties today is the inflatable. Whether it is a bounce house a slide or an obstacle course, these are quickly becoming a staple of parties everywhere.  Since these are very expensive to buy outright and there is a lot of care and investment needed for proper upkeep, most people opt to rent their inflatables. If you are searching for bounce house rentals in Columbia South Carolina and the surrounding areas. Or you need party rental supplies, then you need to check out Laugh n Leap Amusements today! 

For anyone who may be new to the growing party inflatable rental craze here are just a few of the many benefits and advantages that you stand to gain from these party rentals:

1. Easy to setup: All party inflatables by Laugh n Leap Amusements are made so they can quickly and easily be set up for any party or event you have planned this season.

2. Affordability: With affordable rates and great discounts on party packages and bulk rentals you can save a pretty penny as well with their party rental supplies and rides.

3. Safety is first: Every inflatable at Laugh n Leap Amusements has been carefully inspected before set up and their trained staff members will ensure safe operation at your event.

4. Reduces water waste: If you are planning some wet summer fun with an inflatable water slide you can rest assured you are helping conserve water and protect the environment.

5. Doesn`t take much space: The biggest feature people love about the inflatables at Laugh n Leap Amusements is that they do not take up a lot of room and are still tons of fun.

Unlike other party rental suppliers in the area, Laugh n Leap Amusements is committed to keeping the customer first in all things. From creating a streamlined booking system to friendly and professional customer service every step of the reservation process is made to be as stress-free as possible. On the day of your party or event their team will arrive to set up your rentals only after they have been inspected once again for safety and only after the party area is inspected to ensure the inflatable can be safely operated.

The Laugh n Leap Amusements team will oversee the operation of the rides so you can focus on your party and your guests. If any issues or problems arise with the inflatables or with the weather their staff members will handle everything for you. And finally, once your event is over and your guests are on their way home, the staff will pack up everything and leave your property looking as good as it did when they arrived. From start to finish he Laugh n Leap Amusements team will go above and beyond to ensure you have a wonderful time without having to stress over your party inflatables.

Party planning can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be when you have Laugh n Leap Amusements right in the area! Whether you are looking for bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, or party supplies, you can find all of your party rental needs at affordable prices here with the Columbia party experts. Leave the work of planning party games and attractions to the pros and enjoy the party for once and see what it is like to be part of the party and celebration for once! Call them today for current party reservation details and to secure the best local party supplies for your next celebratory event.

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EMRG Conference Provides an Opportunity for Startups to Network and Grow

EMRG Conference Provides an Opportunity for Startups to Network and Grow

The innovative conference seeks to grow an ecosystem of entrepreneurs from prestigious Universities across the northeast

Storms FS Becomes Leader in Surrey Safety 2

New York, NY – TheEMRG conference started in 2018 with the aim of creating a platform for top student-founded startups to gather and present their work to an audience of investors, founders and corporate partners for funding and exposure. From this one conference, the organization now controls a large funnel of early stage startups and student talent.

Having kicked off to a resounding success with over 85 student applications from 35 Universities which include Princeton, MIT, NYU, Johns Hopkins etc. as well as partnerships with companies such as AWS, Microsoft, Verizon 5G Labs, NY Life, Saul Ewing, and more, EMRG continues to discover, vet & present high quality, early stage startups from universities across the northeast to investors and corporate partners within the New York area. EMRG is then able to work with corporate partners to boost their brand identity, gain access to new business models and talent without having to create the entire ecosystem internally and expand research and development more efficiently.

Storms FS Becomes Leader in Surrey Safety 3

Many of the applicants to EMRG are currently developing incredible technologies and through the conference, they get a great opportunity to introduce their innovations to investors, partners and gain recognition. This is why EMRG will continue to build on the success of its first conference by further growing its pipeline of deal flow and monetizing events such as the Pitch Off; a platform that lets student founders pitch their ideas and connect with New York City’s top investors and corporate partners, while also having a pipeline through their talent showcase, case studies and brand building while deepening investor relationships for the startups.

These programs not only benefit the founders/innovators, investors are able to gain access to personal introductions and be at the fore of that next big idea, corporate partners can build a network of strategic partnership, acquisition, investment and talent recruitment.

EMRG has reached over 52 universities, 306 organizations across these universities, building an audience over 90k strong through each university and organization. EMRG targets founders, startups and talent on campus by building personal relationships with faculty, students and leadership, involvement in events, workshops and through newsletter campaigns.

Find out more about EMRG conference on and follow on twitter at

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An iOS media player SDK FWPlayer has been launched by (Foks) Hui Wang

An iOS media player SDK FWPlayer has been launched by (Foks) Hui Wang

Storms FS Becomes Leader in Surrey Safety 4

(Foks) Hui Wang launched a free media player SDK on GitHub for iOS developers, the SDK is called FWPlayer (, it makes devs to implement a video player much easier.

The FWPlayer is based on AVPlayer, it supports both Objective-C and Swift, you can integrate it via CocoaPods, Carthage or manually, it is very handy and speeds up your development process.

(Foks) Hui Wang, the author says he has attached a demo with Swift, a video on Youtube and some screenshots for better understanding, all the information you can find in

The SDK includes a default player view, it also allows devs to custom the player view to meet their specific requirements.

(Foks) Hui Wang hopes the FWPlayer could help out more and more iOS developers make their video player easily.


  • Supports horizontal and vertical playback
  • Supports auto-rotating screen playback
  • Supports the full-screen and mini-player playback
  • Supports mini-player position to drag freely
  • Supports the network and local video playback
  • Supports full-screen lock
  • Supports playback while downloading (Media Cache)
  • Supports vertical slide on the left side of the screen to adjust the brightness
  • Supports the vertical slide on the right side of the screen to adjust the volume
  • Supports gesture swipe fast-forward and rewind
  • Supports drag slider fast-forward and rewind
  • Supports direct jump to a point in the timeline to play
  • Supports multiple video formats
  • Supports UITableView playback
  • Supports UICollectionView playback
  • Supports UIScrollView playback
  • Supports background playback
  • Supports play sound in silent mode by default
  • Supports speed rate playback (0.5x, 1.0x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2.0x)
  • Supports custom player view
  • Supports advertising view
  • Supports adding Http headers and other options to AVURLAsset

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Bits of Steel Supplies Has Grown Their Presence of Steel Supplies in Brisbane

Bits of Steel Supplies Has Grown Their Presence of Steel Supplies in Brisbane

Bits of Steel Supplies Has Grown Their Presence of Steel Supplies in Brisbane

Brisbane, QLD – Bits of Steel Supplies proudly supports pure Australian made steel. Their staff has a combined experience of over 100 years in the steel industry. The team at Bits of Steel Supplies has massed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in steel processing and applications. They provide one-on-one personalized support and are happy to assist their customers in finding the right products. Their company prides themselves on their problem-solving approach to steelwork and is known for coming up with creative solutions. Their commitment to client satisfaction has driven business growth, allowing them to grow their presence throughout Greater Brisbane.

Bits of Steel Supplies offers the broadest range of steel supplies in Brisbane and surrounding areas. They can manage projects of all sizes, from an individual seeking custom cut steel to large corporations. A spokesperson for their company said, “We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in steel processing and applications. We’re problem solvers. We are constantly looking for new technologies and innovations. We are also passionate about using this experience to service greater Brisbane. We pride ourselves in assisting our customers with solutions.” Their company develops tailor-made solutions that fit the individual needs of each customer.

The leading steel supplier in Brisbane has earned many positive reviews for their affordable and competitive rates, plus high-quality products. Their company sources and supplies steel from the leading Australian manufacturers and have the latest processing equipment on site to fabricate almost anything based on each client’s specifications. Bits of Steel Supplies can manufacture or supply all types of steel components including bars, angles, Duragal profiles, structural sections, rectangular and square tubes, pipes, steel sheets, mesh, plates, roofing cladding, purlins and framing, post caps and paint, reinforcing products, and special steel. 

Their company offers a broad range of fabricated products and metal fabrication services. They stock pre-fabricated components but are equipped to bring custom items to life. Customers can approach the team at Bits of Steel Supplies with their drawings and ideas to immediately get an upfront quote to fabricate any component. They are Brisbane’s one-stop shop for all steel manufacturing and supply needs.

Bits of Steel Supplies offers custom cut steel for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. The Brisbane steel supplier offers the highest quality steel related services including custom cut steel, powder-coated steel, galvanized steel, steel tubes and piping, roof and wall sheeting, mesh and sheet metal, and drilling. Bits of Steel Supplies provides on-going support on each order and has gained recognition for their outstanding customer service.

Bits of Steel Supplies is located at 14 Pinacle St, Brendale, QLD 4500. View Google Maps at For enquiries, contact their team via phone at (07) 3865 7740 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

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Supply Chain Digital Reported Kenco Logistics Plan for LogistiVIEW Technology

Supply Chain Digital Reported Kenco Logistics Plan for LogistiVIEW Technology

Supply Chain Digital Reported Kenco Logistics Plan for LogistiVIEW Technology

Harry Menear, a writer for Supply Chain Digital, recently reported Kenco Logistics use of LogistiVIEW, an enterprise productivity platform for frontline workers using Augmented Reality (AR) and smart glasses. He reported that innovation specialists will assess value-added technology and provide advanced visibility into various efforts focused on testing potential supply chain management solutions and technological advances outside of a live operation. To read more, go to:

Chattanooga, Tennessee-based 3PL Kenco will be opening up a dedicated 10,000 square-foot physical warehouse space, which will serve as an expansion of its Supply Chain Innovation Lab that was introduced by the company in 2015.

LogistiVIEW’s Connected Worker Platform, built on VIEW (Visual Input Enabled Wearable) technology, combines AR, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Computer Vision on smart glasses to transform complex data for workers to make better, more informed decisions across tasks.

LogistiVIEW technology improves workforce productivity and job satisfaction by making processes hands free and eyes focused – guiding workers with simple, highly-intuitive instructions.  With visual-based cues that deliver only what’s critical for that task, along with simultaneous voice instructions, LogistiVIEW simplifies the worker’s decision-making process to reduce errors, increase accuracy, and enable rapid training.

Supply Chain Digital is an industry leading news resource about the fast-growing global community of procurement and supply chain professionals.

About LogistiVIEW 

LogistiVIEW, headquartered in North Carolina, is pioneering enterprise Augmented Reality solutions that solve real-world business problems. LogistiVIEW’s Connected Worker Platform is an enterprise productivity toolset for the frontline worker. The patent-pending platform connects advanced technologies with the most critical resource that industry can harness: the power of human intelligence within the workforce. 

Combining Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and computer vision, the LogistiVIEW software transforms complex data into actionable insights for workers to make better, more informed decisions. The platform grants access to endless sources of data – while serving up only the most critical information in an intuitive and highly visual way. With its award-winning technology in active deployments today, the Connected Worker Platform enables a new collaboration between worker and technology across Industry 4.0. Follow LogistiVIEW on Twitter at @logistiview.

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Look One’s Best This Summer With Designer Swimwear from Juste Moi

Look One’s Best This Summer With Designer Swimwear from Juste Moi

Look One’s Best This Summer With Designer Swimwear from Juste Moi
Juste Moi, offers a wide range of fashion items including luxury designer lingerie, swimwear, French brands and more, aimed at helping their customers look their best as the summer season draws near.

Devon, UK – Spotting a glamorous look does not necessarily have to involve breaking the bank. This is why Juste Moi has launched their online store, which is aimed at presenting the best wears and fashion items to women. Always keeping tabs on the latest fashion items and trends, Juste Moi has announced their updated stock for summer.

Their company, Juste Moi, offers a wide range of fashion items including luxury designer lingerie, swimwear, French brands and more, aimed at helping their customers look their best as the summer season draws near. 

Their website carries some of the finest selections which guarantee quality and comfort. The unique luxury French designers carried on their platform include the Empreinte, Lise Carmel, Aubade, Marie Jo, Prima Donna, Katherine Hamilton, and Wacoal. 

In addition, their platform offers the finest selection of exquisite silk and lace items from Marjolaine, Luna di Seta, Clara Rossi, and Lise Charmel. Their platform also carries some of the most iconic Vilebrequin range of designer swim shorts for men who enjoy quality, perfection, and stylish fun.

Regarding their boutique, a spokesperson for their company said, “Juste Moi was established in 2006 and we have been trading successfully for over ten years. We have thousands of customers all over the world and are proud to have been named amongst the top 50 Boutiques in the UK (Sunday Telegraph.) We have been nominated for several awards (including being a finalist in the Best Lingerie Shop Awards). As well as being amongst the foremost online providers, we offer a face-to-face service in our exclusive boutique in Devon in the UK, which is well worth a visit if you live nearby or are visiting this exclusive holiday destination. Ali MacDonald, our Managing Director has a passion for perfection, a unique ability to seek out the best in style and quality, and a relentless focus on customer care. For the sales team, customer enjoyment and satisfaction is paramount – it’s not just words – it really is all about you.”

For ordering, interested customers can visit the walk-in store located in Dartmouth or shop using their online platform which provides visitors access to a wide range of updated fashion items and accessories from the comfort of homes, offices or anywhere else.

As a seal of trust and guarantee, the Juste Moi platform accepts payment in UK pounds. For international customers who are purchasing items from outside the UK, such local banks will be in charge of converting the equivalent price for payment. Choose Juste Moi for designer swimwear options and enjoy premium quality fashion accessories.

Juste Moi is located at 6 Foss Street, Dartmouth, Devon TQ6 9DW, GB. For enquiries, contact their team via phone at +441803833070 or via email at Visit their website to order some of their finely selected fashion items and view their new arrivals and brands. 

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Aerobell Airlines, the Largest Charter Company in Costa Rica Offers Affordable Flights to 11 Domestic Destinations in Costa Rica

Aerobell Airlines, the Largest Charter Company in Costa Rica Offers Affordable Flights to 11 Domestic Destinations in Costa Rica

Aerobell Airlines, the Largest Charter Company in Costa Rica Offers Affordable Flights to 11 Domestic Destinations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica – With over 30 years of experience operating as the largest charter company in Costa Rica, Aerobell Airlines has become the preferred airline for many residents and tourists by offering high-quality and affordable flying options. Aerobell Airlines is a locally-owned and operated company, which has built a great reputation thanks to their great customer service and unparalleled flying options. Their company offers flights to 11 different domestic destinations embarking from Tobias Bolaños International Airport, as well as international flights and customized services. 

Through their many years of service, Aerobell Airlines has developed a unique system to provide the best flying experience to all their passengers by reducing the time for check-in process, offering free parking, as well as many other on-board amenities. Besides their highlighted efficiency, their company also offers great specials such as their Super Saver Advance Purchase Fares. This special is a great option to save up to 30% off of the regular price, based on availability. 

San Jose to La Fortuna, Tamarindo, Liberia, Quepos, etc. are some of the destinations their prestigious Airline offers every day, as their company strives to be the #1 option for tourists and residents. The spokesperson for Aerobell Airlines said, “We understand that when it comes to airlines, there are many annoying and time-consuming processes that nobody enjoys, that’s why we have designed our own system to simplify all the processes behind a flight. We pride ourselves on being recognized as the most reliable and efficient domestic airline in Costa Rica.”

Aside from their 11 domestic destinations, their company also offers private international services to many different destinations to North and South America. Their company boasts a great fleet of modern aircraft and helicopters. Their flights are available at different hours depending on the destination and they can be booked online via their website or phone.

In addition, Aerobell Airlines also offers customized private services such as aerial recognition of real states, which are commonly used by real estate agents & developers, as well as prospective buyers; Aerial Photography and video, which is perfect for movies and advertisements, as well as 24/7 emergency transportation, and more.

Aerobell Airlines is located at Hangar #17, Tob­ías Bolaños International Airport, Pavas, San José, 10109, CR. For enquiries from the largest charter company in Costa Rica, contact their team via phone at +506-4000-2030 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

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Address:Hangar #17, Tob­ías Bolaños International Airport
City: Pavas
State: San José
Country: Costa Rica

Cheap Chris Stapleton Concert Tickets, Floor Seats, Lower Level Seating, Club Seating, Suites, and General Admission (GA) with Promo Code at has discount Chris Stapleton concert tickets for his 2019 tour dates. This trusted ticket site has extended customer appreciation promo/offer/coupon code.
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Special guests include Brothers Osborne, Margo Price, Brent Cobb, and The Marcus King Band on select dates.

Chris Stapleton is a country, bluegrass musician. He is an established songwriter with six number one songs including the 5-week number one “Never Wanted Nothing More” recorded by Kenny Chesney, “Love’s Gonna Make It Alright” recorded by George Strait and “Come Back Song” recorded by Darius Rucker. As a songwriter, over 150 of Stapleton’s songs have appeared on albums by such artists as Adele, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley.

In 2008, he joined a bluegrass band, The SteelDrivers, as their lead singer and guitarist, but left in 2010. In 2013, he formed Southern rock band The Jompson Brothers, which opened for Zac Brown Band on their “Sailing Southern Ground Cruise” in 2010. In 2013, Stapleton emerged as a solo artist and released his debut album, Traveller, in May of 2015.

Chris Stapleton took home “Male Vocalist of the Year” at the 2015 CMA Awards, however, it was his duo performance with Justin Timberlake that stole the show.

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2019 Chris Stapleton Tour Dates

July 19—Omaha, NE—CHI Health Center
July 20—Monticello, IA—Great Jones County Fair
July 21—Twin Lakes, WI—Country Thunder
July 25—Bangor, ME—Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion
July 26—Bethel, NY—Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
July 27—Canandaigua, NY—CMAC
August 1-3—Detroit Lakes, MN—WE Fest 2019
August 1—Charleston, WV—Charleston Civic Center Coliseum
August 9—Holmdel, NJ—PNC Bank Arts Center
August 10—Burgettstown, PA—KeyBank Pavilion
August 11—Columbia, MD—Merriweather Post Pavilion
August 15—Erie, PA—Erie Insurance Arena‡
August 16—Grand Rapids, MI—Van Andel Arena
August 17—Toronto, ON—Budweiser Stage
August 22—Wichita, KS—INTRUST Bank Arena
August 23—Little Rock, AR—Verizon Arena
August 24—Bossier City, LA—CenturyLink Center
August 29—Huntsville, AL—Von Braun Center
August 31—Orange Beach, AL—The Wharf Amphitheater
October 3—Springfield, MO—JQH Arena
October 4—Oklahoma City, OK—Chesapeake Energy Arena
October 5—Memphis, TN—FedEx Forum
October 10—Jacksonville, FL—Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
October 11—Tampa, FL—MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
October 12—West Palm Beach, FL—Coral Sky Amphitheatre
October 17—Charleston, SC—North Charleston Coliseum
October 18—Virginia Beach, VA—Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia Beach
October 19—Greensboro, NC—Greensboro Coliseum
October 25—Peoria, IL—Peoria Civic Center
October 26—Kansas City, MO—Sprint Center
November 1—Greenville, SC—Bon Secours Wellness Arena
November 2—Louisville, KY—KFC Yum! Center
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