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Colorado Edition: Regulations And Recommendations

Today on Colorado Edition: we’ll look at how THC vaping products are regulated in Colorado. We’ll also discuss how Aurora is regulating its mobile home parks, and learn about a hybrid online school that is clashing with its district. Finally, we’ll look at an agency that is killing wild animals, and answer a listener question about the last grizzly bear in Colorado.

USDA Offers Pork Companies A New Inspection Plan, Despite Opposition

For the first time in half a century, the U.S. government just revised the way that it inspects pork slaughterhouses. The change has been long in coming. It’s been debated, and even tried out at pilot plants, for the past 20 years. It gives pork companies themselves a bigger role in the inspection process. Critics call it privatization. To understand the change, it’s helpful to visualize a pork processing plant. It works like an assembly line in reverse. A whole pig gets cut up into parts. At various points along that disassembly line, inspectors from the federal government are required by law to be present at all times. They reject live animals that seem sick or sections of a carcass that don’t look right. Casey Gallimore, director of regulatory and scientific affairs at the North American Meat Institute , which represents meat companies, says that a really big plant has seven inspectors on the processing line. “You’re going to have three inspectors that are looking at the heads,

‘The Personification Of Human Decency’: Nina Totenberg Remembers Cokie Roberts

Our newsroom is in tears. My phone and email are bursting with more tears. The country has lost a great journalist. But I and so many thousands of others have lost a great friend . Yes, thousands of others. Cokie Roberts was the embodiment of our better angels — whether it was her work for Save the Children or the millions of kindnesses large and small that she dispensed daily, without ever thinking that what she was doing was unusual or remarkable. The country knew her as this always polite political reporter, willing to ask the impolitic question if necessary — this funny, wise, smart woman, who could write circles around most reporters. National Archives Foundation Vice Chair of Board Cokie Roberts and former first lady Laura Bush onstage at the National Archives Foundation Annual Gala in Washington, D.C., in 2018. Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images for National Archiv For the past three years, as she battled the return of a cancer vanquished some 14 years earlier, she carried on,

Parked: Aurora Struggles To Help Renters In Mobile Home Parks

More than a year ago, Aurora was blazing trails in how to handle the battle between mobile home park owners and helpless renters. Now, Aurora lawmakers, like so many across the state, are struggling again with whether and how to preserve the dwindling stock of affordable housing.

What’s The Deal With Cults?

What exactly is the definition of a cult? How and why do people join them? And why are Americans so fascinated by them? These are surprisingly difficult questions to answer despite the media saturation of cults in the United States. Cults are often thought of as inextricably tied to religion. However, the meaning of the word “cult” has shifted over time. Today, the term means a group with socially deviant behaviors. This nebulous designation means that it can be a lot easier to join a cult than most think. Some businesses might be considered cults. Some exercise classes are described as cult-like. More than a few political movements are classified as cults. However, it should come as no surprise that leaving can be extremely difficult. Trying to leave can challenge a persons entire belief system or even lead to physical or mental abuse from other cult members. We sit down with a former cult member, a professor and a psychoanalyst to learn more about this phenomenon and what you can do

‘This Machine Kills Fascists’: Politics And Music With Billy Bragg

The “people’s poet” isn’t one for sitting on the sidelines and staying silent. British singer-songwriter and activist Billy Bragg has been at music and politics for more than 35 years. While some might view the two subjects as separate, he’s dedicated much of his music to social change and grassroot causes. His political writing isn’t restricted to the studio. Bragg is an author and outspoken critic of fascism, Brexit and current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His new book, “The Three Dimensions of Freedom,” explores the tools democracy has at its disposal to combat the rise of authoritarianism. We sit down with Bragg to discuss his distinctive blend of folk and rock, his new book and what the future holds for his home country. GUESTS Billy Bragg , Musician, activist; author, The Three Dimensions of Freedom. @billybragg For more, visit . 2019 WAMU 88.5 American University Radio. Copyright 2019 WAMU 88.5. To see more, visit WAMU 88.5 .

Locked And Loaded: The U.S., Saudi Arabia and Iran

The possibility of an armed conflict between Iran and the United States increased Sunday as American officials accused Iran of being involved in an attack on oil-producing facilities in Saudi Arabia. President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday that the White House knew the identity of the culprit behind the attack. He also said that the U.S. military is “locked and loaded,” but that he was waiting on information from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia oil supply was attacked. There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 15, 2019 Iran dismissed the allegations on Monday, saying that they were “baseless” and “unacceptable. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard force said Sunday that it was prepared for a “full-scale war” and that its missiles could hit U.S. bases and ships within

BLM Jobs May Be Coming West. But Which Ones?

Along with its new headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado, the Bureau of Land Management is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to our region. But, there is some confusion on the specifics.

Cokie Roberts, Pioneering Journalist Who Helped Shape NPR, Dies At 75

Veteran journalist Cokie Roberts, who joined an upstart NPR in 1978 and left an indelible imprint on the growing network with her coverage of Washington politics before later going to ABC News, has died. She was 75. Roberts died Tuesday due to complications from breast cancer, according to a family statement. A bestselling author and Emmy Award winner, Roberts was one of NPR’s most recognizable voices and is considered one of a handful of pioneering female journalists — along with Nina Totenberg, Linda Wertheimer and Susan Stamberg — who helped shape the public broadcaster’s sound and culture at a time when few women held prominent roles in journalism. Nina Totenberg, Linda Wertheimer and Cokie Roberts, photographed around 1979, were among the prominent female voices on NPR in its early years. NPR Having so many female voices at a national broadcaster was nothing short of revolutionary in the 1970s, NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson recalled in an interview with The