New Xray Features Enhance Workflows, Productivity and UX

The recently released JFrog Xray versions 3.31 & 3.32 have brought to the table a raft of new capabilities designed to improve and streamline your workflows, productivity and user experience.  The new features, detailed below, solidify Xray as the optimum universal software composition analysis (SCA) solution for JFrog Artifactory  that’s trusted by developers and DevSecOps […]

JFrog Cold Artifact Storage: Retention Policies for Your Binaries

With the trend towards smaller but more frequent software releases, your binaries and artifacts keep accumulating faster. Our enterprise customers each maintain an average of 20 million unique artifacts, adding 130% more each year. Eventually, a clutter of outdated binaries forms, and fInding the binaries you need becomes unwieldy, difficult, and confusing. Over time, your […]

GitLab vs JFrog: Who Has the Right Stuff?

Like the historic space race, the competition to plant the flag of DevOps is blasting off. According to market intelligence firm IDC, global business will invest $6.8 trillion in digital transformation by 2023. Yet research also suggests that 70 percent of them will fail to meet their goals. JFrog was the first company to offer […]

Don’t let Prometheus Steal your Fire

Background Prometheus is an open-source, metrics-based event monitoring and alerting solution for cloud applications. It is used by nearly 800 cloud-native organizations including Uber, Slack, Robinhood, and more. By scraping real-time metrics from various endpoints, Prometheus allows easy observation of a system’s state in addition to observation of hardware and software metrics such as memory […]

Proceed With Care: How to Use Approval Gates in Pipelines

While DevOps automation aims to eliminate most human intervention in the CI/CD DevOps pipeline, you can’t always cut people completely out of the process. There are still times when you’ll want an expert, hands-on review to assure that everything is as it should be before allowing your pipeline to proceed further. That’s why JFrog Pipelines […]

Get Cybersmart with JFrog This October

We live in a world of increasingly connected devices – phones, digital assistants, smart watches, cars, thermostats, refrigerators, windmills, and more. More than 50% of the world’s population is now online and two-thirds own a mobile device, according to the World Economic Forum. Additionally, the codebase of today’s applications typically consists mainly of open source […]

The Vulnerability Conundrum: Improving the Disclosure Process

The vulnerability disclosure process involves reporting security flaws in software or hardware, and can be complex. Cooperation between the organization responsible for the software or hardware, and the security researcher who discovers the vulnerability can be complicated.  In this blog we’ll look at the vulnerability disclosure process, the parties involved and how they can collaborate […]

Fold Your Repos Into PHP Composer v2 with Artifactory

If you’re among the nearly one in four professional developers using PHP (according to StackOverflow’s 2021 survey), then the maintainers of Composer would really like you to migrate from v1 of the PHP package manager to v2.  On October 24 2020, Composer 2.0.0 was released with some major improvements.Since almost eight out of every ten […]