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Edible Herbs Pop Up In Iowa City Planters

Edible herbs are popping up in planters around Iowa City, Iowa, as a new way to interact and utilize the environment in public spaces.

The planters are specifically packed with a wide variety of plants that can be used for tea-making. Some of the planters even feature actual tea-pots to promote the idea.

Some of the edible plants include lemongrass, rosemary, lavender, passionflower, French thyme, black-eyed Susan, and St. John’s wort.

This is the second year the Parks and Recreation Department has put on the program.

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Pre-Historic Mastodon Jaw Bone Found on Southern Iowa Farm

IOWA CITY, Iowa- This past Saturday, a University of Iowa Paleontology team was on a farm in southern Iowa to pick up the bone, of a prehistoric mastodon.

Tiffany Adrain heads up the University of Iowa Paleontology Repository. She and a team of students went to take the donation of the bone, and to seek for evidence of more bones. Owners of the land did not want to be identified, to keep fossil hunters off their land.

“We were notified a couple of weeks ago that somebody had found a fossil in the middle of a small river on the property,” said Adrain. “It was actually a high school student who had found the object in the landowners contacted us and notified us sent us photographs, now we could tell right away it was a jaw bone of a mastodon, a mastodon is an extinct large hairy elephant.

The team paired this with a donation from the same landowner over 30 years ago. At that time the bones were identified as a larger, wooly mammoth.

“So perhaps our identification of Mammoth was incorrect, so we rushed to the cabinets we carefully lifted out the bones, took some photographs of them, and sent them to a specialist,” said Adrain. “Right away you know it’s mastodon because of these teeth.”

If you find a fossil of some kind, and wonder what it might be, you can contact the University of Iowa Paleontology Repository here.