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Best wines for Valentine’s Day with Erath Winery

Roses and Rosé are in the air with Valentine’s Day upon us! Our very own Maggie Flecknoe connects with winemaker Gary Horner of Oregon-based Erath Winery to ensure you and your special someone pick the right wines during the most romantic holiday of the year.

Texas girl has her own makeup line at only 11 years old

Nefertiti Miller is making a statement in the fashion industry, and she’s only 11 years old. The owner of Sugadoo Cosmetics, she visits Morning Dose to talk about the inspiration for her line and how it is helping tween girls find all-inclusive, age-appropriate cosmetic options while also saving the world’s sea turtles.

The Dr. Dawn shares dating tips ahead of Valentine’s Day workshop

Is clinging to your comfort zone stopping you from finding a fulfilling relationship? Certified life coach Dawn Paul — or better known as The Dr. Dawn — visits Morning Dose to share dating and relationship advice for singles trying survive loneliness through the Valentine’s Day season.

The good doctor will be holding a special event on her “Let Me Love You” tour starting on Valentine’s Day at 6:30 p.m.

Click here to register or for more information. Tickets start at $50.

Harlem Globetrotters ‘Pushing the Limits’ 2020 tour comes to Houston

The Original Harlem Globetrotters never cease to amaze, but this year the team is taking its act to the next level! Morning Dose’s Maggie Flecknoe hits the court with guard Lucky Jiang and forward Zeus McClurkin at the University of Houston ahead of the “Pushing the Limits” show this weekend.

The Harlem Globetrotters 2020 world tour will be at the Fertitta Center from Feb. 15 – 16.

Tickets are currently available at

Outside the box exercises to bust plateaus

It’s Fitness Friday time! Have you been consistent in your workout routine since the start of 2020? Did you know that being TOO consistent can actually reduce your results?

That’s right! If you find yourself doing the same workout routines over and over again your body plateaus! Personal trainer, Lindsey Day, has some outside the box workouts you can throw in to switch up the routine. We’re creatures of habit, hard-wired to seek what’s comfortable.

The bad news is staying comfortable allows the body to adapt – slowing the metabolism, fat burning and muscle growth. These plateaus prevent progress toward goals!

The good news is I’m here to help you overcome with 5 outside the box exercises I bet you’ve never tried!


1) A Bottoms Up Kettle Bell Shoulder Press

Grip the handle and keep the rounded part pointing upward as you press up.

The exercises I’m showing you today force you to use stabilizing muscles…which are often neglected.


2) Trap Bar Lunge Deadlift

Step one foot forward, placing inside of a trap bar.

Keep the weight in the heel of the front foot.

Hinge forward at your hips with a straight spine until the trap bar taps the ground.


3) Barbell Slide Hamstring Curl

Lay on your back, place a weighted bar on top of your hips.

Place your feet on a slider or towel and bend your knees 90 degrees.

Thrust your hips up to make a straight line from your knees to your shoulders, then with control, slide your feet out until your legs are straight. Feel the hammies BURN!


4) Single Arm Lat Pull Down

Hop on the lat pull down machine.

Keep the bar in front of your body and your elbows pointing out as you pull down – ONE side at a time.

Make sure to engage your LATS, NOT your biceps!


5) Candle Stick Abs

Hop on a bench, and lift your body up in the air until perpendicular with the ground.

It’s a fun one!


If you’ve been doing the same exercise routine for more than 3 weeks – its time to switch it up my friends!



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