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Northrop Grumman breaks ground on missile facility in Roy

ROY, Utah — Defense company Northrop Grumman broke ground on a new facility at Hill Air Force Base on Tuesday, which will bring thousands of jobs to northern Utah.

The new facility will be working on ground-based missiles that would deter another country from launching a nuclear attack against the United States.

Sen. Mitt Romney said he’s proud that the company chose Utah to build its headquarters.

“Ground-based missiles were developed 60-70 years ago, and they need to be completely replaced,” Romney said. “The whole system needs to be modernized. Other nations have done that. Russia has done that. It’s time for America to do it.”

Kathy J. Warden, the president and CEO of Northrop Grumman, said the company chose Utah because of its educated workforce, its patriotism and its support for the military.

“We’re so proud to be running the program right here out of the state of Utah,” she said.

Rep. Rob Bishop said he wanted to emphasize how important facilities like this are for the safety of the United States. He disagreed with critics who say increasing our country’s nuclear power might provoke enemies.

“If indeed we are going to be secure 30, 40, 50 years from now, it’s going to be based on these decisions that are being made right here,” Bishop said. “This is not just cool for Utah and for the employment here. This has nation-wide implications of how we’re actually going to defend our country in the future a long time after I’m gone, which is not that far away.”

The facility will be finished by mid-summer next year and could bring as many as 2,500 new jobs to the area.

3 Questions with Bob Evans: Col. Rueschhoff on the F-35

SALT LAKE CITY — The F-35 Lightning is the new fighter in town at Hill Air Force Base, and the jet is said to have capabilities superior to that of any aircraft on the planet.

Col. Jason Rueschhoff, commander of the 388th Fighter Wing’s Operations Group, recently came to the Fox 13 Studio to answer 3 Questions with Bob Evans. See the video above for his interview and  his answers to the 3 Questions listed below:

  1.  The F-16 has long been the workhorse of the U.S. Air Force, how is the F-35 different from the F-16?
  2. Some have been critical of the time it has taken to make the F-35 combat ready, has the wait been worth it?
  3. You said the F-35 is fun to fly, what makes it different from other aircraft you’ve piloted?

Hill Air Force Base airmen return from seven-month deployment

LAYTON, Utah — After a seven-month deployment in the Middle East, 128 members of the 729th Air Control Squadron returned to Hill Air Force Base Monday morning.

“The camaraderie built during deployment – it brings such a small unit so close together. We all go through the same struggles and it’s something that we can take with us for the rest of our lives,” said one airman who returned Monday.

The airmen were supporting “several named operations that contributed to the defeat of the ISIS caliphate in Syria,” according to a news release from HAFB.

The duties of the 729th ACS include aircraft control, surveillance, weapons direction and equipment maintenance.