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Florida man tied up wife’s lover, cut off his penis and ran off with it, deputies say

A Florida man is accused of exacting a gruesome revenge on a man he allegedly caught having sex with his wife.

The Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office says a neighbor told police that Alex Bonilla, 49, broke into his home in Bell, west of Gainesville, on Sunday morning when his two children were present, forced him into a bedroom at gunpoint, tied him up, and cut off his penis with scissors, WCJB reports.

According to court documents, Bonilla then ran away with the severed penis.

An arrest affidavit states that Bonilla caught the victim having sex with his wife in May. Bonilla was charged with felonies including aggravated assault, aggravated battery, and false imprisonment, as well as two counts of cruelty to a child, reports NBC.  Bail has been set at $1.25 million.

The victim remains hospitalized, but it’s not clear what happened to the penis. (This man in Japan flushed the severed penis down a toilet after a similar crime.)

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Principal reassigned after writing that he couldn’t say the Holocaust was ‘a factual, historical event’

The principal at a Florida high school is being reassigned to a position with the school district after revelations that he wrote emails to a parent that seemed to cast doubt on the historical veracity of the Holocaust.

“It is out of an abundance of concern and respect for the students and staff of Spanish River Community High School that School District Administration has decided to reassign Principal William Latson effective immediately,” the School District of Palm Beach County wrote in a statement.

In April 2018, a parent reached out to William Latson, the principal at Spanish River Community High School in Boca Raton, with a question about how the school handles the Holocaust in its curriculum.

“I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee,” Latson responded, according to the school district.

The Palm Beach Post published the excerpts from the emails on Friday after obtaining them via an open records request.

According to the paper, Latson went on to write, “Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened. And you have your thoughts, but we are a public school and not all of our parents have the same beliefs.”

However, the school district said Latson’s email wasn’t just “offensive,” it was totally out of step with its education efforts, adding that the system is and always has been “working diligently to be a leader in mandatory Holocaust education for students in grades K-12.”

“The District’s curriculum is based on historical fact,” the statement added.

CNN has filed a public information request and reached out to Latson as well as the district for further comment.

In a statement to the Palm Beach Post, Latson said, “I regret that the verbiage that I used when responding to an email message from a parent, one year ago, did not accurately reflect my professional and personal commitment to educating all students about the atrocities of the Holocaust.”

The school district said it “counseled” Latson “about the choices he made in responding” to the parent’s emails and instructed him to “further expand” his school’s Holocaust curriculum.

Latson traveled to Washington to visit the U.S. Holocaust Museum and learn more about the mass genocide perpetrated by the Nazi regime that took the lives of 6 million Jews in Europe.

But district officials still felt that Latson’s words were causing a “major distraction for the school community,” and they moved to place him in a new role.

“Every generation must recognize, and learn from, the atrocities of the Holocaust’s incomprehensible suffering and the enduring stain that it left on humankind,” Palm Beach County school board Chairman Frank Barbieri Jr. said in a statement.

12-year-old Indiana girl contracts deadly flesh-eating disease during Florida vacation

MOORESVILLE, Ind. — A family vacation to Florida turned into a week in the hospital for one Indiana family when their 12-year-old daughter Kylei contracted a life-threatening infection from the beach and was forced to fight for her life.

“It’s just so hard seeing friends and family on the beach having fun because we were there doing the same thing, and I almost lost her,” Kylei’s mother, Michelle Brown, said.

Towards the end of their trip to Destin, Florida this month, Kylei began feeling pain in her leg. When the family got back to Indiana, the pain turned into swelling and then a fever. Brown called and made an appointment with her doctor, but she didn’t realize how bad the situation was until the doctor directed them to the emergency room.

“When they told me we needed to go home and pack bags and get to Riley, my anxiety went from 0 to 110,” Brown said. “I knew something was wrong.”

Brown said doctors first thought it might be a blood clot. She watched in horror as her daughters’ condition got worse.

“Her blood pressure was just continuously dropping,” Brown said. “It was rough.”

Doctors soon discovered Kylei had Necrotizing Fasciitis. She had to have surgery to help remove the infection.

“The emergency surgery was to hopefully save her leg, but more importantly, to save her life,” Brown said.

According to the CDC, this aggressive infection kills one out of every three people who contract it. Prompt medical treatment is key.

“If it wasn’t for the quick responses and aggressive treatments, I wouldn’t have her,” Brown said.

The bacteria is usually contracted in water and enters through an open wound. On their trip to the beach, Kylei stuck her toes in the water, just days after scuffing her toe on a skateboard.

“It started from a scuff on her toe, a scrape on her toe, and it almost cost her her life,” Brown said.

Now finally back home, Kylei still has a needle in her arm for her antibiotics. Her leg is still wrapped, and she’s starting therapy to walk again.

“I’ve told my mom I just want to be normal again with my leg,” Kylei said.

As the family starts their long road to recovery, Brown wants other families to know the dangers and the signs. She hopes other family vacations to the beach don’t end in tragedy.

“It’s hard for me to think about if I had waited one more day, or even a couple more hours,” Brown said. “We’re just very fortunate.”

The CDC says if you have any open wounds you should avoid spending time in hot tubs, swimming pools and open water.

It’s important to keep wounds clean and covered, and if you experience symptoms of an infection, get immediate treatment.

A woman was arrested in Florida for allegedly stomping on sea turtle nests

(CNN) — A woman has been arrested in Miami Beach, Florida, after she was seen stomping on a sea turtle nest, according to police.

Yaqun Lu, 41, was seen by witnesses and Miami Beach police officers on Saturday “jabbing at the sea turtle nest” with a wooden stake and “stomping all over the nest with her bare feet,” an arrest affidavit says.

The area had been closed off to the public with yellow tape and a sign that said, “Do not disturb sea turtle nest,” the affidavit says.

Lu, a Chinese citizen who gave police a home address in Michigan, faces a charge of marine turtle or egg molestation or harassment, per online court records.

Court records indicate Lu is represented by a public defender. CNN was unable to reach the public defender’s office for comment.

A number of sea turtle species are protected under both the 1973 US Endangered Species Act and Florida law, according to Miami Beach’s website, and it’s illegal to touch or harm them or their eggs.

Miami Beach serves as a nesting habitat for three species of sea turtles — Loggerhead, Green and Leatherback — between April and early November, its website says.

“Thankfully,” Miami Beach police said, “it appears the eggs were not damaged.”

Florida church plans to host ‘Make America Straight Again’ event

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – A Florida church whose preacher calls homosexuality abnormal and advocates for the arrest of lesbians and gays is planning to host a “Make America Straight Again” event starting Friday, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The Revival Baptist Church’s leader, Pastor Patrick Boyle, did not disclose the location of the event in an effort to prevent protesters from attending, he told the Sentinel.

On Facebook, the event appears to have about 21 confirmed attendees.

According to the Sentinel, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office declined a request from Boyle to hire off-duty officers as security, saying “it looks like a hate group” and they did not want to be involved. Boyle told the Sentinel he plans to hire private security for the event instead.

Boyle said homosexuality “isn’t a normal lifestyle” and that law enforcement should arrest and, if found guilty, execute those who practice homosexuality.

The pastor defended his stance to the Orlando Sentinel, saying he doesn’t advocate for violence against people who are homosexual. Rather, the government should make it an illegal practice.

Boyle said the church, consisting of about 60 members, has received both messages of support and threats of violence.

Florida Marine fatally shot while attempting to apologize for cutting driver off

DAVIE, Fla. – A retired Marine was fatally shot Friday while trying to apologize for cutting off another driver in traffic, WSVN reported. He opened fire on the gunman in self defense, fatally injuring him.

Authorities identified 41-year-old Keith Byrne’s body inside his work truck and 22-year-old Andre Sinclair’s body in the street.

Police told WSVN Byrne accidentally cut Sinclair off while both were approaching a red light. Byrne attempted to apologize to Sinclair’s girlfriend, who was driving, when Sinclair brandished a gun. His 19-month-old daughter was in the back seat at the time.

Both Sinclair and Byrne – who was also armed – opened fire. Byrne died from his injuries there; Sinclair succumbed to his wounds at Broward Health Medical Center.

Police said Byrne was acting in self-defense when he shot Sinclair; he had been on the phone with a friend when the incident happened.

Byrne’s family said he will be buried with full military honors at the South Florida National Cemetery.

Florida woman reportedly stabs self in stomach because she was ‘tired of living in Trump’s country’

PALMETTO, Fla. – A Florida woman who stabbed herself multiple times in the abdomen said she did so because of President Donald Trump, KTTV reported.

Responding officers said the woman was found standing outside her apartment Sunday; she lifted her shirt to show them three stab wounds.

“I’m tired of living in Trump’s country. I’m tired of Trump being president,” she reportedly told the police.

The report said the woman cited those reasons for her self-inflicted harm.

KTTV reported the unidentified woman had a history of hurting herself.

Florida man arrested after being caught on camera intentionally running over dog

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — A Florida man was arrested Sunday night after he was caught on video running over a dog – on purpose.

Robert Joseph Kayat, 29, is charged with felony animal cruelty, WESH reported.

Video provided to authorities shows Kayat swerve at the dog before running it over.

After the dog was hit, Kayat get out of his truck, kicked the animal and then drove away.

You may have seen a disturbing video of a vehicle running over a dog. We saw it & can confirm it happened in our area & the dog did not survive.

Deputies have ID’d the driver and are charging him with aggravated animal cruelty.

We’ll update you as the arrest is processed.

— Volusia Co. Sheriff (@VolusiaSheriff) June 3, 2019

“So long, sucker!” Video shows lawyer shooing raccoon off boat, into water

It’s a hard video for an animal lover to watch: An apparently scared raccoon skitters along the bow of a boat as a man shouts at him, threatening to push him into the water, until the animal finally slips off the edge. A subsequent video shows the raccoon trying to stay afloat in the water.

Florida lawyer Thomas Cope posted the videos on Facebook, where they went viral—and led to outrage.

Cope says the raccoon stowed away on the boat, only coming out when it was 20 miles offshore. The animal is presumed to have died at sea, and some viewers of the video called the whole thing “disgusting” and “despicable,” the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Cope has since apologized, and the state has launched an investigation.

“The animal was running around the boat hissing and growling, making it impossible for me or my friend to drive the boat,” Cope said in a statement. “Knowing raccoons can be rabid and unpredictable, the only realistic option we could think of in the moment was to get the raccoon off the boat.”

He added that he felt bad for the raccoon, though he can be heard in the video telling it “so long, sucker” as it fell into the water and he referred to it as a “trash panda” in the post caption, per the Orlando Weekly.

A source tells WFLA that Cope originally posted the videos to a private group for boaters, but they were shared widely outside of that group.

The incident was reported to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which says anyone with further information should call the state’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 1-888-404-3922. (These raccoons weren’t rabid, just tipsy.)

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Deputies: Florida woman arrested in Burger King bathroom with seven syringes hidden in vagina

LARGO, Fla. – A Florida woman is facing charges after deputies say she hid several syringes inside her vagina, according to WFLA.

The arrest report says 35-year-old Jaymie Wescott was reportedly snarling and yelling at staff, refusing to leave the Burger King bathroom.

Wescott allowed deputies to search her but reportedly pulled away when they searched her groin area. That’s where they allegedly “felt something hard,” WFLA reported.

Deputies brought Wescott to jail where she reportedly removed seven syringes from her vagina. The arrest report said the syringes contained a clear substance but did not specify what the substance was.

Wescott now faces charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, introducing or possessing contraband in a county detention facility and resisting an officer without violence.