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New Major Release: WPeMatico Better Excerpts 3.0

New Major Release: WPeMatico Better Excerpts 3.0

We want to tell you about our last release. If you work with WordPress you will be interested.

WPeMatico Better Excerpts already had the function to work for the old wordpress posts or for the new posts imported from WPeMatico campaigns. But it also works individually for standard WordPress posts with or without WPeMatico installed!

That’s why it can be purchased for use as an extension of WPeMatico or for individual use to significantly improve extracts from WordPress entries.

In this release we significantly improved the entire code structure and classes of the plugin to further improve stability and performance.

In addition to that we have added more than 7 new features, requested by our best customers and some totally unknown that are only necessary to really use WordPress in depth.

Take a look and follow the link to see them in more detail on its page.

  1. Limits the number of characters in excerpts.
  2. Defines end-of-paragraph characters.
  3. Excerpt as Post Content.
  4. Strip the HTML tags and shortcodes you don’t need.
  5. Strip (or not) all images tags from the excerpt.
  6. Strip (or not) all anchors tags from the excerpt.
  7. Excerpt Template, globally and by campaign.
  8. WPeMatico campaign can manage individual excerpt templates.
  9. Parse the content of all posts or only those created by WPeMatico.
  10. Show the excerpt instead of the content of the post in your theme.
  11. Parses the content excerpts only for feeds.
  12. Custom ‘Read More’ texts.
  13. Customized permalink redirections for ‘Read More’.
  14. Customized window target, Self or New Tab for ‘Read More’ link.

Look at the captures of the new screens to see all the additional features and options that it is using WPeMatico Better Excerpts.

New posts synchronizer!

New posts synchronizer!

Hey, guys!

Nobody like spam. Right? Actually our newsletters are very infrequent. One or two every two months and just to announce good news 😉

Recently we released new versions of WPeMatico Free 2.3 version to keep maintaining and adding features to our (and your) best plugin ;-D

We will continue with periodic updates, improving and adding new features, but I also want to tell you about a new addon!  Awesome! 

For a long time several users came to us asking for these features, “Updating already imported feeds” -> a wordpress plugin that can import the feed and regularly update the content of the already imported pages. | Set up the campaigns to only update posts | overwrite existing post with new post (Latest content and date) with same title… and so on…

WOW, how sad to answer “Not yet…”, for so long, but we listen! and today we change the answer and currently we say “Now yes!”

Introducing the new WPeMatico Synchronizer.

New posts synchronizer! 1

Synchronizer is an add-on for WPeMatico
that allows you to keep updated the content of the posts obtained by
any feed, during the synchronization process this addon analyzes the
content of the feed items and compares them, if different from the
content of the post, it will be updated, including multimedia files,
authors, categories and tags.

What is Synchronization?

Synchronization is a process that analyzes the items in the feed and
compares them with your posts to determine if there was a change in the

The changes (edited, added and deleted) in the feed items will be synchronized. This means that, as an item is synchronized, your post will be updated by adding these new changes, so both articles will have the same content.

For more info take a look at the product page!

Coming soon 2019 & WPeMatico 2.2!!

WPeMatico 2.2

With the important release of our new products for EDD Dropshiping, we also have been working in other improvements for our main product, WPeMatico, launching the new version 2.2, which adds a new campaign type… then the best importer of feeds atom and RSS2 to WordPress, also has support for XML files and URLs as feeds.
Plus other simple fixes and some WordPress filters added to parse categories and autocategories, before inserting them into posts.

XML Campaign Type adds to WPeMatico the ability to import content from an XML file and create with that content any type of posts on your WordPress website. This new campaign type also allows you to upload the XML files to the Media Library of WordPress and use them through your URL, once the URL of the XML file is inserted you will be able to review the data of the file to obtain its properties and elements.

This new free version will be available very soon in the WordPress plugins repository at

2019 is coming! Happy New Year!!

Easy Digital Downloads Dropshipping

Just in time for the new year, we have a new developed and interesting tool!

Have you ever heard of Dropshipping, how it works and what are its advantages for your digital business?

In this article we will try to explain to you in a nutshell what is this new and powerful sales technique and why more users are interested in it every day to set up their own businesses on their websites and also how we get involved in it… for you.

What is Dropshipping?

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

As in retail business, the majority of retailers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price, but in this case the retailers earn an agreed percentage of the sales in commission and paid the difference automatically to the wholesaler when the final client makes the purchase.

How exactly does the dropshipping work?

If you currently own an eCommerce or you are thinking that you need one, by creating agreements and negotiations with owners and/or developers of digital products, you will be able to sell your digital products or services from your own web store.

Then, at the time that the end customer buys any of these products and/or services in your Web store, the owner and/or developer would also receive a notification, so that it is he who sent those customers such products.

What benefit does each party?

  • The business for the retailer or reseller is that he can sell third party products and win a commission on the price of the original owner.
  • The advantage for the dropshipper is that will be able to promote and sell more products on the Internet without having to worry about generating their own products and sending them because they will be responsability of the wholesale store.

EDD Dropshopping Server & EDD Dropshopping Client

A few months ago, starting from this idea we proposed, with our team, a development for Easy Digital downloads focused directly on the Dropshipping.
To get this to work we made two addons. These addons have been developed separately but work together as server and client, allowing users with the EDD Dropshipping server to use their site as a product server, and users who own the EDD Dropshipping client replicate the sale of these products to sell on their own websites in order to generate revenue through sales commissions.

Take a look at these new addons and all their features and benefits. We are sure you’ll like them.

September News

September News

We continue working hard to improve all the services and products we’re offering to our community.

In this post we want to let you know about the new areas and new services offered in our website. In addition to improvements in the general design with the aim of providing the most comfortable experience to users, plus the updates of our plugins and addons to allow continue enjoying them.


New Affiliate service, the “etruel Seller” Program

The Affiliate program runs as a large network of virtuals business, this is an opportunity to become a promoter of our products to win important commissions, that’s why presents its new affiliate program where the people can work with us in order to promote and sell our plugins to make money through commissions on sales.

September News 2



The FAQs are an information tool that allows manage more effectively the concerns of customers or the users avoiding the creation of support tickets as also the waiting time for the answers; for this reason has been improved the FAQs page, by creating a new interface a lot easier and organized by categories and subcategories for our customers and users can find the solution that are looking for, in the easiest way, fast and simple.

September News 3


My Account was renamed to Member Area

The profile called “My account” was renamed as “Member area“, because here you will find all the information, and also the user data and access to all their custom sections. The interface has been modified by adding a sidebar on the left side to display more information for the user profile, personal data and common accesses, also the latest news and all the sections divided into tabs at right: Their license keys, renewals, links to download their purchases, administration of subscriptions and also their history of purchases, support tickets etc.

September News 4


WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher 2.1.1

September News 5

WPeMatico is our main plugin in which we continue to work hard to improve it in each release. Since version 2.0, we began to improve the standardization to add new language files to the plugin. After the launch we have been contacted from China to establish an alliance with us and start promoting the plugin also in that language. We are very pleased with this initiative and in this new version we have managed to add Chinese to the plugin, already prepared also for our addons more important WPeMatico Professional and Full Content.

Currently Chinese is one of the most important languages around the world, so we are extending the possibilities of use to all our customers and users of that region.

In this new version also performed various improvements which could highlight the feed tester, showing more data of the proven feed and the character code of the feed. Also were solved some problems of tags in the post template of the campaigns, and also were fixed some small bugs found in previous versions that are reporting thousands of users who use our plugins.


WPeMatico Facebook Fetcher 2.0.1

September News 6

Facebook has been facing problems of privacy in the last months as a result of the unlawful use of data by a large number of users of the social network, as a result, Facebook decided to take measures to restrict the amount of data that developers can use for their applications.

These measures produced several related changes its privacy policy, about their API events, groups and pages, and Facebook Login used to access the applications. That’s why we have been forced to modify our addon WPeMatico Facebook Fetcher and currently can’t access to groups as it did before because Facebook no longer allows and has restricted its API. However it continues to work with the possibility of access to the pages of the administrators users for sharing your content.


eBay Campaign Type 1.1

September News 7

WPeMatico eBay Campaign Type is an extension to WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher that allows to obtain products of ‘eBay’ using the eBay Partner Network and the advantages that it offers. It will bring automatically all the categories and data from eBay to generate the feed necessary for use in the WPeMatico campaign and then take those articles and publish them as posts or also, if you use it with the Professional extension, it can publish as products from WooCommerce on your own WordPress site. In this new version there have been various improvements, among them we have added a new WP filter to allow changing the default content of the posts by external code, no need to modify the plugin.


WP-ISPConfig 3

September News 8

The first version of WP-ISPConfig was launched several years ago and is the first plugin developed for WordPress to remotely manage some features of ISPConfig 3 open source – Hosting Control Panel. Having as main objective simplify the creation of a customer and all the necessary steps for the creation of a Web site in a single step.

The 3 version include advanced enhancements for remote management from inside WordPress to a web server using this ISP-Config as hosting admin panel. Among new options are the possibility to choose between the existing connection SOAP or the new REST API recently added by the ISPConfig developers.

This version also added the ability to select independent services to create the remote site, FTP, DB, DNS, etc. being these selectable when creating each site. A new characteristic very important is the ability to add new sites to existing customers, feature that didn’t had the previous plugin. And also the new option to add domains alias.

WP-ISPConfig is a free plugin that you can download from the WordPress repository. 😉




WPeMatico core 2.1, Professional and Full Content updates!

WPeMatico core 2.1, Professional and Full Content updates!

Today we have launched together three important updates.

WPeMatico Free Core plugin 2.1 with several improvements:

  • Added some data of feed in the feeds tester.   When running the test feed, in addition to indicating that it works well with the plugin, now also displays relevant data of the content of the feed, code characters and title of the last available item.
  • Tweaks on redirect to the welcome page when updating. Some few users had problems in the last update with redirect infinite to the Welcome page. We have improved this process.
  • Tweaks on add more feeds to campaign javascript methods. Some addons could present problems in individual feed options, and also filters have been improved to add columns by code more easily.
  • Fixes an issue on {item_date} and {item_time} template tags. The values of the variables of the date and time of publication through the entire process of the items were unified.
  • Fixes auto category description on quick add inside campaign. In a previous version was added option in settings that only worked in the aggregate categories automatic during the publication of the post. Now also works with the “Quick Add” which is located within the campaign edit screen.
  • Important: Enlarges the version required for the Professional addon to 2.0v. If you are a user of the professional version, this 2.1 update of the core requires that the professional addon also has been updated to version 2.0


WPeMatico core 2.1, Professional and Full Content updates! 9WPeMatico Professional AddOn 2.0

  • Added the Feed Name field in Advanced option to each feed URL. Something requested by several of our users. A new option to add name to each row of feed to be able to identify them more easily and not only by its URL.
  • Added {feed_name} tag in Post template feature inside campaign. Also added the tag to use this name within the content of every post published.
  • Added option to follow redirections of audio or video URLs. Added the possibility to follow the redirection of video files for cases in which the sites hide the original URL of the file with this method.
  • Added option to decode html entities before download audio and video URLs. Some sites make encode entities to print the URLs that are with queries. This often causes error in downloads, so this option allows to download correctly the multimedia file.
  • Added option to display Pro Settings Page in WPeMatico menu. Just a quick access to Professional Settings in WP Main Menu.
  • Fixes an issue on keyword filtering with Full Content. The filtering by keywords process was substantially improved, also in some cases did not work well in conjunction with the Full Content addon and it was also corrected.


WPeMatico core 2.1, Professional and Full Content updates! 10And Full Content AddOn 1.7.4 version with just few fixes now,

  • Many improvements in the code. We have begun to clean and improve the code with a view to the new version 2.0. It will be prepared for the new 2.0 version in a while. 😀
  • Better compatibility with Professional addon on keywords filters.
  • Fixed an issue on notices of requirements. Sometimes the proper notification was not displayed when not met the requirements of the addon on the WordPress blog.
  • Fixes an issue getting the author from full content. Working in conjunction with the Addon Professional was not obtained the correct author from the site of origin.


Your friendly partners at!

WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher 2.0 is here!!

It’s finally here!

It’s been a long time and several stages since the old version 1.0… hundreds of improvements and many corrections over the months and even years to make our plug-in one of the most powerful autoblogging tools. Finally, we are pleased to announce to our community of users and customers that a new chapter has begun: WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher 2.0 has arrived.

We have improved a lot of things, from the evolution of our host Robotico 2.0, to our websites, add-ons store and user accounts, as well as the WPeMatico plug-in and each of its add-ons. Many of these things will become gradually available, but we couldn’t wait any longer to announce everything!

We’re happy to see how much has improved over time

Over this long journey, we’ve dedicated ourselves to improving and strengthening this plug-in’s features, plus adding lots more, all through analyzing the autoblogging needs of our users and customers in order to fulfill them. These improvements have focused on everything from design to the functionality and performance of our plug-in, and this tool has gone through a lot of changes for the sole purpose of making autoblogging something simple, flexible and easy to use.

Among the most relevant changes that have been made over the years, we can highlight the use of CRON, both the internal one from WordPress as well as an external one from a private or third-party server to noticeably improve site performance, plus the fetching of images, audio and video, allowing for large uploads. One of the most-used features is the assignment of different categories to posts based on the keywords found in the content, or the individual options of each campaign that allow you to modify the defaults from the plug-in configuration, content rewriting, post templates, coding of UTF-8 characters, and much more.


Apart from all these changes, there were a few special things that marked a turning point in the released version:

  • Quick Edit and Bulk Edit. Speeds up changes by removing the need to open the campaign to make simple modifications.
  • The button to execute/activate a campaign from the list.
  • The control panel included inside each campaign, giving easy access to the main functions and to an updated campaign summary.

And the “Campaign Types”. Without a doubt, one of the most important changes, allowing the creation of add-ons to perform different types of campaigns by adding to the standard Feed the possibility of extracting practically any type of content from other sites, such as YouTube Fetcher, Facebook Fetcher, eBay Fetcher, translate before posting and posting to an email account instead of the WordPress blog, among many others…


Introducing Robotico 2.0

It goes without saying that what was once our mascot in a flat icon has become a powerful machine capable of activating, maintaining and defending your WordPress Autoblog from the most powerful enemies: a dead, abandoned or decaying blog… Robotico won’t let your blog fall into the clutches of oblivion. xD


WPeMatico and its Addons have been developed according to the standards and regulations of WordPress, and are also compatible with third-party plug-ins to avoid problems with the site in which it is installed



Your friendly partners at

Facebook Fetcher 2.0

After studying and analyzing the different changes in the privacy policies of the Facebook App, we decided to update our Addon to continue working with all the availability of Facebook.

You can access data from pages of the creator of the app, and among the most important improvements and changes we can highlight that a new page of configurations is added where you must set the app ID and authenticate it. If the APP is not authenticated we have added a notification message to notify you in the edition of the campaign, we have also added an option to select between pages or groups and so you have more control of the content you want to publish.

New Facebook Platform Product Changes and Policy Updates

Facebook Login


  • The publish_actions permission will be deprecated. This permission granted apps access to publish posts to Facebook as the logged in user. Apps created from today onwards will not have access to this permission. Apps created before today that have been previously approved to request publish_actions can continue to do so until August 1, 2018. No further apps will be approved to use publish_actions via app review. Developers currently utilizing publish_actions are encouraged to switch to Facebook’s Share dialogs for web, iOS and Android.

Pages API


  • Call limits set to 200/page/app/hour for apps in development mode. View the charts for your app’s rate limit activity on your app dashboard.
  • Pages API will migrate to page-scoped ID (PSID) instead of app-scoped ID (ASID). Developers will have six months to migrate once app review resumes.
  • The manage_page permissions will be required for the Page/tagged endpoint.


  • Apps in development mode will only have access to information for users who have admin, developer or test roles on the app.
  • The page/photos?type=tagged endpoint, which shares photos a Page was tagged in from a person’s timeline, will no longer be available.
  • Organic targeting (post-level-restrictions) based on gender and language will be deprecated on August 1, 2018 for posts created through third-party apps. Age gating will be available in a limited form, i.e. specifying age_max will be deprecated, and age_min can only be set to 13, 17, 18, 19 or 21.


You can access all the new changes and updates of the Facebook policies from this link.


Our News of May 2018

Our News of May 2018

Best regards from the team mate at, this time we bring new and excellent news for you. 😉

During these two months we have been working hard to develop and include new features and addons for WPeMatico in order to increase the capabilities of the free WPeMatico plugin, going beyond the limits of RSS and leading to a new experience.

As we have already mentioned we were developing new features to add them in WPeMatico, in addition to correcting some bugs found in the previous versions and improving the performance of the same, among these new features and fixes we have added a new option to use as a category the most used word into Word to Category which allows you to automatically assign categories to posts depending on the word that is most used in the content of the post, and we also corrected a bug for strip featured images with ‘*’ in their names.

We have also added new features in the Professional addon, now you can cut the titles from a certain string found in them or counting words or letters and can be used in conjunction with the feature to rename titles, we have added another feature to assign taxonomies of the different post types according to words found in titles or contents (While the free version allows to do it only with categories for posts).

New features for the Professional addon Screenshots

Our main objective is to provide the best experience and take our customers beyond the limits of RSS, that is why we are dedicated to innovate check out the new add-ons we have developed to use them with WPeMatico.

New Plugins and Addons

Exporter BannerWPeMatico Exporter is a very easy Auto-Exporter plugin, which works in conjunction with the FTP and SFTP – SSH protocols and allows you to organize into campaigns, and create XML files automatically from the Posts types of your choice by CRON jobs, also this its template field also allows make any file type you want, like CSV, HTML, or just as text files.

WPeMatico Exporter Screenshots

Our News of May 2018 11The other new addon is called eBay Campaign Type, that is an Auto-DropShipping addon developed for use with WPeMatico which will allow you to generate RSS Feeds and publish any type of products from eBay depending on the Campaigns ID, Categories and Keywords of your preference, this addon will allow you to use the eBay products in your WordPress website to publish them as posts or also as WooCommerce products by relating to your eBay Parter Network Campaigns IDs.

eBay Campaign Type Screenshots

Our News of May 2018 12Last but not least we have also developed a new plugin called Diagnostic Imaging, it has been developed for use with WordPres for the administration of diagnostics by image and radiology, which allows the management and loading of studies carried out by an institute or radiological studies center.

Diagnostic Imaging Screenshots

There have been many new features that we have added in each of our plugins and addons, we invite you to inform yourself and know more specifically the features of each of our plugins.


the team mate at

January news 2018, WPeMatico 1.9

January news 2018, WPeMatico 1.9

Hi All! at least, these are the January News!! In this 2018, we have excellent news for you. Take a look at the features and functionalities that WPeMatico offers in this new version.

WPeMatico 1.9

January news 2018, WPeMatico 1.9 13The latest version of our autoblogging plugin. New features that this version has for you are Campaign Preview, which thanks to its compatibility with the Manual Fetching add-on, lets you view the list of the posts the campaign will fetch the next time. We have also added a new function called Convert character encoding to UTF-8, which lets you convert the character encoding of the content and title to UTF-8 if they have a different character encoding. Also, we have tweaked and improved the performance of file loading, and also added compatibility to use HTTP Cookies from the Professional add-on.

Campaign Preview
When click in the “eye” icon, a popup will open to show you the next items to fetch. This allow you to see if the campaign has pending items to publish from any feed inside it.

January news 2018, WPeMatico 1.9 14

The actions become available with the Manual fetching addon as you can see below.

Convert character encoding to UTF-8

This feature was automatic in the past working by reviewing all contents and re-encoding all, but taking with it a lot of server resources. Now we’ve added and option to lets you choose if convert the character encoding of the content and title to UTF-8 if they have a different character encoding.

January news 2018, WPeMatico 1.9 15


Manual Fetching

We also invite you to check out our latest add-on, Manual Fetching, which greatly expands the possibilities of WPeMatico since the combination of these add-ons allows you to view a list of posts from the RSS feed of your choice with the new Preview Feed option, where you can check the status of the posts: if they are already published, will be published in the next fetch, or if they have not been published yet.

Once the campaign is configured and saved, you can click on the Preview Feed button to start using this incredible function!

January news 2018, WPeMatico 1.9 16


You can clicking on the title to see the posts individually with the Preview Item feature and find out what content will be extracted.


Another very important feature is that, from the Preview Feed, you can choose which post to publish yourself by clicking on the “Fetch Now” button in the “Actions” column.


The number of posts that will be published in the next fetch will depend on the option Max items to create on each fetch. In the example below, you can see that we have set this to 3 items.


Manual Fetching is also compatible with YouTube Fetcher, and with the Preview Item feature, you can see the content that will be extracted in the post.


We want to emphasize that Manual Fetching works perfectly together with our other add-ons. They can be combined in order to obtain different results.


Professional 1.9

Our Professional add-on is also up to date, and this new version offers many improvements and features, such as improved performance when loading a default image, adjustments to changing the name of the image of the campaign by ticking/unticking other options. We have also made improvements to the audio and video options when it is fetching. And most important of all, we added the new HTTP Cookies function, which allows it to use cookies like a browser would in SimplePie fetching, Full Content, and in uploading multimedia files (images, audio and video). Something else that might be of interest to you is that these cookies are saved to the following file path: wp-contentuploadswpematicoprocurl_cookies.

January news 2018, WPeMatico 1.9 17

As we mentioned above, the Manual Fetching add-on is compatible with all of our add-ons, giving you more control of which posts will be published on your site, and letting you view their contents. On the other hand, the Professional add-on has improved performance and a new function that will provide you with a better experience when using WPeMatico.