Category: cPanel Troubleshooting

cPanel pure-ftpd: [ERROR] Illegal load limit: 0

If you receive the following error message in the /var/log/messages file while restarting the pure-ftpd service, the problem is in the ftp configuration file at /etc/pure-ftpd.conf

pure-ftpd: (?@?) [ERROR] Configuration error: Illegal load limit: 0

Edit the pure-ftp configuration file and search for

MaxLoad = 0

change it to

MaxLoad = 4    (value should be above 0)

Save the file and restart the service:

/etc/init.d/pure-ftpd restart

Checking Resolvers in cPanel Server

If you are having DNS problems, ensure that the server has a list of functional resolvers. Resolvers allow the server to find IP addresses corresponding to domain names by communicating with DNS servers.

If you need to add resolvers to your server:

Open /etc/resolv.conf with a text editor (such as nano).

If no resolvers have been entered into the configuration file:

type nameserver $IP where $IPis meant to represent the IP address of the resolver.

You should be able to obtain at least 2 resolvers from your data center.

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To make sure the resolver is working properly:

Open a terminal session.

Type host, where can represent any domain.
For example: host

If results are returned to the server, the resolvers have been properly configured.

Not allowed to add any more domains

There was a problem creating the addondomain.
Sorry, you are not allowed to add any more than (0) addon domains! The domain below was not setup.


The domain is not allowed to host any add-on domains on it and the addon domain resources are set to zero by the administrator of the server. You won’t be able to add add-on domain OR park domain from cPanel and receives the “Sorry, you are not allowed to add any more than (0) addon domains!” error message.


You need to change add-on domain resources from zero (0) to 1 or more. There are 2 methods to increase the add-on domains for an account:

1. Login to WHM as root, goto Account Functions >> Modify an Account >> select the domain name from the domain’s list and click ‘Modify’ >> specify the number of add-on domains in “Max Addon Domains” text box >> click Save.

2. Login to your server as root. Edit the users file

pico /var/cpanel/users/username

set the MAXADDON from zero to 1 or more


Save the file and update the cache using


Account Creation Status: out of available ip`s

Account Creation Status: failed (Your system has run out of available ip addresses, or you do not have permission to use any more ip addresses. (Unable to find an ip address.) )

You receive the “Account Creation Status: failed” error message while adding a domain from WHM >> Account Functions >> “Create a New Account” option which states that there is no free IP address to assign to your new domain.

The package you are using while adding a domain has the “Dedicated IP” option enabled which searches for a free IP on the server and tries to assign to the every new domain you create. To overcome the issue, you will have to deselect the “Dedicated IP” option from the package which can be achieved via ssh.

Edit the package file located under /var/cpanel/packages

# vi /var/cpanel/packages/packagename

Search for


and replace it with


Save the file. You should now be able to create an account from WHM successfully.

cPanel error: mysql database size 0MB

You may see the mysql database size as zero in cPanel >> ‘Mysql Databases’ option, though the databases contains tables and data. In order to include the size of the databases while displaying disk usage in cPanel/WHM, perform either of the following steps:

1.  SSH to your server as root and edit the cpanel.config file

# pico /var/cpanel/cpanel.config

Search for


and change to


If the parameter is not present, add it. Save the file and execute the following command:

# /scripts/update_db_cache


2. Login to the WHM, goto Tweak Settings >> ‘SQL’ section and enable the following option:

When displaying disk usage in cpanel/WHM include Postgresql and MySQL.

This will fix the issue.

phpMyAdmin: Cannot start session without errors

You receive the error message “Cannot start session without errors” while accessing phpMyAdmin in cPanel. phpMyAdmin will not work if any of the following settings are incorrect on a cPanel server.

1. The owner and group of /var/cpanel/userhomes/cpanelphpmyadmin directory should be cpanelphpmyadmin recursively as by default phpMyAdmin sessions are written under /var/cpanel/userhomes/cpanelphpmyadmin/sessions/ directory.

chown cpanelphpmyadmin /var/cpanel/userhomes/cpanelphpmyadmin -R
chgrp cpanelphpmyadmin /var/cpanel/userhomes/cpanelphpmyadmin -R

The 1st step should fix the issue but if it doesn’t follow the next 2 steps:

2. Change the session.save_path parameter to /tmp in the file /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/etc/phpmyadmin/php.ini i.e. edit the file

pico /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/etc/phpmyadmin/php.ini

change session.save_path as below

session.save_path = /tmp

3. The /tmp directory permissions should be 1777, not 755.

chmod 1777 /tmp

Unable to delete an email account from cPanel

The e-mail address deleted successfully.
Sorry, you do not have access to the domain

The error message is displayed when you delete an email account of a domain from cPanel >> ‘Email Accounts’ that is either shifted under another users account OR usually happens when a domain is swapped from add-on domain to main domain OR vice-versa. You cannot delete an email account from cPanel, and in this case, you have to manually remove the email account entries for domain from the existing account.

The files you need to remove the entries from are


The directory that need to be removed is


where, ‘user’ is the one under who’s account the email address of ‘’ exist.

cPanel tailwatchd Failed

An email from a cPanel server with the “tailwatchd failed” warning message indicates that either the cpanel service is offline/down OR the cpanel service was restarted. The complete message looks like the following:

tailwatchd failed @ Tue Jan 5 02:05:06 2011. A restart was attempted automagically
Service Check Method: [check command] tailwatchd is not running

There isn’t anything to worry, however, you can check the tailwatchd logs for the failure reasons:

# tail -f /usr/local/cpanel/logs/tailwatchd_log

To check the status of the ‘tailwatchd’ service and it’s output, execute

# /usr/local/cpanel/libexec/tailwatchd –status
Driver (Active: 1) Cpanel::TailWatch::ChkServd
tailwatchd is enabled
Running, PID 24463
Driver (Active: 1) Cpanel::TailWatch::cPBandwd
Driver (Active: 1) Cpanel::TailWatch::Antirelayd
Driver (Active: 1) Cpanel::TailWatch::Eximstats

Restart the ‘cpanel’ service once, just to make sure it’s online

# service cpanel restart

and if you still continue to receive the ‘tailwatchd failed’ emails, update “cPanel” on the server

# /scripts/upcp –force

Fatal! Write Failure: /etc/valiases/domain.tld

You may see error “Fatal! Write failure” error message while adding email forwarders OR setting a catchall email address from cPanel >> “Email Accounts” section. The error is:

Fatal! Write Failure: /etc/valiases/domainname.tld. Ignore any messages of success this can only result in failure!

The reason is the /etc/valiases/domainname.tld file is missing OR having incorrect permissions. In order to correct the valiases file, ssh to your server as root and create the file with the appropriate permissions:

cd /etc/valiases/
touch domainname.tld
chown user.mail domainname.tld
chmod 644 domainname.tld

Once the valiases file is created for the user with appropriate permissions, you will be able to add email forwarders and catchall email address from cPanel again.

Horde: there are no parts that can be displayed

While accessing an email using Horde, you may notice that Horde isn’t displaying the contents of the email rather it displays the following message

there are no parts that can be displayed inline.

The reason for “no parts can be displayed inline” error is the “inline” setting of the Horde HTML driver is set as false.  To enable the setting, edit the mime_drivers.php file and set the “imp/html/inline” attribute to true.

On a cPanel server, the file is located at /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/imp/config/mime_drivers.php and the attribute is:

$mime_drivers[‘imp’][‘html’] = array(  ’inline’ => false;

Set the value as ‘true’ and save the file. Horde will display the contents properly again.