CURL Error: 56 – OpenSSL SSL_read: Success

If you have recently applied CURL update and upgraded it to cURL 7.67.0 version, you may receive the following error in WHMCS while access Enom or other registrar domains: CURL Error: 56 – OpenSSL SSL_read: Success This is not related to WHMCS or Enom / other registrar issue. This is due to CURL issue. On […]

Uninstall cPanel from Server | Remove cPanel

cPanel is a leading hosting control panel and it is being used by many web hosting provider. cPanel can manage your entire server and all services i.e. DNS, web service, FTP, email server etc. When you install a cPanel on your server, it updates system binaries as well and it make lots of changes on […]

cPanel Massive price hike

cPanel Massive price hike An announcement from cPanel Today, we announced a new pricing and licensing structure to our Partners, Distributors, and our cPanel Store customers. Our pricing and licensing will now be standardized for all of our customers, be billed monthly, and include multiple Tiers.  When cPanel defined its original pricing structure, some twenty […]

No symlink protection detected on cPanel Server

If you are using cPanel on CentOS 6 or CentOS 7 server, you may see the following security advisory: No symlink protection detected You do not appear to have any symlink protection enabled on this server. You can protect against this in multiple ways. Please review the following documentation to find a solution that is […]

HTTP/2 support in cPanel

HTTP/2 is a major revision of HTTP network protocol used by WWW (World Wide Web). It was derived from SPDY protocol (developed by Google). HTTP/2 is supported by almost all modern browsers. cPanel has recently added support for HTTP/2 in EasyApache 4. Now, cPanel users can enable HTTP/2 on their server. HTTP/2 can boost website […]

How to enable mysqli using Easyapache 4

Enable mysqli using Easyapache 4 Default PHP MSQL extension is deprecated and it will be removed in the future PHP version. Instead of PHP mysql extension, mysqli should be used in the code to avoid PHP compatibility issue. In EasyApache 3, we can select mysqli extension separately during Apache and PHP compilation using EasyApache 3. […]

Microsoft® FrontPage® Blocking cPanel 11.46 Upgrades

As you know, FrontPage extensions have been removed from cPanel 11.46. On an existing installation of Microsoft® FrontPage® extensions on your Linux server(s) will block the ability to upgrade to cPanel & WHM software version 11.46. Microsoft® discontinued support for FrontPage® extensions on Linux servers in 2006. Blockers are conditions that will not allow the […]