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Utah boy selling ‘ICE COLD BEER’ – root beer, that is!

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah — A kid in Brigham City is gaining a lot of attention thanks to a creative sign he made to help his business.

At just 11 years old, Seth is somewhat of an entrepreneur.

“This is also doing great free advertising,” he said as he held a white sign which reads, “ICE COLD BEER” in bold black lettering.

Seth set up shop on a street corner near a four-way stop in Brigham City. Looking at the traffic flow, you wouldn’t think he would be drawing in the crowds, but he is and it’s all thanks to his ice-cold beer.

“We had to buy another cooler,” he said as he stood in front of his six stocked coolers and a fold-out chair.

“Just one?” he said as he pulled a drink from the icebox. “Thank you! Tell your friends!”

Of course, he’s not actually selling beer.

“We have root beer, just root beer, IBC root beer!” he continued to shout as he stood on the street corner with his sign.

“I thought of the hilarious joke!” Seth said. “Ice cold beer, because it’s beer, but some people will find it funny because it’s root beer.”

The savvy sales tactics behind the sign have gotten him a lot of attention.

“We received three calls in two days,” said Lt. Tony Ferderber with the Brigham City Police Department. “The initial call came in and they were just concerned there was a young man selling beer.”

“The people who called the cops on me don’t have a sense of humor,” said Seth.

Take a closer look at the sign and you’ll see, his sign isn’t deceiving, just clever.

“They did not read the fine print,” Seth said. “Root,” he read as he pointed to a small word in green writing on top of the word, ‘BEER.’

Brigham City Police said they sent someone to check out the situation and saw the writing that the others who called them had missed.

“We laughed, we laughed about it, it was great!” Ferderber said.

The boys in blue then took a picture of Seth and posted it on social media. It’s not gotten so much traction, people are seeking him out and he is selling out of root beer every day.

“I just came to give you some cash dude, I think it’s funny,” said one man as he got out of his car with a handful of ones.

“Don’t drink and drive!” Seth said.

It’s hard work, to be in the root beer game, but at the end of the day, it’s paying off.

“I’m also a state representative, I represent this area, and Senator Mitt Romney sent a message to me and he wants to send you a letter,” said Brigham City’s State Rep. Lee Perry as he greeted Seth alongside Brigham City Police Chief Mike Nelsen.

Seth sold the two a root beer before snapping a quick picture with them, their root beers and his infamous sign.

“Is it okay to drink on duty?” joked Chief Nelsen. “Yes!” Seth said.

Seth said he would love to sell a root beer to Gov. Gary Herbert or President Donald Trump.

Until then, he will continue to set up shop on the corner of 200 East and 500 South in Brigham City from noon to 4 p.m.

Wanted: Illegal dumping, shoplifting and car thefts

In tonight’s Wanted with Scott McKane:

1. Truck illegally dumping in Spanish Fork

If you can identify this individual or vehicle . . . please contact Detective Hooley at 801.804.4776. For information on disposing of yard waste, go to – Green Waste Vouchers or Applications & Forms – Burn Permits.

2. Tooele County trailer theft

The Trailer in this video was stolen out of Stansbury. If anyone can identify the male subject please contact the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 435-882-5600 and ask to speak to a Deputy.

3. Brigham City car theft

Brigham City Police would like everyone’s assistance in identifying this car. They were involved in the theft of catalytic converters from an auto repair business.

If you have any information that would help in this case, please contact Detective Supino at 435-734-6684.

4. Shoplifting in Logan

On April 17, 2019, Logan Police were dispatched to investigate an alleged shoplifting case. Ulta Beauty appears to have fallen victim to yet another shoplifter. The three people in the photos walked in and removed over $700.00 worth of merchandise and left the store without paying. We are trying to identify these individuals to speak with them about their failure to comply with the standard of purchasing items before leaving the store. We want to thank ULTA BEAUTY for having a camera system. These photos help us solicit the public’s help in identifying those who choose to steal.

If you know ANY of these folks, PLEASE call Detective Fowler at 435-716-9486. You don’t need to leave your name, just a message of who you think they are.