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Iowa Small Towns Band Together for Back Road Junk-It Weekend

HAVERHILL, Iowa- This small Marshall County town is usually quiet. On this Friday there were many cars coming to visit a couple of vintage antique stores here, as it’s Back Roads Junk-It Weekend.

“We wanted to do an event that kind of showcased all the mom and pop shops that are on the back roads of Central Iowa places that you might not normally find,” said Vicky Daters, co-founder of event, and owner of Reclaimed Treasures on Main. “It’s a wonderful event 27 different stops we do it twice a year May and October.”

Daters got various shops from Prairie City and Newton, all the way as far north as Eldora, to participate in the promotion.

“We’re trying to hit all them actually as many as we can, so we’ve hit three or four already this morning we’re up pretty early trying to hit the road,” said Dana Buckling of Baxter, she knows what she wants. “Antiques, antiques, and more antiques, and then some new stuff put in.”

Reclaimed Treasures serves ice cream from behind an old soda counter, purchased from an old store in Marshalltown. The 1882 building was once the town general store.

“As soon as the map comes out we get it on the calendar we make sure that we hit as many as we can,” said Buckling. “We’re just down the road in Baxter so it’s convenient for us to be able to hit quite a few of the stores we make a loop through all of them, we talk to some people, who said they would take three days do you go on the entire tour.

Daters has actually driven the entire route to all the shops, her drive time was over four hours.

If you’d like a map and information on the Back Roads Junk-It Tour, check their Facebook and Website.