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‘Everybody Knows Who Donald Trump Is,’ Joe Biden Warns Democrats, While Also Ripping Trump

DES MOINES, Iowa — Former Vice President Joe Biden reminded Iowans the current president isn’t the two-term president with whom he served, while also cautioning Democrats not to focus too much on President Donald Trump.

“We don’t have to talk about who he is,” Biden said at his final stop of his two-day Iowa campaign Wednesday night, “Everybody knows. But we got to talk about who we are.”

Biden pointed out that he attracted the attention of Trump on Twitter. “The president tweeted about me 50 times!” Biden shared with the crowd.

Biden ripped the president’s tax cuts, which he said reward shareholders and big corporation instead of workers. “His tax proposal he did increased the number of multi-billion dollar corporations…that pay zero in taxes…zero and Amazon is one of them. Zero. Zero. Zero taxes. Come on!” he said.

He said too many people are struggling and Democrats need to do a better job of connecting and listening to their concerns. “We haven’t been talking to them enough. They’re frightened and with good reason. We’ve got to let them know we hear them. We know. There’s things we can do. That’s what I’m going to be talking a lot about this campaign,” Biden said.

State Representative Lisa Heddens, an Ames Democrat, introduced Biden at his rally. Heddens supported him during his last run president in 2008 and backs him again. “The vice president is just very genuine. He understands the issues. He’s someone who steps up to the plate and he gets things done. I just look at his tarck record and feel like he’s the right person to step into the position,” she said.

It’s Crowded in Iowa! Biden’s here, Six More Coming and One Will Soon Announce

Des Moines, Iowa — Former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat from Delaware, is spending his second straight day campaigning in Iowa as a newly announced presidential candidate. Biden held an event early Wednesday afternoon in Iowa City and holds another one in downtown Des Moines in the evening.

Yesterday, he ordered ice cream (which he has been known to do while campaigning) and promised to rebuild the middle class. 

Six other Democrats will campaign in Iowa between now and Monday. They include:

Former Maryland Congressman John Delaney

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren

Author Marianne Williamson

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

Former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke

The Democratic field is unusually large with 20 announced competitors and it will soon gain another when Montana Governor Steve Bullock joins the field later this month.

Here is Bullock when he came to the Iowa State Fair last August and said that he believes people care more about local issues than national politics.