More bodycam video shown Thursday in trial of Ella French’s accused killer

CHICAGO — More bodycam video was shown to jurors Thursday amid the third day of testimony in the murder trial of fallen Chicago Police Officer Ella French.

Emonte Morgan is also accused of severely wounding her partner in the August 2021 traffic stop. 

Prosecutors once again showed jurors body cam video from the night of the deadly traffic stop. Court testimony revealed new details about the level of firepower allegedly unleashed by the accused gunman.

Emonte Morgan, 23, was inside the Leighton Criminal Courthouse to witness testimony in his murder and attempted murder trial.

With Chicago Police evidence technicians and officers on the scene answered questions Thursday about the gun allegedly used by Morgan on the night Officer French was shot and killed at a 2021 traffic stop.

Evidence techs testifying about the handgun’s mostly-spent 11-bullet magazine recovered near the West Englewood crime scene. A second magazine with additional bullets, according to investigators, was fired by the defendant, Emonte Morgan.

Morgan was also charged with the attempted murder of Officer Carlos Yanez.

Prosecutors showed jurors the frantic attempts to rush the badly wounded Yanez to the University of Chicago emergency room.

“He had a lot of injuries,” testified Officer Nicholas Morales. “There were serious injuries to his face and head and a lot of blood and swelling.”

The combination of dramatic testimony with the body cam video of the desperate attempt to save Yanez was watched closely by attentive jurors.

Chicago News