The AMD Advancing AI & Instinct MI300 Launch Live Blog (Starts at 10am PT/18:00 UTC)

This morning is an important one for AMD – perhaps the most important of the year. After almost a year and a half of build-up, and even longer for actual development, AMD is launching their next generation GPU/APU/AI accelerator family, the Instinct MI300 series. Based on AMD’s new CDNA 3 architecture, and combining it with AMD’s proven Zen 4 cores, AMD will be making a full-court press for the high-end GPU and accelerator market with their new product, aiming to lead in both big-metal HPC as well as the burgeoning market for generative AI training and inference.

Taking the stage for AMD’s launch event will be AMD CEO Dr. LIsa Su, as well as a numerous AMD executives and ecosystem partners, to detail, at last, AMD’s latest generation GPU architecture, and the many forms it will come in. With both the MI300X accelerator and MI300A APU, AMD is aiming to cover most of the accelerator market, whether clients just need a powerful GPU or a tightly-coupled GPU/CPU pairing.

The stakes for today’s announcement are significant. The market for generative AI is all but hardware constrained at the moment, much to the benefit of (and profits for) AMD’s rival NVIDIA. So AMD is hoping to capitalize on this moment to cut off a piece – perhaps a very big piece – of the market for generative AI accelerators. AMD has made breaking into the server space their highest priority over the last half-decade, and now, they believe, is their time to take a big piece of the server GPU market.

Join us here at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/18:00 UTC for our live blog coverage of AMD’s event.

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