State Sen. Laughlin speaks on campaigning against Jim Wertz

As a Democrat, Jim Wertz announced his candidacy for state senate, and we have now heard Republican incumbent State Senator Dan Laughlin’s response.

Sen. Laughlin was elected to the Pennsylvania State Senate in 2016 and was re-elected for a second term in November 2020.

Tuesday night, former Democratic Party Chair Jim Wertz announced his candidacy for the 49th district. Laughlin said he respects Wertz and welcomes a civil campaign.

However, Laughlin said he is disappointed by some of the misinformation he sees online.

“A quick trip to his website last night after he announced and I see that he’s already off on the wrong foot, as far as keeping things honest and fact-based,” Laughlin said. “He’s tried to label me as an anti-choice, election denier and neither of those things are true.”

Laughlin added he serves to ensure local public schools are funded, to stabilize the economy and to be a voice in the Senate.