Rep. Kelly introduces bill to honor George Washington’s journey to Fort LeBoeuf

U.S. Representative Mike Kelly has introduced a bill this week to designate Washington’s Trail as a national historic trail.

The trail, which travels through portions of Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia, follows George Washington on his 1753 journey to Fort LeBoeuf which is currently Waterford.

Representative Kelly said Judge Martin O’Brien, who is chairman of the non-profit leading the project, has had a goal and passion about this for years He said they are now in a position to present to Congress.

“When you hand that baton on to the next generation shouldn’t they have the same benefits and knowledge that you had? What Judge O’Brien did and this move to get that Washington’s Trail and get the signs up good and get the significance of it and there are people that will make this trip it will be a destination that will be something that people want to do to travel the same trail as George Washington did in 1753,” Kelly said.

Representative Kelly said their goal is to open a new adventure for people who don’t know about this piece of regional history. Learn more information about Washington’s Trail by clicking this link.