Loving Giving Local: First Presbyterian Church of North East

The First Presbyterian Church stands proudly in downtown North East — a beacon in the community for more than 200 years.

“Our church is the oldest Christian congregation in Erie County. We were founded in 1801, and one of our endeavors, our entire history, has been to care for the community in which we’re set and Erie County as a whole,” said Rev. Gregg Townsend, First Presbyterian Church.

Rev Townsend is in his 17th year as pastor.

Church attendance is returning to normal following the pandemic, but he said many more join the worship services online than in the pews.

However, the work of the church is still hands-on in the community among the people as Christ demonstrated.

“In serving others in need, we are really serving Him. We have been focusing consistently to diligently do those things, like feed those that are hungry, cloth those who are naked as Jesus said and those kinds of things,” Rev. Townsend added.

That’s done through church clothing giveaways, food pantry donations and Christmas food baskets.

While the ministry of First Presbyterian Church of North East began in 1801, this is the fourth church building built in 1885.

This week’s Loving Giving Local donation will help the ministry continue.

“We’re hoping the future, as the next year comes toward us, to find a way to give water to those that are thirsty as Jesus said and to find a way in a developing nation to support the drilling of water wells,” Rev. Townsend said.

“For us to bring Loving Giving Local to First Presbyterian Church of North East and to learn this church has been in the community for over 200 years, we know anytime we bring Loving Giving Local to a church, the money stays right in the community. It’s no different here and that’s what Loving Giving Local is all about,” said Joe Askins, sponsor, Auto Express Resale Center.