Report Claims Sports Illustrated Publishes AI-Generated Articles

A report from Futurism states that Sports Illustrated has been publishing AI-generated product reviews. Futurism staff writer Maggie Harrison, who broke the story, joins the show to explain how she got tipped off, what Sports Illustrated has been doing, and the broader implications for the media world.

“On the general environment of the media ecosystem, I think we’re going to see more [artificial intelligence] … but it’s unclear what doing a good job of AI in journalism would look like,” Harrison said on Front Office Sports Today.

Sports Illustrated has denied the claims, but Harrison and Futurism stand by their reporting.

Plus, the Oakland B’s, a Pioneer League baseball team, are stepping in to replace the Oakland A’s, the NHL is making changes to try to increase interest in its All-Star weekend, and the Pop Tarts Bowl may be the strangest bowl game yet.

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