MetaBlox is Leveraging Roblox to Transform GameFi with $MBX Token

MetaBlox is Leveraging Roblox to Transform GameFi with $MBX Token

MetaBlox Leverages Roblox Platform to Transform GameFi with $MBX Token

GameFi studio MetaBlox has been utilizing the Roblox platform to develop and release several games. These games have collectively achieved over 7 million play sessions and have attracted a community of more than 77,000 members.

In the gaming industry, widely acknowledged for its profitability — Roblox stands out with over 65 million daily active users. MetaBlox, aligning with this trend, has seen its first game attract more than 1,000 concurrent users daily.

The studio’s increasing success can largely be attributed to the introduction and ongoing management of the $MBX token, which forms the cornerstone of the internal economy in MetaBlox games.

MetaBlox Game Finance (GameFi) Strategy

MetaBlox’s $MBX token has a unique revenue-sharing model, distributing earnings from games to token holders. In just two weeks, over $4,600 has been distributed.

The token’s utility includes receiving 80% of game revenue, with 20% allocated for marketing. MetaBlox has burned over 15% of $MBX and allocated a significant portion for liquidity.

MetaBlox’s approach involves launching a new game every few weeks, focusing on quality and device optimization. Their experienced game development team, which has achieved significant rankings in Roblox’s global top-earning spots, supports this strategy. MetaBlox is also engaging with prominent Roblox YouTubers and content creators to expand its reach.

MetaBlox’s Future Plans

MetaBlox plans to continuously release polished games and commit to transparency, aiming to position itself as GameFi industry conglomerate. The studio plans to offer a revenue dashboard for token holders, providing real-time statistics of all its games, ensuring full transparency in revenue generation.

MetaBlox’s innovative use of the Roblox platform to build a diversified GameFi ecosystem with the $MBX token marks a significant advancement. This approach capitalizes on Roblox’s massive user base. It also introduces a new model for revenue sharing and game development in the digital world.

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