Chicago Migrant Crisis: 17K asylum seekers transported since August 2022

CHICAGO — The recent surge of migrants continuing an upward trend in Chicago as 10 more buses arrived on Tuesday.

According to city records, 17,000 new arrivals since the city started receiving busloads of asylum seekers in August 2022. With 224 of the 332 buses delivering migrants to Chicago just in the last five months.

2,300 asylum seeker still remain at Chicago Police Department district headquarters waiting for shelter placement. Another 678 migrants are reportedly camped out at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Transported with little advance warning from Texas, the Chicago Office of Emergency Management with the support from the fire department and social service specialists have their focus on those arriving at what’s become known as the “landing zone” at Jefferson Street near Vernon Park.

Tuesday’s arrivals came from El Paso, Texas, after a 23 hour journey to Chicago.

Mayor Brandon Johnson continues to look into an emergency shelter plan with soon-to-be heavy duty, climate controlled tents as temporary housing for Chicago’s overflowing migrant population.

Chicago News