News and Announcements • Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder 10.2.0 update

This update fixes known problems, adds new features and includes other improvements.

What’s new?
– Fixed: Some objects cannot be inserted via the menubar.
– Fixed: Stock Photos selection not working for Pexels and Pixabay.
– Fixed: Compatibility issue with News Feed Ticker and jQuery 3.7
– Improved: ‘Stretched link’ property should not be visible for Sections.
– Improved: Responsive menu hamburger icon is no longer select-able (user-select:none) to prevent the browser from rendering a blue box on top of it.
– Improved: Better session management for Login Administrator and bcrypt.
– Improved: Updated to the latest jQuery version: 3.7.1. More details:
– Improved: Updated to the latest jQuery UI version: 1.13.2. More details:
– Improved: Updated to the latest PHP Mailer version: 6.8.1. More details: …
– New feature: Added the ability to control the font size of the HTML code viewer/editor. This can be set in: Preferences -> Miscellaneous -> Editor font size.

You can download the updated versions here:

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