The Summer Upload Contest 2023

The Summer Upload Contest 2023

We hope you had enough sun. It’s time to get behind your workstation and start coding again as the annual Summer Upload Contest is about to start 😉 .

During the Summer upload contest, $2000 is shared among the winners of the contest. Each main category has their own prize pot. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are guaranteed to receive prize money.

I have you have any work you have been hesitating to upload, now is the moment to submit it.

The rules:

During the Summer Upload Contest all items that are submitted during July and August will automatically participate in the contest. If you want to submit any items, please do so BEFORE the 1st of September.

$2000 is shared among the winners. The items will be judged on quality and value.

If any questions, you can post them on the following thread:

Good luck!

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