Illinois bill introduced to protect drivers from wrongfully issued automated tickets

CHICAGO — A new bill has been introduced to protect Illinois drivers from wrongfully issued automated tickets.

A Barrington couple said they hit a dead end with city officials trying to address their concern.

After reaching out to the Department of Finance, they looked into the issue, and the violation was revoked. But this instance got the attention of state lawmakers.

Steve Stallings and his wife, Celeste, are relieved their red light violation has been revoked.

The Stallings received a $100 red light violation in the mail back in November. But the car in the picture isn’t theirs, as the camera misread the plate.

They sad they tried to contact the city for months, but never heard anything.

“It is abysmal that it takes a news outlet such as yours to run a story and contact these elected officials or these employees in order to get them to do the right thing,” Illinois Senator Dan McConchie (R-26) said.

The Department of Finance said the red light violation has been withdrawn, and the motorist will receive a confirmation notice.

“I have not see anything quite as blatant as someone proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is not their vehicle and its simply being ignored by the powers at be,” McConchie said.

After the Illinois Senator McConchie saw WGN’s news coverage regarding this issue, he decided to dig deeper, so he filed legislation to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.

“It needs to be a streamline simplified process and it cannot be allowed that you prove it’s actually not me that the fine could stick anyway,” McConchie said.

Senator McConchie said if anyone has a similar story and would like this bill passed to reach out to your state senator and encourage them to support the measure.

The city also provided more details on how you can resolve this issues. For more information, click here.

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