DomainMOD v4.19 Released — CSV Importer & Cloudflare API Support

Since launching our new Support Portal & Roadmap, we’ve had two features stand out as the most requested and upvoted, the ability to import domains using a CSV file, and support for Cloudflare’s API. Well I’m happy to announce that as of DomainMOD v4.19.0, which was released yesterday, both of these features have now landed.

A CSV importer has been requested a bunch of times, even before the Roadmap existed, and I’ve always known that it’s something I wanted to implement, it just hadn’t happened yet. I think one of the reasons I was hesitant to start on the CSV Importer is because I knew what a big project it was going to be in the end, and how much time was going to be involved, at least for the final version that I kept picturing in my head. I started thinking about the CSV Importer again recently and it dawned on me… who cares about the final version? I just needed to build a first version, and things will grow from there. So that’s exactly what I did, I buckled down in my spare time over the past week and I came up with a CSV Importer that I think is both functional and flexible, and should handle most use cases.

Now one of the fastest ways to get your domains into DomainMOD is to use the CSV Importer. You simply download the sample CSV template, enter as little or as much of your domain data into the CSV file as you want, and then import it, it’s that simple. Although you should keep in mind that if you only enter your domains (the minimum requirement to submit a CSV import request), the system is going to create some default assets for you so that it has something to link your domains to, and these assets will probably need some cleanup done to them later on. We generally recommend that you take the time to enter as much information as you can into the CSV file, that way you’ll have the most complete picture of your domain data as possible.

And the second most requested and upvoted feature recently, support for Cloudflare’s API, is also here. Now if you use Cloudflare as a domain registrar you can use their API to import your domains and their details into DomainMOD. Cloudflare didn’t always offer domain registrations, just incoming transfers, and they didn’t always expose domain details via an API, so it just wasn’t previously possible to incorporate Cloudflare into DomainMOD. Luckily some things have changed and Cloudflare now had everything we needed to implement their API, so it’s finally been done!