DomainMOD v4.18 Released — It’s a Big One!

Where to start, where to start. Well, I guess I’ll start by saying that what v4.18 lacks in quantity, it definitely makes up for in quality. You see, there were only a handful of line items for this version release, however it was a pretty massive update in a couple ways.

Big update number one, which is probably the one that most users will be interested in, is that DomainMOD has had a complete redesign. The majority of the layout itself hasn’t changed, so the UI will still feel familiar, however the graphical elements have been updated and should feel more modern.

There’s also another exciting thing that’s come along with the redesign, something that’s basically a must-have these days but DomainMOD has been missing. Some of you have probably already guessed what the feature is, but for the others I’ll just spit it out. It’s dark mode. DomainMOD FINALLY has a dark mode. Now when you’re up way too late working on your domains, you can help reduce eye strain simply by flipping the dark mode switch.

The second big update, which most people probably won’t care much about (at least not as much as dark mode!), are a bunch of security enhancements that have been made. We recently signed up for a penetration testing service so that we could get actionable recommendations on how to increase the overall security of DomainMOD, and we’ve worked hard to implement as many of those recommendations as possible. In fact, we initially went a little overboard and locked things down a bit too much, but we’ve already rolled that change back 🙂

Also, although not directly related to this version release, we do have a couple other updates to share with you as well.

First, our website has also undergone a complete redesign. After we redesigned DomainMOD we felt that the website seemed a bit dated, so of course that had to be redone as well. We’re also going to be working on a complete redesign of our User Guide, so stay tuned for that.

And last, but definitely not least, is our new Support Portal. Not only does the new portal allow users to submit feedback, questions, and issues, but users can then vote on the items that are most important to them, which helps us prioritize what should be worked on next. There’s also a built-in Roadmap, which will allow users to follow DomainMOD’s development progress.