Coleman. X Drops a Powerful Anthem For The Lonely

“all alone”

Although Nashville Avant-garde music may not be known for its clarity, Coleman.X is an exception. His compositions are beautifully woven and stitched together into beautiful music and art. Coleman.X is the name of the singer-songwriter and producer Coleman Chambliss. Coleman was born in Alabama and has been playing music since childhood. Coleman began learning electronic music at the age of 15 and hasn’t stopped since.

Coleman has a unique style that is both nostalgic and modern. He has explored influences like Hyperpop, experimental and electronic music and reworked his own style each time, learning new things and becoming a better performer with each lesson. Through his long journey, he’s had many experiences. Anyone who listens to his music will be impressed by the artistry and wit he displays.

His latest single “all alone” serves as proof of his hard work and musical progress. The song opens with a vocoder playing a sequence of chords. It sounds like an opening to a Daft Punk song. Soon Coleman is singing “I wanna Go Out Pretend I’m Alright” and the song builds into layers of instrumentation, which are accompanied by a smooth drum beat that’s subtlety shifting. The song is illuminated by the electric guitars that are powered in. The synths shine like the moonlit ocean beneath. The arrangement is one the most well-structured, but it also allows for sound and space to be released, which gives the song more room. The song’s chorus rises to the top thanks to the guitars and swirling organs. A haunting guitar solo at the end, with a warping and distorted tone, completes the song.

Coleman shares his own personal feelings and beliefs. Coleman talks about his lyrics, saying, “I wrote ‘all alone’ while navigating a testing time in my life- depression, substance abuse, heartbreak, separation from religion. Everything was caving in on me and I had nowhere left to go. Coleman weaved this story into his music.

Growing up in a methodist home with a preacher father, caused Coleman to lose belief in his religion and isolated him from love. He continues, The song has healed me through solitude; my anthem for the lonely.”

Coleman started performing at the age of 16 and began releasing music. In 2020, Coleman moved to Nashville to study music business. He dropped out one year later to concentrate on his first album and writing. Named after his second single, “BOY ON YOUR MINDS”, the album will be released in summer 2023. It has influences from Hyperpop, experimental music with real lyrics about depression, and isolation. He is a well-known performer in Nashville, having performed at Nashville Pride twice in a row as well as venues like Mercy Lounge and The Basement. Coleman’s debut single, “cry”, was released in March 2021. The title track to his debut album, “boy on your mind”, followed in February 2022. His latest single, “secrets”, is an electro-melancholic track about guilt and regret that was released July 13, 2022.

Coleman has developed a musical and emotional sense over the years. Coleman’s early years have helped him become the musician he is today. “all alone” is an electronic pop song with Coleman’s vocals and a more stripped-down sound. “All alone” promises to be a thrilling single with equally unexpected sections that highlight each other.

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