The International Prize Donatello Award, new egg in Daisy’s Bucket

The International Prize Donatello Award, new egg in Daisy’s Bucket

The true reality is said to be represented by artists. They have the gift of seeing the natural world from a different angle. Additionally, only artists can employ their remarkable cognitive powers to use pencils and brushes to depict that reality. Yes, you made the correct guess. We’re going to talk about Daisy Van der Zijden, a well-known pencil artist, and her artistic ability.

Daisy Van der Zijden, a pencil artist from Dordrecht, the Netherlands, is self-taught. Despite being only 24, the audience is spellbound by the incredible things she has created with her pencil. She excels in drawing photorealistic subjects. She loves using pencils to draw the most. She uses colored pencils, pastels, and graphite to create.

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Since she could grasp a pencil, Dordrecht resident Daisy van der Zijden has enjoyed drawing. The artist favors realistic portraits of people and animals and says, “I took it seriously when I was seventeen and I also started doing assignments.” She wants to grow more this year, exhibit, and win a prize in New York.

Daisy sits down at her painting desk every day. Despite certain differences, a drawing requires roughly 70 hours of labor. I like to create my own art. I find inspiration from social media but also peruse what others produce. ‘Recognizable’ portraits are what I enjoy drawing the most. People, characters that are well-known to everyone, like Jack Sparrow. Daisy works as a doctor’s assistant in addition to drawing.

The stunning woman with green eyes has achieved fame as a renowned pencil artist. Some well-known works of art have been created by her pencil marks. She created an elephant herd in her painting titled “African Love,” which resembled a photo taken at a realistic level with a high-resolution camera. It could be confusing to determine whether the image of a tiger’s face is a photograph or a painting. Zooming in on the picture makes it simple to observe the sharpness with which she captures even the smallest elements. She also depicts human faces with incredible accuracy. She has also depicted the well-known figure “Captain Jack Sparrow.” Among other things, she is paying attention to the exact facial expressions to preserve the authenticity of the original.

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She has received many awards for her exceptional work, but “ATIM’s Top 60 Masters 2022” is the most noteworthy. Her artwork of a unicorn earned her a nomination for this prize. This prize is one of the most prestigious ones granted to artists, and it is vital to note that. Given that it is referred to be the “Art Oscar,” this can be justified. The fact that she received such a prestigious medal at the age of 24 is evidence of her remarkable drawing abilities. Many artists typically wait their entire lives for such an honor.

At the beginning of this week, she received a new award in Italy Florence, “The International Prize Donatello”, the ceremony was held at ‘Palazzo Borghese Palace.’ Daisy is not just stepping the stairs of success but also inspiring many individuals out there and is a mentor for several pencil artists. She is exploring the newness of pencil art.

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