397: User-Generated Content Saftey

I was asked about the paradoxical nature of CodePen itself recently. CodePen needs to be safe and secure, yet we accept and gleefully execute user-authored code, which is like don’t-do-that 101 in web security. Marie and I hop on the show to talk this through as an update from quite a long time ago. It’s wonderfully-terribly complicated. Part of what complicates it is that there are many different kinds of worrisome code, from malicious, to distasteful, to spam, and they all need different treatment. This is a daily and never-ending war.

Time Jumps

  • 00:27 Listener question
  • 04:09 Browsers have gotten safer
  • 06:18 Sandboxing
  • 09:31 Sound in the browser
  • 11:19 Sponsor: Notion
  • 12:21 It’s not always bad actors, but sometimes it is
  • 15:35 SEO spam
  • 19:27 The threat of Google blocking
  • 20:31 Tooling to stop bad behaviour

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