396: Open Source

Robert and I jump on the podcast to have a little chat about open source generally and what we do with open source at CodePen. CodePen itself is not open source, aside from the small bits we’ve made public and the open-source things we include within it. But all Public Pens on CodePen are open source, so we certainly handle a lot of it! Enough that I felt comfortable making our Mastodon presence on Fosstodon, which is an open-source-focused instance.

Time Jumps

  • 00:40 Open source as a topic
  • 03:09 CodePen and open source
  • 10:05 Sponsor: Split
  • 10:46 Contributing to projects and maintaining projects
  • 16:07 Next 13 open source issue
  • 22:27 Open source outside of GitHub on to Discord

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